April 30, 2020


Hi, Starseeds!


There's this beautiful, transparent and powerful portal that resembles the womb and I've been getting "powered" up and recalibrated through this gateway for a few weeks now. It shows your shadows and the shadows of the collective that have been a theme on this Earth Grid for many, many Lifetimes. The Dark womb is only "dark" until you make peace with what it's trying to show you about the thread of who you TRULY are. See, it's only "dark" until you shift your perception of it and realize there's no such thing it's the duality you have created from Being HUman. Then it starts to shift, morph into your highest vision. So, to be IN it requires patience, courage and complete downtime to let this wave overcome you. Let it shift your entire being and allow it to align with your Star Grid and let it merge and be one with the version of who you are upon this Earth Grid. It is the metamorphosis phase in full effect.



There has been so much at play within the Cosmos and on Mama Tara and right now it's important to be observant and REALLY take in what's happening because it's NEXT level intense. Quite frankly, nothing is as it seems. These energies are no joke and they are coming in more potent. The frequencies sharper, clearer, and very deliberate in its activational power. Within my visions there are many different "departments" working within this realm; some are here to attempt to alter the vibrational increase on this Planet and others are recalibrating to counteract the systems at play. Of course, there is opposition to ALT this awakening but you can't alt, cancel, delete what Mother/Father GOD has ordained and what already IS.


Everything that is happening in the "dark" is also happening in the "light, we are witnessing how it all works together, whether "they" want it to or not. This is the year where everything is happening to upgrade us FULLY. We are completely being "switched on". I am experiencing energy surges and upgrades every day, sometimes ALL day long. I am, You are coming/merging with your Soul Self all this year. We are doing PROFOUND work.

A few things happening for the rest of 2020:


Energy Template Rewrite: There are many different old worn out and transitional templates that are no longer working within this realm and this includes how the HUman energy body has been operating. In the Womb, I've been seeing how our energy signature the Merkaba is being rewired to assist us within our new Light Body. It starts from the back of the Heart Chakra with deep clearing and activation for the Heart to "sustain" this new Power surge; this is one of the reasons we are shut down at the moment also. The Arctuarians, ArchAngel Metatron, The Pleiadians and The Lyrans are all assisting with this. So to say our bodies are going through it is an understatement of massive proportions! This recalibration among MANY that we are currently going through is painful, leaves you sore, immobile, joint pain, feeling like you've been run over by a truck. Massive Heart Chakra pain, palpitations, pressure, heartbeat stronger, faster, skipping, tonal frequency has also changed with our Heart.


The Body: The body is no longer the body you once knew. I saw a vision that my team showed me years ago with what was going to start to happen to the body and I'm happy to say the next level, has officially started! The Body is a masterful design by Source, I dare say the most amazing structure created on Earth and amongst the Stars. Can you imagine being separated at birth because of the job you had to do here? Leaving our magic, power, abilities, how we look to go away to Earth school and re-learn that you've never truly been separated but you just had to REMEMBER that; a mental shit show, that's what we've been going through all to return to the very beginning of our teachings. We are here. The return of the emergence of our Higher Selves and physical body has started its reconnection. We have always been our Higher Selves unrealized. This is a MAJOR shift that has taken thousands of years to get to but by the Grace of Mother/Father God, we have made it back. What does this mean? It means that our Bodies are morphing to look, feel and act as it does within our Star Planets and merging that Unto this Earth Grid.


Some symptoms of the New Light Body: 
- Immense pain and soreness has the cells, organs, DNA hold more light

- Head Pressure as high-frequency light is streaming down from the Galactic Core and Creation Planets such as Lyra, Sirius, Plaedians, and much more

-The Organs, especially those in the stomach are doing a switch over with how it processes, sometimes you may feel to eat nothing but the Sun and Air while at other times to feel present and in your body, you eat everything; this will change drastically in the near future (hence why a lot of tampering with the weather is happening)

- Hip, knees and feet are being worked on by Mama Tara, The Divine Feminine so you can travel while in your body through many different dimensions consciously

- You are playing, working and assisting in MANY different realms especially your Star Planets. You are bringing information and downloading codes to bring down to this Earth Grid. A lot of work is being done within the sleep realm

- Another reason why we are ALL shut down right now is to let this upgrade happen and so you can rest/sleep and do the basic minimum to assist with this changeover. Stop overthinking it and SLEEP to integrate and allow your body's upgrade!


I'll touch on much more in May's Vibrations Forecast


I Love You. When you think that you can't go further and this is all too much know that you were chosen because NO ONE is you and your UNIQUE energy was needed at this time. Be gentle with yourselves Dear Ones; THIS is your time!


Artist: Shaylin Wallace

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