April 25, 2019



The Shift on Earth is peaking at maximum frequency and we are going through it, above it, underneath it; IT is happening. As you know when the energies start to go really deep I'm always guided to go within to observe, research and go through it energetically myself.



The first thing is this DENSITY wave sweeping Planet Earth. With this density wave, there's a lot of dense emotions, thoughtforms, projection and shadow energies being emerged, cleared and transmuted from our 3rd Dimensional Timelines. This is working particularly with the "Change over" of the 3D Chakra System. As we rise in frequency so too does our "operating" system. As this energy of an old timeline LIFTS, we, the lightworkers are clearing it also within; we are not separate from the Earth, we work with and for Her.



So what this is doing is 2-fold; it's clearing our dense mental programming and we are also clearing it from the collectives. This is massive work that has really pushed most of us to our limits. This density is hard on the physical body and most are exhausted, going through ups and downs of a myriad of emotions, wanting to give up, depression, not feeling like ourselves and the list goes on. Pluto being Retrograded is assisting in this "purge" of density as Pluto Ruler of Scorpio is showing the "dark" realities emerging from this "Cleanse". I've been noticing lots of energetic attacks, lower entity/energies piggybacking off the density that is being cleared. Our mind is now operating on a 4th-dimensional template which means we are "Changing Over" from 3D thinking/ doing and being to 4th Dimensional thinking/doing and being. Cue the synchronicities! This shift can bring up a lot of attachments if we focus on what is happening "out there". This is an inward journey for us to fully JUMP; we are not completely anchored in 4D yet. None of this is to inflict fear but for you to remember that there will be a lot of illusions taking place and people not being who you think they are; I've been seeing this A LOT with certain "Spiritual Teachers", their agenda is "Off".



Now, there's beef in the Spiritual Streets with the "vegan agenda", The myriad of things happening to us to keep us oppressed, (Insert rolling eyes here). Starseed's, that ain't our business, this is nothing NEW. This is not to say be BLIND to what is currently taking place on this drama-filled Planet but this shouldn't be our FOCUS. This year will be the year of trying to take you out of your power and into their agenda; don't fall for it. Dolores Cannon said this best; THERE IS NOTHING YOU HAVE TO DO EXCEPT TO BE YOURSELF. You were recruited by GOD because YOU Dear Ones carry the mastery WITHIN your very cells, blood and DNA. YOU are your own Superpower. YOU are the very SEED that is needed to Shift Earth and it's inhabitants. This is why since last year I've been preaching 2 main things. Get back into a meditation practice and go back to the basics. You see everything happening to us with our Ascension journey and all the myriad of symptoms is for us to BE THE LIGHT FREQUENCY to transform ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Everything OUT THERE is trying to replicate everything YOU ARE; do you get it? It is all about you. So why not perfect your mastery and be the light you came down here to be and let's get the hell up out of here.

The body is going through profound changes. This will be for the remainder of the year; it's only just begun; sorry to break it to you Divine Family of Light. The Chakra System is undergoing profound recalibrations as it is shifting to a higher operating system. This is what I am being told by Spirit and being shown within my clients:


The Root: 3D System: Survival and How grounded we are to our realities. 5D and Higher System: How "Rooted" are you with this new higher frequency running through your light body. How are you "taking in" the frequencies evenly with your Avatar? How are you distributing it evenly throughout your body?


The Sacral: 3D System: Worth, Creativity, and Sexuality. 5D and Higher deals with your Past Lives and dismantling old grids of realities; returning back to the beginning. Lot's of flashbacks of lives lived in Lemuria, Atlantis and different Star Planets. Who you are comes up strongly here; the main "themes" of your life. This is also where your Star family comes through.


The Solar Plexus: 3D System: Survival. 5D and Higher are about merging with the Higher Mind. The Plexus is acting as a "bridge" to higher Chakras connected to the Galactic Core and the Elohim. It's the system of creating new timelines/ Grids. It is changing the Organs, Cells, DNA and Morphogenetic Field. "Digesting" New and Higher Frequencies within your Avatar.


The Heart: 3D System: Love and Forgiveness. 5D and Higher are about merging with your Totality, this is your FEELING centre. This is actually where your Higher Self should reside not your Crown, Your Higher Self resides within. This is your "operating" house.


The Throat: 3D System: Speaking your Truth. 5D and Higher functions of the Throat is your alchemy/spellcasting centre This is where you SPEAK creation into being. This is your centRE to transmute energies; hence why our voices, pitch and tone are changing. Very important to watch how you speak to yourself and others. What are you "casting" into Creation.


Third- Eye and Crown: Merging new Higher Consciousness to your Light Body. Connecting you to 5D and Higher Consciousness. This is why we are experiencing Spaceyness, dizziness, time is collapsing here, missing time or time loops. Headaches, upgrades to the Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus.


"This is a very basic example of all the new changes happening within the Human body right now that I can fit into a report! If you would like I can write an article going way deeper; let me know!" EDIT: I will post this Update on my Patreon. Will give info when Article is ready


There's a lot happening right now within our Ascension Journey as the Divine Mother is Collapsing old systems and institutions of oppression. When I asked about the myriad of shows being made right now about the Shift I was told the "signs" were always there. Light Workers are in EVERY area of our social systems, Actors, Singers, Teachers, Builders, Scientist; you name it. What has changed is our vision has shifted and now we are SEEING the world with new eyes. Everything is collapsing; nothing is the same.



This Year goes DEEP. Breath, be gentle with yourselves; you're breaking out of your cocoon and that can be painful as fuck. I see you. I honour you.



So much Love Starseeds


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