July 16, 2019


Blessed Lunar Eclipse Starseeds!



Today marks the day of our Homecoming. This Lunar Eclipse is ending a powerful Spiritual cycle that started 13 years ago. This is our Graduation. A powerful time to reflect on the profound path you have chosen to take to get you prepared for the EPIC shift into your becoming; into your NOW moment. Some of you may be there now, on the edge of something momentous in your life. It is asking for you to step into it fully, courageously, deliberately, intuitively. Know that the Universe is bowing to you on your Graduation day for making it through. For loving yourself, for showing up and holding space authentically. Earth is no joking matter and YOU, the best of the Best are showing the rest of the Galaxy how it's done!



We have been going through a MASSIVE realignment of our mental, physical and spiritual bodies for the last few weeks and it has been INTENSE. The emotions are deep as we are saying goodbye to an old template rooted in systematic slavery, fear, lack, sickness, limited perception of self; 3D. This year is no joke. As you are feeling deep emotions right now know that your cells and DNA are being reprogrammed for JOY. Every Organ is being re-sculpted to contain a high potent of light and crystalline energy; it's gonna and been hurting like a mutha***. Stand rooted in the reality and dimension you wish to experience. Our brain is now able to hold much higher frequency thought forms, light, tones and perceive energy in a whole new way; this was the joint tag team with the recalibration of the eyes. You may be seeing, sensing, tasting, feeling things in your reality completely different right now. Seeing portals, dimensions, time may have completely left your reality.



As I sit here writing this I can FEEL the tone of the Divine Mother whispering the new into me, into ALL of us; we are living in such a profound time that words have no barring on the magnitude of what is truly happening here. 13 years ago I was homeless, getting ready to move into my first place, I was deeply spiritual but hadn't been able to fully ground that into my reality. Now I have a business doing my Soul work and LOVING every minute of this journey I am creating. I didn't wait to be seated at the table; I created my own. This 13-year cycle has been rough and hard-hitting for most of us, we were given experiences that completely dismantled the illusions we were living in. I learned within those 13 years to love myself deeper and deeper and deeper because through loving ourselves we create the alignment for "Miracles"; for Magic. So give yourself a fucking break today, realize the EPIC life cycle you have endured and SURVIVED. Have a glass of wine or whatever makes you FEEL good! Then, when you are ready, start writing your new script. This is just the beginning as we piggyback into the Lions Gate Portal.



We are going through EVERYTHING physically, mentally and spiritually. Stomach pain/discomfort as the organs and the nervous system gets reprogrammed. Back pain as the old emotions of past lives and current life is getting healed and cleared, heart palpitations, stiff legs and feet as we are finding our footing in new dimensions, "strange" sensations, buzzing, involuntary movements within the body; this is High-Frequency energies sweeping the denseness within. Rashes in parts of your body as this is the strongest and most powerful detox we've ever had. Neck pain, headaches, anger, rage, depression, deep feelings of love. Wanting to change or "rebrand" your relationships. Sex is different; it's tantric, deliberate and passionate if aligned with a sacred partner. A hug can now be intimate if the energies are aligned. Everything has changed Nothing is the same.

Take it easy on yourselves as we progress into the epic Summer /Winter of 2019. Watch your thoughts, be deliberate Creators now and watch the New World you've created come forth.



Happy Homecoming!



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