March 12, 2020


I’ve started and stopped writing this report so many times because I was writing from the mind and trying to be logical; I wasn’t writing from the heart. Logical doesn’t exist in Higher Dimensions, our emotions that are synced with higher knowing are how we maneuver these dimensions. So, I am going to write this report from my Higher Mind and my Higher Multidimensional Heart. 


We are currently in a shit-show of massive proportion. The World is going mad with panic and a lot of us Light Workers need to be reeled back into our power; like yesterday. These times have been spoken about for many years and we know with the rising of consciousness comes the collapse of a Matrix system. We knew this was coming. We knew the fall of the 3rd Dimension would bring chaos, panic and fear to those not yet awakened to the bigger picture of what is happening here. This is only the beginning. We, Light Warriors are now being called to be the Wayshowers and guide this Shift in consciousness. This is not the time to go into fear and panic; you know better!  

I remember when I first started my awakening 20+ years ago I would ask for the times we are currently in. I wanted to heal, I wanted to see clairvoyantly, I wanted to SEE the magic my team spoke about and I wanted all the abilities I knew I would receive after my “training”.  I was like a kid in the candy store, I wanted it ALL and I wanted it right NOW! I knew the possibilities were endless for what was to come. I wanted this patriarchally governed World to shift and align with the Divine Feminine. I wanted to see everything balanced and fair. I wanted poverty to be a thing of the past, I wanted a world that was one-sided to be one of balance, fairness, empathy, ease and Joy; of Divine Masculine AND Feminine. The past few years I’ve been feeling the polarity shift and Humanity awakening in profound ways and I got excited; it was happening! After 20 years of sensing the shift; It was becoming tangible. Now, as I write this report we are in one of the biggest battles ever to happen on Mama Tara. We are fighting for our minds and our sovereignty. The fight to shift Mama Tara and change how she has been running under a brutal and unfair regime is here and it is very REAL. No more practicing, no more getting ready; the time has come for what the best of the best were called here to do.  



“With great power; comes great responsibility. 



January and February propelled our bodies into the next layer of the energies and power it needs to generate higher consciousness and step us into our 5D abilities. It wasn’t easy as our bodies felt like it was being ripped apart with deep pains and ascension symptoms a lot us have not felt before. We are becoming “Lucy”; if you haven’t watched that movie I greatly suggest you do because we are LITERALLY going through the same thing. Those dormant parts of our minds that Scientists have said is non-functioning and they haven’t found what nearly 50% of what our minds could do; well, now we are being shown that our minds were waiting to tap into infinite consciousness of the Higher Mind. The other parts of our brain are connected to our Star Lineages which is connected to the God-Head, this is where we learn to FLY. These other parts of our brain which are being “switched” on over the next few years is also working hand in hand with our DNA upgrades. The brain will be accessing and tapping into 5th Dimensional frequencies and a Higher way of thinking and being and doing. This is where we learn to heal or take our healing abilities to the next level. Telepathy is the new way to communicate as we anchor in our alchemical state and transmute any disease, sickness, lower vibrational energies and viruses of mass destruction. See, what a lot of us do not realize is that Mother/Father God knew this was going to happen once this battle began so they knew that it was at THIS time that we would need to level up on our power to combat ANYTHING they tried to throw at us. We are ten times more powerful than ANYTHING they can throw at us but a lot of us are still stuck in their programming of fear, low self-worth and confidence in what we have the ability to do. This is completely normal to not know your power after being in an abusive relationship which we’ve all been in for THOUSANDS of years.

What is happening to the body is MASSIVE! 


1. The Spinal Cord/Function: The Arcturians and Archangel Raphael are responsible for this Upgrade. The Spinal Cord and Spinal fluids are being upgraded to send higher frequency energies to the major highway” of the body; The Nervous System. Along this “Highway” there are many “Off- ramps”, these are our Immune System, and Adrenal System. All these are going to be functioning very differently in the Light body and will heal us instantaneously. This will ward off any viral disease and sicknesses. This upgrade is being guided by the 13th Chakra which aids in the metamorphosis of the Spinal Cord/fluid and cellular reconstruction. I will do a video very soon going deeper into the explanation of this new function in the body. To aid this upgrade what is needed is REST. This is a powerful upgrade that affects the whole body and sleep, rest, meditation, conscious breathing aids this metamorphosis.



2. The Brain: As I mentioned above, the brain is opening up to its diverse functioning. The dormant parts of the brain that were said to not have specific functions are now being activated by the Elohim. This will connect those dormant parts of the brain to the GOD Mind (Multidimensional) and give us the ability to use our multidimensional gifts and abilities. This will connect us to ALL the Star nations, be able to go within dimensions effortlessly, be able to communicate telepathically, Heal faster, become an alchemist of energies, Shapeshift and morph our being based on the energies streaming in from the Galactic Core (which are high and potent). These abilities are endless and will come online more within the next 2-5 years. This upgrade will have you feeling dizzy, unstable. confused, lost memories, faintness, head-pressure, nausea, sensations and movements in different parts of the body like twitches, spasms, jolts to organs, and to different parts of the body. The Brain and Spine are MAJOR functions within the body and these upgrades will be very intense; these are ushering in new Ascension Symptoms. We have three brains. The stomach, the heart and the third-eye. All being synced right now to function in a higher state of consciousness so with this comes massive symptoms to the stomach/plexus, heart/higher heart and neck, head.



3. The Chakra’s: The Chakras are now merging and becoming the Cosmic Chakras. I’ve been working with these Chakras for awhile within my Healing Practice and this healing and re-structuring usually allows my client to not only go deeper within their healing but it opens them up to many new empowered abilities. For example; the Sacral Chakra once had the MAIN function of worth, sexuality, creativity. In higher consciousness, the Sacral is the portal to Past Lives and is governed by Mama Luna and the Andromedians. She is upgrading this emotional center to activate a very finely attuned emotional body. Within this Chakra, I see what Past Lives are affecting you currently in this lifetime and rewire your "Roots". The Womb is also the portal of creation and from here we will be able to Think creation into form. This is just a brief example! 




Corona in Latin terms means “Crown”. We know the Crown Chakra is our connection to Source, our Light Teams, our Star Families and Ancestors. This is what connects us to Higher Dimensions and this is where Higher Frequency light comes through. Of course, this virus is fucking with the mind. One way to halt the progression of an awakening is to mess with the mind. You invent something to shift people's frequency to one of fear and panic which are the lowest vibrational frequencies a person can hold. Once you are residing in these frequencies the body shuts down from attaining LIGHT. This is why I urge Light Warriors to please do not fall for the trap. Mother/Father GOD is BRILLIANT and they knew this time would come so what they did was give the OK for our bodies to go through the next level of power which are abilities to function how we do among the Stars. These abilities are 5th-12th Dimensional POWER and ABILITIES. We can breathe and change the cellular structures of our bodies; that quickly and effortlessly but you have to watch and be very protective of what/who is governing your mind. The portals are open, the gates to higher frequencies are wide open. This is a FULL on battle and there are MANY Beings of Light From ALL over the Galaxy fighting among us. With these new powers, we are also tapping into lower vibrational energies and beings as well so discernment is key and all you have to do is have FULL trust in self to know what is truth and what is foe. 



This is it.


We knew this was coming for many years but like myself, we didn't believe it until we saw it. We are the GIFTED and Lucky Starseeds to be HERE, witnessing the collapse of a system that has kept Mama Tara and her inhabitants imprisoned and oppressed. Now is not the time to FORGET who you are. RISE UP. YOU, Dear Ones are the BEST OF THE BEST chosen to be here at this time. We need you.


With Great Power; comes great responsibilities. 


I Love You. See you on the Battle Field.


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