August 8, 2019


These last few weeks have been some of the most momentous and intense energies as we anchor in a new Timeline for Planet Earth. 


July set the tone by ending and beginning a powerful cycle; especially with the Lunar Eclipse. The Lunar (Matriarch) Eclipse came through to end a 13-year cycle of hard-hitting, profound and rapid transformations of death and rebirth for the Collective. Everything that we needed to shatter our old programmings, paradigms, illusions, fears, ancestral karmic/energies, relationship patterns, coming online to ourselves happened during these last 13 years; we are putting to bed an EPIC cycle thus far in our Human Evolution. These last 13 years pulled us through a wormhole of deliberately dismantling our traumas, karmic relationships, clearing our bodies and minds and stepping us deeper and FULLER into our Divine missions here. These last 13 years showed us exactly what we were made of and it hasn’t been easy but we made it through; morphing into completely different Beings.



July 26th began a new Galactic New Year of the White Magnetic Wizard! “The Galactic Frequency of this year calls us to re-enchant our shared life; to know the power of our beliefs, thoughts, vibrations, intentions, and actions as spells that create realities. It is time to wield our positive, divine capacities, and BE the illuminated Wizards we wish to see in the world! This cycle directs us to unify with our Soul’s purpose, and to know that we can magnetically attract ALL that we need to fulfill our roles by continually opening to receive the riches of the ever-unfolding present moment…” ~ (Skytime) 13MOON.COM. Simply put; we are now being called to be our Multidimensional and Higher Selves here on Earth. We’ve done and continue to do the work, now it is time for us to SHOW UP authentically and unapologetically and step into the next step of our Divine Mission. The White Magnetic Wizard is our GOD Selves, our brilliance and Power amplified; this new Galactic Year sets the tone for 2020.




August amplifies this energy by bringing in the Lions Gate. Our Central Sun, Sirius (Our Spiritual Sun) and the Pyramids of Giza all align to open a POWERFUL Galactic Portal of IMMENSE energies to aid in the JUMP of our next phase of our Becoming. These energies are continuing to clear our old cycle and emerging us into a new Timeline of Higher Consciousness.


They are a few things happening in August. 


The first is that we are clearing imprints and timelines from the Astral realm or as I like to call it “The Overlays” which means that EVERY fear, worry, doubt, thoughts, choices we didn’t take/make EXIST somewhere in the ethereal field of consciousness. As we re-construct our dense being we cannot have these “overlays” following us into the New, it must be cleared. Most of us are now having “old Feelings, thoughts, fears, worries and flashbacks” coming now into our consciousness to be cleared once and for all from deep within our cellular and DNA memory. It is now time for us to deconstruct it from a NEW perspective and with new eyes (Third-Eye and Inter-tuition).  August is also showing us that our Shadow selves or the “boogeyman” (Lower vibrational energies) that we have been running from are shadows of our former selves. This is the energy that lower frequency beings “feed” from and August is asking for us to be real with what we have created from a limited consciousness. We are being asked to look at it from Love’s point of view and release it now by FULLY embracing and TRUSTING who we’ve now become. 


We are now living in many different Timelines; there is NO time. It’s a continual stream of many different “constructs” of our being living in the many different decisions and choices created by our subconscious beliefs. This is why so many of us FELT the ending of this 13-year cycle because it is now showing us just how much baggage we’ve been travelling with that now has to be dropped off for us to step fully into our Higher Being/Knowing. You may feel as if you are walking in many different dimensions and you are! Your personality and characteristics are now changing; you have new likes and you “inner-stand” your dislikes. What you use to put up with is no longer an option for your peace of mind. Relationships have changed both in friendships and with lovers. We are very aware of who we are having sex with or being intimate with because we are not taking on STD”S (Sexual Transmitted “Demons”); we don’t have the time or patience for those type of energies, we now require people in our lives to DO their inner-work or they cannot be in our lives. July showed us how to incorporate our Boundaries which we "lacked" as Lightworkers because of our innate need to always want to "Save". We are living in realities of past, present and future simultaneously. 


Amenti: The Crystal Grid deep within Mama Gaia


Over the last few weeks, I was shown the grids that are now activated deep within the Earth’s Core and it is PROFOUND. As of 2007-2008 these grids started to get activated and then amplified in 2012 and is now online FULLY. As above so below. As we awaken to our Higher Self Amenti is now streaming VERY high and potent energy up through the core and into our being; at any given time you can now deliberately access this grid. It is bringing new highly charged light codes from the Ancient wisdom and timelines that originally existed here on Earth; YOU are the ancients coming back online. This grid is you. The Crystalline Grid is directly connected to our Nervous System. We are feeling this by feeling deep vibrations in our bodies, sporadic nerve or bodily movements, a dense feeling within our bodies, tingles in our feet and hands, sensitive knees, feet as we are grounding our multidimensional selves into this Earth realm. Back pains, tension, stiffness is aligning with the base of our spinal column (Kundalini, Phoenix) energy which is rising deep from the centre of the Earth and up into our 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th dimensional Chakras, these are newly activated Chakra’s or portals to BRIDGE as below so above energetic streams coming unto us at this time. 




The Mind is still being rewired to bridge these High Frequencies coming in from our Higher Mind,  Central Sun, different Planets and Galactic Core. As these energies are coming down through the 12th and into our bodies you may feel extremely dizzy, unbalanced, unfocused, a slew of thoughts or ideas, headaches all over the head and at the base of the neck. High-frequency pitches are getting more intense. We are now able to communicate much more easily to our Galactic Teams, Star Beings and Ancestors. Telepathic communications has now been anchored fully.  



One morning I had an intense vision of the Divine Mother taking me into this Crystal Grid and I didn’t come back the same! I was then introduced to our Ancient family of Light who was guarding this grid alongside the Grid Keepers on Earth Realm and they showed me how I can infuse this essence for my healing work and to access higher knowing/knowledge instantly. We are ALL able to do this now by visualizing and asking our Higher Self to merge with us. They showed how the grids aligned with our Nervous System like an interconnected highway and we can access these powerful energies to work on different dimensions, with different Star Beings, etc. Almost like there’s an electric circuit running through our bodies. It is fast and it’s running steady multidimensional Light Codes through every cell of our body. They showed me that the Crystalline Grid was the PULSE of our New Realities and that the Grid Keepers of Earth Realm were in charge of anchoring this all over the World. These streams of immense light coming from Amenti were also aligning with the light grids/codes coming from above from our Galactic Core and beyond.



What is Happening now Starseeds is beyond the beyond of ANYTHING that we have EVER experienced here on Earth; I hope I was able to explain this new grid system in the limited construct of the English language.



Let August wash you with these profound and intense new energies. There is nothing to learn, you know everything you need to know. Remember YOU are the ancients reincarnated to set fire to the old World and assist in Re-Creating the New World. Many might be getting intense visions, journeying between worlds while awake now. The dream state is intense and is now showing you the myriads of “characters” you play in different dimensions. Everything is showing up as signs; lookout for what’s popping into THIS reality consistently. Our 3D body is collapsing. Morphing, stretching, combusting. It hurts. Back pain, limbs, organs, muscles feel tight, a need for more stretching. Wanting to just be and chill under this current Leo energy. Take the necessary time out to take in these codes; rest, sleep, walk in nature. Don't overthink just be Spirit says, you are not "missing" out on anything just the mere fact that you are HERE at this time is enough. You are making a difference by just being. 



 We’ve just come out of Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse Season... Take a big deep breath... before the biggest most epic energies of Lions Gate step in to transcend us deeper. We are in the eye of the “Storm”. We are experiencing new Ascension symptoms as we have upgraded within these past few weeks and will continue for the rest of the year. EVERYTHING is coming online, we’ve levelled up, we are here! 



It's an honour to be here with you, Ancient Ones.  


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