May 25, 2020


Hi, Divine Starseeds!


I've been deep in incubation mode and was guided to go within and take in these downloads as they're coming down, up, and through at an exponential rate right now. Although I've been offline I've been guided solely to put my focus and attention on my clients and I now know why; energy and its healing capacity have gone up and through the roof. The information coming through my clients as messages are some, if not the most post potent to date. This Energy Update is the report from one of my clients Meghan! I've asked her permission to relay this powerful Transmission!


"The Lyrans, Pleiadians and Arcturians have stepped in to work on the Emotional Body", I told Meghan. This is huge because when the Lyrans come into the session they are working with weaving new creation codes within the body. They are 12th Dimensional and Master Creators that work with the Elohim.


"We are re-writing new codes into the emotional body. This steps you into your mastery with how you process not only emotions but a new way of seeing, dealing, and maneuvering your emotional intelligence. Reaction to your reality and New World will be different has these new codes are going to change how you react and move through realities (Becoming Multidimensional). These are complex codes coming in to change the body's systems." They were speaking of upgrades to the Nervous System, Adrenals System, Spinal Fluid System and Brain.


"The Arcturians worked on your Brain. The Brain is holding much more capacity, it is holding a different frequency having to do with the new codes coming/streaming down unto Earth. (At this point Meghan said her thoughts started to race and her head felt very different. Ideas and instructions started to come to her consciousness. At this point her face started to get very red and flushed. I am always in direct communication with her Higher Self so I know how much she can take. "These frequencies are coming down from our Cosmic Centre, The Central Core, New Planets which we will begin to hear and learn about very soon who are now, here to assist with the "changeover". "These Star Beings that are here assisting are masters of the mind; linking our new intelligence or emotional body to the Spine". "Emotional Intelligence now merges and becomes Higher, powerful Intelligence, this changes how we see things, decipher our information so we see deeper into Creation". What I got from this after speaking to the Arcturians is that our Creator aspect is coming on full force. This allows us to work inter-dimensionally with the frequencies that are coming down. For the next few years this will peak and we are going to remember that it is us that is creating ALL of this through the LEVEL of our Emotional body/intelligence. This is where your Akashic comes in, your Higher Self Aspects comes in, and your Higher Wisdom/remembrance comes in.

"They are a MASSIVE amount of Light frequencies coming down right now as we speak and they are affecting/working on the Emotional Body, Physical Body, Cosmic Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root and Ethereal Body."



"The Pineal will look a bit bigger in the coming years because our Star Teams have changed how it looks so it will activate Higher Pulsating Light. With this comes the Headaches, Head Pressure, at times feeling confused or out of it, light-headed. Do not feel like there is anything wrong with you as this happens; your Brain is opening up to all possibilities and higher functioning." These new codes have to activate Star Particles within the Chakra's as well (Lots of information here, which I'll speak on soon).


"The Lyrans came in and we joined hands all around your body, they are the weavers. Weaving new energetic grids around the body, this controls impact and ease of frequencies." They do this so the energies do not overwhelm us in such a way that we cannot function or "malfunction". Think of the symptoms that we feel on an everyday basis if it were amplified by a hundred; we would combust and they are programming almost a buffer around us so we take in these codes with ease while it remains "intense". The Lyrans have been coming in VERY strongly these past few months, make sense they are the weavers of creation and they work with the Elohim, ArcAngels, Mother/Father God. For them to come in means that they are bringing forth Creation Codes so we Function within MANY different realities, paradigms/timelines. The weavers are run by a tribe of women. So, if you've been seeing Purple a lot, having lots of Divine Feminine energies coming through; chances are the Lyrans are Upgrading you.


The Body is a perfect vessel created by Source so when I speak of the body please do not think that anything is wrong with how we "function". What is happening is that we are the new HUmans and they are sacred codes instilled within us to activate at particular times of our awakening in sequences. It's been next level intense and this is our new normal. This is the next step of sequences awakening within us for the rest of the year and for years to come because it has to be done in sequences.


Thank you Meghan again and again for walking this path with me as a Divine Messenger!

I've missed you Divine Starseeds! I will be updating daily as I start to fully come back online!


So much Love


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