April 16, 2019


Are you breathing? Are you seeing, sensing, moving accordingly within this new timeline? April is bringing in the massive collapse of an old system and the speed in which 2019 is moving is FAST and DELIBERATE. This is the beginning.



2012 was the light switch going on, these next few years are about spreading the light in new and profound ways. Everywhere you look, the dismantling of an old grid is occurring. The tests of our character and what we STAND for is massive this year. NOW, comes the real Spiritual work; everything that has been preparing you for this moment, for these next few years of deliberate dismantling is calling you forward to the battle line; some are falling back, losing their courage, overwhelmed and running on fear. Remember, you were created from the very particles of Mother/Father God.



April is the end of karmic cycles. Everything in your life is about to come full circle if you are READY to let it go. I'll tell you a brief story of this. About 5-6 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who came to accelerate his momma's path. He died in my arms shortly after giving birth to him. I knew on a spiritual level what this all meant but I didn't realize at the time that this was karmic and went deep. I continued on with my life, going to business school and being quite happy that a very hard phase of my life was complete. While in class I started to cough, I couldn't stop, my breathing got laboured and I knew instinctively that something wasn't right. I rushed myself to the hospital where they announced that I had pneumonia in BOTH my lungs. Pneumonia is a deeply broken heart among other things, Spiritually. I took the medication and then did what I do best, I started to heal the parts of me that felt that I wasn't woman enough to carry a child; this went deep into MANY different past lives. This healing journey took about two years. Forward to this past weekend, as I am getting ready to go for a glass of wine with a good girlfriend I started to get really sharp pain in the middle of my stomach, I could breath, I started to breathe as if I was giving birth and my girlfriend said Toya lets just go to the hospital to check it out. We went to the hospital near me but the wait time was 7-8 hours and that same girlfriend who lived in the city said: "why don't we call an Uber and go to the hospital by me?" The hospital we ended up going to was the EXACT same hospital that I had went to 6 years ago. I laid down on the hospital bed and a profound heat came over me and I started to cry; this was the ending of a huge cycle and I knew it. I knew it wasn't about the pain in my stomach it was about getting me to the very start of a moment in a very deep and profound timeline. I knew intuitively that I was okay, but felt guided to "go along" with what was unfolding. They took a whole bunch of blood test and gave me a CT Scan of my whole stomach. Everything was perfect.




April is about endings of old personality traits, beliefs, way of moving and being that you cannot take with you on this new timeline of your ascended life. The woman I am today is night and day to who I am now, but I respect and have such deep appreciation to ALL the phases of women that I have embodied to get me right HERE. But, I can't take them with me; I no longer resonate with them. Some of us are holding on for dear life to a person they once were. A life that no longer resonates. Being around people, family, things that no longer resonate on the frequency of their Higher Selves; we all do this to some degree. We would rather hold on to pain and the old because we KNOW this feeling. It is comfortable. 2019 is about getting uncomfortable as the grids of your new life come online.



It's easy to get caught up in the many illusions happening right now on Earth but it's important to be steadfast in creating New Earth. The tactics have begun along with the fall of MANY systems that kept Humanity oppressed. Your anger and fear keeps the grid of the old alive and many are falling for the trap. The death of rapper Nipsey Hussle wasn't supposed to go the way it did but the Divine Mother came and switched the energy grid of this timeline drastically! "They" wanted an outrage, fighting and killings but what happened instead was from the hands of GOD. People came together! Crips and Bloods came together to hold peace retreats. People started to research Dr. Sebi and started to learn about Herbs, nutrition, health and entrepreneurship. Mother God said LOOK at what LOVE and understanding can do!


We are ALL prophets in this incarnation. Spreading the light, and BEING the light. This year will be the MOST epic year of cycles ending, of systems falling, of "deaths", of "surprises" within Hollywood. Events that will try to "shock" us so that our frequency can shift; don't fall for it. There HAS to be chaos, we cannot shift into a NEW World without the old one being destroyed; we KNOW this Starseeds. Stop forgetting WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOU CAME HERE.



Who's at the Battle Line with me?



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