May 14, 2019


As we move through this shift we are being introduced to parts of ourselves that we have never known in this lifetime. We're like a puzzle coming together; it will take time but it will eventually all FIT.



April's energies are flowing right into May as we are feeling the shift profoundly. We are getting blasted with Solar and Plasma Waves that are aiding our growth, bringing to the surface deeply held programs that cannot survive within our new frame of consciousness. As above, so below. Mama Gaia is raising in her frequency and so are we. This journey is not for the faint of heart; it's deep and takes warrior energy to walk through and emerge as Light from a very dense Planet. There are layers to healing and May is bringing us through yet another layer that needs to be peeled away; once that layer is peeled we can sit and hold space for our growth and for our healing.I've been noticing some themes in May when it comes to POWER. As the Divine Mother sweeps through 2019 and activates our POWER we will see the emerging of the Collective STEPPING UP. We are hearing a call, a pull. Our Spirit is remembering. We are being called to step into our roles here at any means necessary. We all came down in bodies, races, cultures, for a reason. We each play a role in eradicating DEEP programmings from the specific bodies we chose to come down in.



As we go deeper into 2019 and for the next three years of the purge, The Divine Mother will teach us how to come together, how to work with each other because we all hold a scared note of the Divine; we now need to resonate to our Sacred tone/frequency. We each have one and together the harmony of our tones will build a new Earth. We need to step out of ONLY seeing Love and Light and see the totality and morph that change into something tangible. You can't create something new if you refuse to see the pattern of why the old didn't work. We all gotta check our privilege and where we are stilling holding on to detrimental thought processes. 2019 didn't come to play; it's been so raw with the lessons and we can't at this time in Earth's Evolution be, act and stay in old programmings; it will tear us apart.



The Central Sun will play a pivotal role this year. Its role is to activate dormant cells and DNA to upgrade and SWITCH on our Soul's Wisdom. The solar flares and plasma waves are coming in to activate us into 72 Dimensions of reality; if not more. Our mind is going haywire, to put it mildly! Because we are moving from a literal mind to now a higher mind and our bodies higher consciousness is getting IMMENSE downloads. We are getting blasted like a computer program with thoughts, ideas, seeing energies, entities, sensing and seeing when we are coming in and out of different dimensions, seeing people's aura and the entities or energies around them.



You now know before someone speaks what they are about and who they truly are; telepathic communication between people, nature and animals. You'll notice that you will have a thought in your mind of a whole conversation that is not yours, I notice this when I'm in public. I'm literally hearing in my mind someone's thoughts. This is why I stressed the importance of getting to know your energy signature, how you think and operate because we are picking up on EVERYTHING and it's important to know what is yours and what is not so you don't become manic and anxious. Our Intuition is on overdrive and this is just the beginning with our Intuition my Higher self is telling me. We will start to come into our Power like never before and it's begun.



When we're aligned this ride can be really fun, to see the intricate movement of Source in this Awakening; it blows my mind what I see happening on this Planet right now and my team keeps saying that we've seen NOTHING yet!

Hold Steadfast Starseeds and know that we are going through it! Take time out whenever you need to level up your energy. Our Spiritual Team are asking us to tag them in; they can only assist with our permission. Stop overthinking it and just be in it. TRUST comes up strongly as some of us are questioning "when will this end", my loves, we've only just begun. Find your happy, find your release, your joy. Detach from the collective mind and take time out for YOU when needed.



So much Love, Peace and Strength Starseeds



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