June 16, 2020


I was sent this video from a dear friend over the weekend of Caroline Myss speaking about “The Consciousness Code”. I am sent a lot of videos and writings that I sometimes don’t have time to read or watch but I was guided to watch this one. Caroline goes on to speak about what the consciousness code is and I’m going to paraphrase it in my own words.


When we are awakening to something that has to change in our lives like losing weight, for example, there is a consciousness code that arises in us to change our beliefs, our everyday activities, work on our traumas, and work on how we view food/body. This consciousness that comes to the surface is to show us what has to be changed in our lives. This now becomes a “consciousness code” that ACTIVATES a change and births a new paradigm for us to exist in. This Code does not go away and at times it feels like it “nags” us because it will stay at the forefront of our minds and lives until that change has been made or we look at it; consciously. She then went on to say that this is exactly what is happening on Earth at the moment with the Uprising and the Awakening in Human Consciousness. Racism and the way the World has been “running” is not new news but it has bubbled to the surface and now we have to collectively LOOK at it and make the necessary changes. The Consciousness Code has been activated for the necessary changes to now take place and it won't leave until changes are made. This is the Great Awakening in ALL areas of Humanity's Consciousness. 


I’ve spoken a lot about this and what is happening on Mama Tara right now and I want to go into it a little deeper. We have been here on Mama for 126,000 years in the karmic wheel of incarnation. Before we came down unto Earth we knew that we would have to experience certain things to level up our consciousness and Soul growth; so we decided to incarnate as many different things: Trees, Rock, Animals, Different Races, Sex, Culture Economic statuses, in different parts of the World etc. Stay with me as I go a little deeper. We know that THIS is the lifetime that we get to merge and be one with our Higher Selves and ALL the consciousness we have ever been that will aid in Earths Ascension; our Ascension. So, as I was meditating on this message this weekend I had an “ah-ha” moment! This collapse that we are seeing in the outside World is the Collapse of everything we have had to endure to reach our "peak" Ascension or Consciousness. What is going on "out there" is the Collapse of everything we have had to be, experience to reverse the grid of 3D consciousness. Does that make sense? We have been the oppressed but in lifetimes we have also been the oppressor. We have been rich and in some lifetimes poor. We have been killed and some lifetimes the murderer. What is Collapsing is the Duality in us. Now, we have come down with ALL of these consciousness codes to do the work that each one of us now have to do to dismantle this 3D Grid once and for all. 


Can you imagine the role you are here to play if EVERY lifetime has been preparing you for this one? Can you begin to fathom the “Consciousness Code” that is now arising within you to collapse programming that was put upon Mama Gaia to keep her inhabitants in a mass coma for 126,000 years? Can you begin to fathom the work you have done in many different bodies, races, sexes, places and things because experiencing ALL of that is why you are here and needed now? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO BE HERE AT THIS TIME IN CREATION? You are mighty powerful. You are Ancient Beings of Light that have agreed to take on certain codes that are to be activated within your “HUman vessel” that will activate the changes needed upon Mama Tara at the EXACT time-frequency when she is ready to embody these codes. That time is now. All your Lifetimes have led you HERE. 


So, now that we know why and who we are; what’s next? 



The grids of change have begun as we are being awakened to this power within all of us. If you are here in this lifetime; you have a huge role to play. These codes which you can’t ignore anymore because you are feeling them as Ascension symptoms and are now starting to see your realities/timelines shifting and changing at rapid speeds. Many things are happening to the body at this time because of this acceleration.


As Light Warriors you are feeling the shift in Consciousness and what is happening on this Planet as the dense 3D paradigm falls and gets dismantled. This is to bring in a higher template of consciousness. WE as a Collective are activating unique codes that we each have to “plant” upon Earth Grids; this is what we are currently doing. How this is happening for the Collective is through the Spinal Column of the body. I've been seeing many shifts within the body with myself and my clients and I am guided to speak and share about a few of them. 


The Spinal Column: Is the “Information” Highway in our bodies and right now it is bringing in higher dimensional codes from not only your higher consciousness but from a myriad of different Star Races working with you and what you are here to do. So, for example in this lifetime I as Human Natoya am returning or have returned to my innate and Ancient roots which is that of a Healer and Teacher. I’ve lived many lifetimes with this theme so I can perfect my "special codes". All the Lifetimes that I have experienced to make me the Healer and Teacher that my Soul is are now coming back through the Spinal column. The Spinal Column is “spreading” this information to the Chakras (portals) of my body, my organs, my blood, my DNA and my Cells. As this “information” is spreading into every area of my body it is awakening ancient cellular memories. This is what is happening to EVERYONE. So, your body is FEELING these tremendous Activations over the next 13 years; yes, you heard right the next 13 years. This is deep and heavy shit because everything that this stream of consciousness is bringing into your body through the Spinal Column is also pushing out of your body/reality those things which are dense to the surface. Yes, you may be experiencing Dark Night of the Soul as this happens, Fatigue, Sickness or Diseases as you purge. Drastic changes in your relationships, in your behaviour, in how you move in this World. Your Alchemy Centre is turning back on which is your Throat Chakra as those lifetimes that have shut you down get dismantled and by the Grace of Goddess your voice WILL be heard in this Lifetime. Backaches/stiffness, feeling vibrations in all parts of the body to name a few. 


The Brain: I’ve spoken about how the chemistry in the brain is being morphed to handle more light codes and frequencies. These codes are changing the very molecular structure of what you once knew as your physical reality and this brings with it a host of new symptoms and way of being for these next few years. You will start to feel dizzy and out of it especially between 2 am-5 am. You may realize the intensity at this time or the insomnia.  This is when most of us get deep upgrades that would normally knock us off our feet if we were to have them during our waking times; it’s too powerful for a lot of us to handle. Don’t get me wrong, are you feeling spurts of this during the day; absolutely! This affects our vision as we are going into ultra-vision; seeing through energy, dimensions, telepathy, intuition on one thousand, creating within seconds…this is the Brain being upgraded to function in Higher Timelines. 


The Body: is morphing and changing based on the frequency codes you are bringing in. This will make you look taller, slimmer, wider, your face may begin to shift, your eyes are changing as they emit Light Codes. Your Organs are all working to bring in a new reality to your vessel so it is doing a lot. You may be feeling intense pain, stiffness, in areas of the body were you a bringing in the most light. This maybe your feet, your stomach, Heart or Crown. What I have found to be helpful is speaking to my cells and organs to allow the energies to move through with ease.If I am experiencing intensity in a part of my body I ask to be shown where and why it is being blocked or what is being brought up to the surface for me to see. Some of you may be experiencing blockages or a lot of energy moving in the Throat Chakra right now has you are guided to speak out about injustice against your fellow Brother and Sister. This will bring up deep fear, worry or angst because in the past you would have been killed, prosecuted or shunned by your community. Whatever the reason, now is the time to work on that because your voice is now needed. 



I’ve been seeing in the Spiritual Community a lot of deflecting and many shadows are showing themselves with how people truly think and feel at this time. I think most think that it was going to be simple and all they had to was think their way to higher consciousness but there’s more to it than that. You came here to do the work to assist in the shift. Whether you are a teacher, therapist, engineer, parent; you came here to infiltrate a system by bringing in your unique code or specialty on to this planet.  I am seeing a lot of people especially in this community deflecting and/or ignoring what is going on when it comes to Racism. There's a lot of love and light and wishing it away but no true work to assist in the dismantling of it. This ain’t the life for that. We’ve had MANY for that. Now is the time to see that we have all been oppressed by a Programming and as we are ALL dismantling this current issue it is important to realize that now we are dismantling Racism and next it will be the Health Care system and then Learning institutions and so forth and so forth. We are making Herstory here. What’s your part in it? 


I wish you so much Love, Courage and Peace Starseeds. Remember who you are and why you came down here at this time on Mama Tara. I love you. 


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