August 24, 2020


Energy Update:


Divine Starseeds we are going through a massive Gateway right now that bridges and grounds our Higher Timelines. As we go through this gateway we are going to witness many things that touch our core; pedophilia, sex/child trafficking, racism, poverty, all the extremes of the programs that have been running in a 3rd Dimensional Paradigm. Your natural human reaction evokes rage and it is ok and important for you to feel the emotions that come up over these next few years because it is THAT emotion that is going to assist in how you use that energy to awaken the Collective. All that is being uncovered and seen right now IS the awakening.


How do you use your God-Creator power and abilities at this time? You step into your multidimensional embodiment and assist by ALCHEMIZING the energy. The cloak over our eyes is gone and everything that we once knew is completely being shattered; remember it is through your awakening and STANDING in your worth and power that we are changing this World; we are refusing to be blind anymore. EVERY single one of you beloved Starsseds is here to shatter the disillusionment and you are doing it by first dismantling that duality through your body, mind and spirit FIRST. I have to reiterate JUST how fucking powerful you are. This lifetime would NOT be possible without you Divine Starseeds so stop looking at "out there" to guide your next steps and start to LISTEN to your Spirit; this is where you find your next steps that ONLY you can ground into this new Paradigm. We can't hold hands at this juncture we have to do the individual work THEN we merge as the Collective Consciousness.


A lot of people are still moving in an old timeline with their minds as their bodies are taking them into a higher timeline and this is causing friction in your energy field also known as Duality. Some are still using their minds to theorize what is happening and this will confuse you. Spirit is leading the way and with this new Embodiment, it calls on you to move differently, react differently, breathe differently and embody differently. You are feeling this in the MASSIVE changes happening to the body. The other day I was doing energy work on a client and her Chakras had merged and became one big energy ball of light. Each Chakra was merging with one another "linking" with the other Chakras and changing it Alchemically; I've only seen this in a handful of clients but these next few years I am guided that I will be seeing more exceptional things happening to the HUman body. You will begin to hear Scientists and Doctors start to say that they are seeing "new" things happening to the body and they will blame it or put this on COVID. It is not COVID it is the awakening of your crystalline body.


We are playing exceptional roles here and if you thought 2020 was badass these next few years are really going to transform you into something new. You can complain about it; some love to do this but it isn't going to change what is happening. You are the Ancient ones, the Ancestors that have returned for this "job".

2021 is going to take us into an Energy of New Beginnings on Mama Tara. Be prepared for contact with your Star teams but they will visit you first before there is a major disclosure. Pay attention to your visions, dreams, feelings, snapshots of faces that pop up to show you your Star Heritage/Lineage because they will download your sacred wisdom that will assist within these next few years.

Eating habits will change, death of the ego, duality, perceptions. More of you will step into your Soul Work as 2020 halted many of us and re-routed us on different paths. Nothing is set in stone right now and be prepared for frequent changes as you are living moment by moment and in communion with Mother/Father God, Mama Gaia and your Higher Self.


My intention is always from Love Divine Starseeds and right now I'm guided to say step out, Step out of your discomfort, your cocoon, your pain, your limited perception of self and step out on radical FAITH that EVERY step you take is Fully and purposefully Guided.


And so it is Starseeds.


I see you. I honour you. I am blessed to be here with you in this lifetime. Now, let's go kick some energetic ass!


Artist: Seamlessoo


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