July 23, 2020


The Great Purge of 2020 is among us!


Sitting down to write this Forecast was a deep process as I thought about the last few weeks of deep transformations that has touched my reality.  The New Moon in Cancer on Monday called me to the Forrest to do a photo shoot and I came out of that portal changed, altered, disconnected from the old and connected to the new but purging everything in the in-between. Hasn’t that been the theme of 2020? 2020 has been back to back activations, clearings, death and rebirth, dark nights of the Soul, shadow work and deep Soul remembrance. It has been the most electrically charged year that sets in motion what to expect for the next 13 years.


June was a massively intense and important month. It cleared important threads and themes that have been running our paradigms and experiences for the last 13-15 years. Everything that had to be cleared from our Subconscious got regurgitated back up for us to finally do something about it. The subconsciousness is deeply important, it protects the brain and body from “re-feeling” traumatic, and painful experiences, so it stores it away until an experience shows up in our reality that requires us to do deep healing. As the sacred codes come online within us we can’t move forward without the clearing of our deep subconscious blocks and patterns. Family and interpersonal relationships got a deep clearing and the Solar Eclipse and Solstice came to assist with a BANG. What thread has been running in your family that you were subconsciously weaving in your reality? What has happened in the last 13-15 years that you’ve healed but keeps coming back in different shades? Abuse? Showing up authentically for yourself? Breaking old patterns that no longer serve you? Looking deeply at your shadows and being honest so you can integrate them? What "bothers" you about other people is your first clue as to what your shadows are. Right now the collective is undergoing the biggest shadow work in Human Herstory, so if you’ve been feeling all the feels this could be one of the reasons. 


We are currently in some of the most intense energies to hit Planet Tara and at this stage, it is affecting the body in profound ways. We, the new Humans of Earth have come down with particular Light Codes embedded in our DNA that throughout four great cycles of 36,000 years we have been  learning, teaching and Karmically being “recycled”. These codes have now been activated within us at this time to open us to our Divine Star Blueprint. So, what is happening to your body is HUGE. You are morphing your Star Lineage and Earth Lineage and becoming a superhuman that can traverse the 12th Dimensions of these Lower Worlds. This means how you think, act and create is drastically being changed but to sync these new codes the body as to go through a metamorphosis. This is making us Exhausted, weak, we are having pain in all parts of the body especially where we hold the most density or trauma from this life and all our previous lives.  For me, it is the Throat and speaking my truth without being condemned or Killed for it. Confusion, not knowing your next steps, feeling overwhelmed, tired and sick. Not being able to resonate with those once close to you and feeling like you are in a void are major themes of 2020. For those of you that are newly awakened this is a time of realizing that everything you have once known to be “real” has been an illusion and for those of us that have been going through this for a hot minute this is a deep regenesis period of how we have known our bodies to function and exist here. For these next 13 years, you have to change your thinking and everything you thought you knew and connect to your higher mind and heart portal to lead the way in this auspicious time on New Earth. No one reality is the same and we are existing on different planes of consciousness so to look at another right now for direction or clarity is based on your depth of perception to what you are in alignment with. Everything is moving and weaving. There is not "set" reality. 





June came in to show what in our lineage we cannot weave anymore in our realities. You were chosen to be the dismantlers of generational and ancestral curses and themes because through your experiences in past lives you worked to dismantle these oppressive programmings. YOU, are the person, body and consciousness in THIS lifetime to finally put an end to it. What you have been feeling in your consciousness and body for these last few months have been next-level energies that in past lives would have harmed you because of the magnitude of Light that it carries within your cells, blood, and organs. 


You are the ones built to collapse it in this lifetime because of the amount of light you are carrying within your body and consciousness. So you see, you are a fucking big deal. The Lunar Eclipse in July played with our shadows and our interpersonal relationships. When you are around others do you activate their “demons”? Do they start to act weird around you? Real? Fake? Out of sorts? This is your Light working on the parts of them that are not authentic; do not take anything personal right now. We are ALL learning from one another. 


We are coming out of a 10 day Galactic Portal that streamed the Rainbow Frequencies to further activate our Light Coded DNA and clear more of our density. from July 13th to July 22nd we are getting upgraded in the mind as the mind is a connector to 12th Dimensional frequencies that connects us to our Cosmic Soul Print. On July 25th, we enter the “Day out of Time” in the Galactic Calendar and then on the 26th is the Galactic New Year! While all of this is happening we are also entering the portal of the 8.8 Stargate and if 2020 wasn’t intense enough we are going to feel and witness MASSIVE transformations in our inner world and outer world. So, you see you are not going crazy! You are awakening! 


Some things currently happening to the Body:


The Chakras: The Chakras are going through a massive recalibration that will eventually turn all 7 or 12 chakras into ONE. Our Light bodies will no longer hold 7 main Chakra portal it will be one major chakra that connects to the 12 Dimensions and the realm of the Elohim. the Ashtar Command is assisting with this as you connect to higher and deeper consciousness and as your body morphs to acclimate these new “powers”. You may be receiving codes of information in your sleep state or having visions of what is happening within your body right now…this is next level attunements. 


Weaving New Realities: your body will perform based on the reality or paradigm in which you operate. Everything is an illusion or not exactly what you think it is especially with this pandemic sweeping Earth. Most of us lightworkers are getting caught up in the reality of DUALITY. We have to see where does this duality lie within us and dismantle THAT. Now is the time to connect to Higher Knowing and ways of being. Will this disconnect you from most of the Collective sometimes as you weave your new realities? Yes. We are all in this together but the metamorphosis of our bodies is uniquely our own experience. You don’t have to tap into what everyone else is doing, thinking or being right now. This will cause confusion. Through deeply connecting to Self you aid the Collective to do the same; that is how we are interconnected. 




Feeling Sick, Discombobulated, Not quite yourself: Major things are happening to you right now Starseeds and just know that you are morphing into EPIC light that has never been done before on this planet. You are feeling intense pain as the old rips from your body. Remembering all the light you once carried and with that remembrance comes ancient wisdom that you are tapping back into. You are not the same and you will never be the same

You have volunteered to be here at this auspicious time in Earth’s evolution Divine Starseeds and Just know that you are doing an exceptional job. Every Being within our Omniverse that celebrates the Law of One and that holds the light of our Creator is cheering us on in this EPIC journey of remembering. Have radical patience, empathy and love for yourself Dear One and know that this won’t always be our state of being. As we learn to trust the process we gain control of what we are taking in to aid in our Ascension and what has to now be dismantled for ease and flow in our Ascension Journey.


With so much Love and Respect Starseeds, 


One Love  

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