June 7, 2019



As I write this forecast I ask for you to step into and merge this new paradigm with me! We are living in a new World. In a new reality. New bodies and frame of mind. May was the breaking apart of the linear mind and pushing us to merge with the higher mind. It was raw. There’s a magnificent birthing taking place that is calling on our mastery and pushing out the old to make space for the new. 2019 is the birth of the new Human as our DNA, cells, organs, energetic bodies are going through an overhaul of epic proportions. 



Let's keep it REAL! May was ROUGH and a high five for everyone who made it out in one piece! What May showed us is that sometimes the shadow or energy we think is holding us back, “attacking” us, or keeping us stuck is actually our unconscious believes based on thousands of years of incarnations. The recycling of karmic grids/patterns and THAT trauma came out powerfully as we learned how to master the realities our minds now exist in. Picture this… Every fear, worry, actions, experiences that you have ever felt in this incarnation lives somewhere. Yes, it might be healed but where does that energy go? We live in dimensions and every time you had a THOUGHT that oppressed your being in some way shape or form exists in these dimensions. May brought them out to be cleared. In order for us to exist in higher realms, we cannot have anything attached to our energetic Ley lines. The mental overload of old thoughts, fears, worries, drama, experiences came out to be healed. It might have felt like you were being attacked or that you were going through a period of hardship but it really came through to set you free. WE are the shadow we fear. 


The energies coming unto Earth right are FAST. Mastering your manifestation skills are necessary now as we work with this new creative energy. In EVERY moment of this year, you are learning/re-learning your God Creator skills and abilities. This is the year of deliberate creation but you have to be in alignment with EVERY emotion especially the ones you greatly fear. May pushed us to re-evaluate our self-worth and self-confidence and to work on those belief systems we hold within. Those emotions that were unconscious showed up to say “I’m still here and this is where your blocks come from”. Energies are streaming from MANY different Planets, Grids, Galactic Core, our Central Sun, The Milky Way Galaxy and much more to assist us in our becoming and with all these energies coming in we are connecting in profound ways with our psychic abilities and connecting to the Collective unconscious; I say this to say, beware, not all thoughts are yours and in knowing yourself you know which ones to dismiss and which ones to clear and which ones to anchor in your truth.




I spoke about this in my Youtube video especially when it comes to implants. People will be coming into your life and showing you unconsciously where you’re at. So even if you think it’s “negative” what they are saying or putting into your field of consciousness it is necessary to SHOW you what you are still anchored to emotionally, physically and spiritually. I spoke about being implanted with a friends fear projection and how it started to change the energy in my life. A client/friend came to visit one day and while we were heading to the dog park she unloaded all the thoughts she had when it pertained to me and my life. Because I know myself and energies very well a lot of what she was saying was old fears and worries I had YEARS ago. She said that I was being attacked and that someone was putting a “spell” on me and in that moment of me clearing some very important grids within my consciousness her projection got inside of me. This wasn’t intentional on her part but I started to get nightmares, my realities got dull and muddied and I had to call on my team to see what the heck was going on. ArchAngel Michael came through and said because of my vulnerability in that moment of my clearing her thought projection got anchored within me and my reality started to shapeshift that fear into my life. MAJOR!  You may ask “well, Toya, what if she was trying to warn you of something?”



 NO ONE absolutely no one can harm the Lightworkers of New Earth without us welcoming it within our reality/consciousness based on unresolved trauma and fear. EVERYTHING that is sent towards you has to be in the vibrational frequency of you receiving it. What is sent towards you that is of lower frequency and NOT in alignment with your thoughts MUST then be returned back to sender.  THIS is why I preach know yourself, heal those parts of you that cause you to stay stuck in energies of the past. You have an ARMY behind you protecting you at ALL times; don’t let your fears and thoughts be the enemy you are fighting. We are now telepathic and picking up on EVERYTHING! June will go further in teaching us how to decipher these incoming energies.



June is setting the tone for the MASSIVE incoming energies of the Solstice and the Summer of Eclipses. We go deeper into self-mastery. With working with our “online” magic/power, healing those parts of us that we now have to shapeshift if we want to see our New lives and World manifested into form. June is going to be the verbal diarrhea we are needing to step into our power. Whoever needs to hear our truth will hear it. Boundaries are vital. June is showing us how to stay present so we can be mindful of the energies coming around us and so we can adjust our frequency as needed, but we have to be present in our bodies. I was having a thought one night when meditating on June’s energies and there’s this movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger of him on this Planet with every being from all of the galaxies, forgot the name of the movie but it made me think of Earth and this is EXACTLY what Earth has always been. Now the mask of illusions are coming off and we’re seeing that we are SURROUNDED by MANY different beings from all over the Universe. I see this when I’m on the bus/subway or just walking in the mall! The insectoids are here, fairy realm, reptilians, beings from every planet and dimensions! It is AMAZING to see that EVERYTHING we have been made to believe is a lie. This is a Momentous time to be incarnated!  



We are being hit with every symptom known and unknown to man. Don’t go into fear. If you need to get checked out to ease your fear please do. As we are clearing ancient grids a lot of people have been going to the hospital with many ailments. Know that this is your body just needing extra support as it clears the “gunk” out. Sleep is vital, so is the quieting of the mind, breath, sensory mechanisms, the stomach is merging our higher timelines and higher consciousness so it’s going through it for the next few years; listen to what it needs. The Brain is coming online in new ways; to function from higher realms so it needs to be rewired. This is why your eyes are now blurry and seeing geometric shapes, sharper colours, energies around people, trees, portals, etc.



The knees are especially sensitive because they are attached to our ancestral/parental lineage and that is being cleared as well. When there is a profound amount of energies coming in we “blow up”, look like we gained 50 pounds! Don't put your fears and worries into this because it will show you this reality for a prologued period instead of moving out quickly after it is done what it needs to do. You are creating ALL of this for your profound becoming. It may feel like you are in a sci-fi movie and in a way we are, but it’s real and we are the main actors. Earth as we have known it is gone.


Welcome to New Earth!

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