June 2, 2020


“… I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid. You’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’ll hang up this phone. And then I’ll show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you…” ~The Matrix



As I was downloading this Forecast or actually putting my thoughts together to how I was going to thread or weave the energy needed for this Forecast; this line from the movie The Matrix came to me. What a time we’ve reached in our Evolution. I never thought I would see the day where a visible collapse was happening. A needed collapse. A collapse that calls on us to step in and to stop hiding behind the veil of our Spirituality and Live it, Be it, Change it.  


Everything is Energy and Frequencies. Every thought that you think both consciously and unconsciously is being created in some form in this Dimension. Everything is created within before we see it manifested in a form in our outer world. Right now with the killing of Black bodies we are seeing what in us is finally being collapsed to make way for the new. We are seeing the collapse of a 3rd Dimensional structure because within us there have been many lifetimes of our active participation in this 3rd Dimensional structure. This was needed. We were under the illusion that we were helpless to do anything about the fall of this paradigm and due to the frequency we were in it made it almost impossible to actively be the change we wanted to see. We were hunted, killed, prosecuted, hung, and tortured for being messengers of change; this has changed. You are now taking this Ancient Wisdom of all your lifetimes and rewriting the script. This is the lifetime where you get to be completely your Highest embodiment. All it takes is the courage to shift your consciousness. Shift your perception of Self. 


Every Incarnation, Lifetime, Experience, Death and Rebirth that you have lived here on Mama Tara and within the Cosmos has led you to THIS moment in Creation. You have been getting ready, learning, healing, gathering all your infinite wisdom to be here, NOW. When I was downloading this message I was in awe at how intricate and deliberate Source is. We haven’t been coming here incarnation after incarnation to just be on the Karmic wheel of Creation; what we have been doing for 126,000 years has been so profound and BRILLIANT! We knew this time would come that we, Starseeds from all over the Galaxy would be needed to shift Mama Tara so what we have been doing is perfecting our frequencies by perfecting our mastery in physical form (Reincarnation). Let me take that deeper; You have had a particular thread of experience, dharma, Karma, theme that has followed you that you had to learn and master throughout your lifetimes. Say you had issues with speaking your truth so in many lifetimes you were given opportunities to perfect this and actually use your voice authentically and courageously. You have been in “school” (”recycling”), over and over again to perfect that unique thread that is YOU. When the time was right these unique codes or thread of consciousness that was placed in your makeup would be activated at the perfect time for you to step into the mission of your life. THIS incarnation is your initiation into the biggest test of your life. What are you going to do now that all the veils have been lifted? Now that all your power, magic and higher dimensional template lies within you to use at this time? 



Black People in this lifetime are holding some, if not the most powerful codes for this phase in consciousness. We have decided to come down as the masters, the shapeshifters, the energetic engineers, healers, seers, transmutters, spiritual alchemists from all over the Cosmos to finally break a cycle that has plagued our planet for hundreds of years. The new creation codes for the merging of the Races into the Cosmic Race; resides within us.  


If reading that upsets you therein lies your shadow and what you still have to work on. White People. Indian People. Asian People, Indigenous People ALL have certain codes from ALL the lifetimes you have experienced until now that will change the World as we know it. We are ALL needed because every single one of us carries unique creation codes. This is a brief summary of what is really happening here at this time on Earth. We are being "clicked" on or activated to be the Star Beings we are among the Stars; this project has never been done. This time in Creation is no joke. The Frontline Crew to Mama's Transmutation are the Best Of the Best down here at this time on Earth. It's not about who's doing what it's about getting it done. 


Once I knew the truth at times I wished I didn’t because it was easier to not know than to actively participate in the changes needed and required. This awakening is not for the weak, this is why you were chosen and actively and consciously chose to come down here. You knew you had exactly what it took to unshackle the chains of bondage that was put upon Planet Earth and her habitats. So, you agreed to come down through cycles of Karma to rewrite her Grid. After successfully doing this for many thousands of lifetimes, we ended the cycle in 2012 and now we step into the phase we are currently in. I call this phase “project “WE. ARE. HERE. TO FUCK SHIT UP.”


Now after years of talk about this massive awakening, it’s finally here. We’re seeing the collapse first-hand and it’s at times brutal to see as much as we know the Spiritual thread behind it. When I speak of programmings it’s no joke to dismantle these because they are deeply embedded into our subconscious beliefs. To know these programmings which we are ALL decoding and dismantling is one thing; to participate in the world to shatter them is another. What I’m seeing is most don’t really want to do this work or know how to do this work and that’s honest, but it has to get done and this where us Star Races from all over the cosmos come in. These times will get deeply uncomfortable if you still hold density, believes, trauma, programmings in areas of your life where you are called to do your Social justice work. We are all being called to do this work. Where do you feel stuck? Afraid Fearful? this is where your healing lies. This shift is more than increasing the vibration of the Planet but defending our Brother and Sisters who have been oppressed and who are here in Black Bodies to dismantle a certain grid that no other race can. At the same time dismantling all other grids of oppression that have kept humanity imprisoned. Please, read that again Divine Ones. 


I wanted to really go deeper with what is happening right now and urge you to see past all the illusions. There will be many that will try to stop this evolution but it won’t and cannot be stopped. We are seeing the systems really at play here that have manipulated us for Eons. Now is the time to step in where your mastery and privilege lay. We, Starseeds have infiltrated every aspect of this system and now is the time to stand up, defend, support and step into your Higher roles so you can do the work necessary and needed here. 



In Part 2 of the June Vibrational Forecast I will speak about what is happening energetically, physically and spiritually to the body and how these new very high frequencies are morphing and transforming us into the “Superhuman” we are all meant to be. I will speak on all the helpers from all over the Galaxy that are here assisting us including our Ancestors, Spirit animals, the elementals. The Planets are and have always been supporting us in our mission. With certain planets being retrograded they are assisting us by clicking us on wherever their energy lies within our Star Grid better known as your Birth Chart. If you don't know your chart that is okay, you are still doing the work needed at this time that only YOU can bring unto this Earth Grid. 


If you are confused right now, go within. If you are overwhelmed, fearful, angry, feel it all but don’t stay here. All the information needed for your mission lies within the cells, DNA, Higher consciousness but you have to shut the noise out for a second and master within, change within, remember within FIRST. Then you will feel and know the truth of the perfect weaving that is taking place in your life right now. Part 2 of June Vibrational Forecast will be out June 15th, 2020 


I love you Divine Starseeds. Stay Brave. Remember who you are and what you came down here to do. 


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