February 5, 2020



January was long. January went on and on and acted like that guest that doesn’t know when to leave and you have to pretend to fall asleep and be tired for them to get the point that it was time to go! 


January was that hardcore, going deep, reflective, jump that set the trajectory for 2020. We all Jumped and if you didn’t, you were dragged in January. We are FULLY in it! January changed the energetic game and showed us the myriad of different energies we are working with, the dimensions and realities that are collapsing and the paradigm shift that is happening as I type this. 


January was rough. I had to come off the grid and take care of me and step into creation mode for what I wanted to create in my new reality. I had to leave behind deep pain and believes about abundance, who I was and who I was becoming. I was nestled into the Womb of Mama Tara and I went through the labour of re-creating and giving birth to my Higher Self, my “Allness”. It was a deep, scary and profound shift for me and from what I saw; for the Collective as well. It was a month where I felt completely disconnected from the God-Head and my Light Team. For me and a lot of us, it was a time to reflect on the lessons of the past 13 years all the changes we’ve been through. It was about reflecting on our Ascension journey and the physical regeneration we’ve been going through these past 13 years. The death of our former selves, the friends, family, homes and sometimes sanity we lost. But we made it through some of the hardest times to be here; NOW. If you didn’t think that you had a purpose; LightWorkers, look behind you one last time because that old World is gone and you are standing exactly where you need to be in this very moment of Creation. Congratulations! I’ve said it before and I will say it again the next 13 years is going to change your life as you know it because now we are the master creators of EVERYTHING. I spoke a lot about the mind last year and the upgrade and recalibration it was going through to open and activate dormant parts of our brains that we were not able to use before. This is our Starseed Brain. What this activation was doing and continues to do is merge our brain to that of the Cosmic Brain; this is for us to function in Higher Dimensions of Space and time. To be able to heal instantly, shapeshift our experiences at will, create our realities in an instant, tap into the myriad of planets, star systems and galaxies to bridge “up there” with “down here”; there is no more separation. This changeover brings in a lot of new symptoms which I’ll touch on a bit later. 





 February comes in to say you’re not missing anything; take your time with these new energies or you WILL fizz out. Meaning you will feel manic, overwhelmed, in a panic and anxious with the direction of your life. The exhaustion has been heavy and intense because in moments of great shifts with the energies streaming unto to Earth your body will shut you down to integrate the new embodiment codes coming in. In January I slept as I’ve never slept before because I needed to integrate the new frequencies coming into my body with no interruptions. Time is very different right now and February teaches us how to detach from the chaos of out “there” and connect to your Higher Mind because it is through doing this that you CHANGE “out there”. You are the Alchemist of this reality and you set the trajectory of higher grids to assist Mama Tara to reset HER Grids; we ALL need each other and we are all interconnected as ONE. 


We are ALL warriors here and those transitioning in this EPIC battle are doing so to activate deep Cellular Memories within all of us. NOTHING is a mistake here. February will ask us to watch our thoughts and play with creation. Everything you think is now being manifested almost instantly on some level of your energetic grid/consciousness; be very mindful of what you are creating. This is also a very important time to begin to reimagine your life and how you want to be within this new space and time. For me I realized that I could live a very different life if I believed I was worthy and capable of having it; everything from the “old” me was wiped clean and I realized in January that it has ALWAYS been me who hold the cards to my life and based on the consciousness I was carrying this showed me the path I was on but more intimately it showed me how far or close I was to create what I wanted. These next few months are completely going to take you out of your mind ( Which is being recalibrated)and into your heart (which is interconnected with the ALL). The heart is the gauge and it is interconnected to the Cosmic Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy of these 22 Dimensional Worlds. You are going to see yourself this year in ways you never thought possible or even fathomable. February is asking us to clear the debris, do the work with clearing what needs to finally be cleared, start to envision the life of your Higher Aspects, clear the vessel with fasting, detoxing, minerals and food that assist the Nervous System and the Immune System. 


We are going to witness a lot of new Ascension Symptoms this year. I mentioned in my YouTube video that we should be familiar with the “old” symptoms of the last decade (How funny that we can call them old now but at that time it felt like death!). Those "older" symptoms such as feeling vibrations, tingles in the body, light-headedness, blurry vision, high pitch tones, pain, stiffness in the body especially where we hold the most trauma, amplified dream state, exhaustion, anxiety, feeling disconnected from the 3D Grid; to name a selected few. This year will amp up the symptoms; some new symptoms are:



- Walking in different dimensions and realities and experiencing the Mandala Effect

- Feeling your body expand with different energies, one minute you feel “big”, the next you feel tall, the next you feel small etc. 

- Breathing differently based on the frequency you are on and breathing deeply and consciously to balance your energy field 

- Losing a lot of weight or gaining based on your Higher Self disposition; 
we are now starting to look, act and becoming our Star Lineage so this means your face may start to change, your body’s shape will change, hair, eyes might start to change colours, your eyes will start to "shift" based on who you are dialoguing with

- Senses have now amplified and you might feel like you can “taste” energy now, see multiple different versions of realities by looking at a person, place or thing
Intuition is amplified, seeing into the future or the truth of what something is 
Healing yourself and others instantly

- Shapeshifting your body and senses based on the energies around you
Seeing geometric shapes and frequencies and being able to change them with your consciousness

- Interconnected to ALL the versions of your self in the many different realities you are existing on simultaneously 

- Food will start to taste different, you will need to eat less, chew more slowly and deliberately; eating will become a thing of the past or only for “fun”

- An interconnectedness with nature especially the Elementals assisting us at this time 
Sleep becomes less but more “deeper”

- Blood Pressure “norm” will change, the colour of our blood will change, our Organs are changing, our DNA is changing to accommodate our Light Bodies

- Seeing your team and entities become much easier now; you might be seeing them already in your home or your peripheral vision

- Having meetings with your team on different planets at any given time; zoning out as you do this. This can be in an instant or in minutes; time is no longer linear, you can go on different planets or star systems to get a healing or speak with your light time in the time it takes for you to go to the kitchen; it is that quick.




This is just to name a few upgrades happening now and for the rest of this decade! This is the Shift of all Shifts; there is no turning back to what was comfortable or “known”. This Shift requires great Courage and Faith that even if you do not know what is going on at any given moment, know that you are safe, protected and guided. You are the transmutters and ANYTHING the 3D Grid tries to do to alt our Ascension we have the functions and capabilities to transmute, shapeshift our realities at will and INSTANTLY. You are that POWERFUL.


We didn’t come down here as mere humans; we are the new SuperHUmans and it takes the courage to drop everything you thought you knew and open up the possibilities of everything anew. 



We are here. The greatest time in Human Herstory! How blessed are we?!

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