December 12, 2019


I had to write this final Forecast on this auspicious day! Blessed 12.12. and last Full Moon of the Decade! 



Whether you believe that it ends in 2019 or 2021 it’s all semantics at this point. Fact is, we are at an energetic tipping point and everyone on this planet is feeling it in some way shape or form whether they know it or not. The number sequence of 12 opens up a very important portal that motions you towards Higher Consciousness; 1 being new beginnings and 2 is adaptability and duality. This is a powerful omen to leave the past in the past because you’ve worked so hard to be exactly right where you are. To add gas to the fire it’s on a Full Moon in Gemini; the push to rewire our thoughts and usher in new ways of thinking and moving in this New World/Reality is strong. There’s no going back with this energy.



When I connected to Spirit to write this forecast I received the message of “YOU DID IT”!


2019 was the year of tough love so you could see who you truly were and what you were capable of dreaming into your new realities. Who you wanted to be here on Mama Earth and why you were here in this lifetime was a HUGE theme; the blinders came off. It was about doing the groundwork so you could BUILD in new and profound ways. 2019 came in to rewire your MIND. Activating parts of your brain and emotional body that has been lying dormant until now; you were made aware of how multidimensional you truly were. We collapsed countless timelines this year, hence why at times one month felt like one year! It was fast, rough, and honest. We lost soldiers that were once friends, lovers even family but everyone is playing a pivotal role in the movie of your becoming. Without them leaving you would have been too comfortable to make the necessary changes, to think different and to finally end cycles of oppressed beliefs, trauma, fear and worth issues. If you don’t see your power there will be lower vibrational streams of energies that see your lack of self-awareness and use your fears against you; 2019 was HUGE for this. 



November came and took the blinders off; literally. What you didn't want to see or couldn’t see was shown to you and you HAD to change what was no longer working. After the collapse of individual and collective timelines, so many Lightworkers had the FLU (Frequency Light Upgrades). The clearing of old cellular consciousness in November was MASSIVE. Our minds and bodies got switched on in such profound ways. Mama Earth has jumped in her consciousness and it is profoundly different the frequencies running through the planet right now. The mind has been switched on to function in higher dimensional frequencies and so too has the body; to live in higher frequencies the body has to drop its density; this is density in thoughts, in behaviours and the clearing of old dense programming. We are no longer “operating” from a 3D system we are “operating” from our Soul’s true essence now. The importance of what we are taking into our vessels is of utmost importance because you cannot put cheap oil in an expensive car; it won’t run properly and in time it will damage the engine (Nervous System). This year prepared us for what is to come and showed us glimpses of how we will be living moving forward.


 We were overcome with emotional and physical burnout last month. We were tired and on energetic overdrive. We have been working our asses off to Ascend and do the work necessary for our metamorphosis  and there was an energetic breaking point last month that took a lot of lightworkers “out” and in need of self-care. We are doing a lot and it’s so important to have clear and strong boundaries with what you are willing to do and not do for your sanity and well being. 

 2020 is a year for the “Jumpers”. We are already feeling it, in a day we are jumping timelines MULTIPLE times. If we find ourselves in a reality we do not like or is dense we can change it immediately through aligning our emotional body with the FEELING of what we DO want to achieve. With this upgraded and sensitive emotional body comes the sensitivity to energies like never before. We are sensing energies in MANY different dimensions which is why at times we feel like we are being attacked or bombarded because imagine having access to hundreds and eventually thousands of different frequencies running throughout our central system? We are High functioning Light bodies, Light can morph and take on a myriad of different streams at ANY given time; you’re a high functioning computer system POWERED by Creator. With this ability comes massive responsibilities of governing and being PRESENT in your everyday lives so you can attune your energies in ways that work for you and not against you. You can now sense what energies are around you and work with being deliberate creators of that energy so you can “JUMP” at any given time. This takes practice and in time we will learn to master this new "function". 


We have jumped paradigms and if you are a way-shower your reality is no longer one of the past; it is almost impossible to live in that old paradigm. Everything has changed and nothing is the same. This can be scary, like moving to a new country where you think you are completely alone until you find community that resonate with who you are. We are witnessing the new wave of those awakening and people will and ARE losing their shit as we once did when we began this journey; have compassion but take no shit. They have to find their steps, we can’t walk for them. We gave birth to the opening of these higher dimensional frequencies now it’s time for them to anchor in the next wave coming at the end of 2020 while we, the wayshowers master jumping and living inter-dimensionally and multidimensionally. We are ALL apart of the one collective grid and we are ALL playing vital roles. I have compassion and empathy because I know how it feels to have your whole reality collapse before your eyes. 



Everything is happening to the HUman body as we jump into realigning with our Cosmic Bodies. Our organs, blood and DNA are all functioning differently and on high resonance. High-frequency music, food, thinking and a PEACEFUL state will assist our bodies with its changeover. I’m seeing people tapping into their powers in remarkable ways! People are tapping into their Ancient Healing powers, telekinesis, morphing and shapeshifting their bodies at will, breathing differently, seeing through space and time, vibrating, all the senses have changed; you name it we are morphing. There will be people infiltrating groups, your personal lives to try to deem you crazy; use discernment with this and know that there are those in position to make sure that the Matrix does not collapse; it’s too late. Nothing is the same and this decade will be one for the history books! 


Stay steadfast as our Planet changes and morphs into her original form; TARA! I salute you for all the hard work you have put into this year and changing who you once were to become who  you have always been in Higher Dimensions of Light. I AM so proud of our commitment to this mission. Yes, we are tired and sometimes barely hanging on but we have done it and will continue to do what is necessary for our Ascension! 


We've made it home! 


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