February 19, 2019


Energy Update: Happy Full Moon in Virgo, Chiron in Aries, Pisces Season and Universal Alignments Starseeds! February has been taking us through the waves. As we enter Pisces season (water, flow, intuition, artistic, standing in your truth and power) and Chiron in Aries ( observation of ALL selves, a fresh start, confidence ) which it hasn't been in since 1968; we are forging into new territories and new beginnings.



These alignments are working with the psyche. As our intuition comes back online more intense than ever, Pisces energy comes into the mix for us to go Higher and be more deliberate with our intentions. In January we made the jumped into a new paradigm of our TOTAL and Higher Selves. We were "shut down", put to rest, sleep state so we could realign and merge into new realities/timelines that take us so much deeper into our journey of Higher Self merging onto this Earth Grid. The Grid Keepers are actively working with these grids with anchoring and grounding this energy. If you are a Grid Keeper you will notice you are having "issues" with the Nervous System right now. Healers you are feeling the need to balance things, "clear house", think, be, do differently.



I'm guided to say a few things about this. Mother Gaia is ascending to a 5th Dimensional Vibration and WE the Lightworkers, Grid keepers, Healers, Shapeshifters, Alchemist, are taking her there with the energy WE are bringing down from our Higher Self templates. Most of us are from higher dimensions of Light; 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and so forth. What I'm witnessing is that we are remembering those Dimensions we came from and SYNCHING that frequency to realign Gaia. In time Planet Earth will go much higher than 5th but this is not in our lifetime (this can change). So what is happening is that your "powers", your higher "templates" are coming in POWERFULLY right now; you are either having dreams that are activating your Higher Mind or you are having your mind merge in your waking state( this feels like you're floating, "high", not here). This is the cause of the confusion, feeling out of it, foggy minded, a disconnect from your Light Team, feeling new energies you have never felt before. The brain is "switching" to a "higher" brain. Turning on all the parts that have laid dormant. We are seeing the Spirit realm much more right now! particles of rainbow light, shadows, beams or columns of light, feeling shivers, getting goosebumps, heart rate increases when you step into a higher frequency.




A few months ago I spoke about this time and March being a HUGE acceleration period and it's begun. The stomach houses our Core Star, our Umbilical Cord to Higher Dimensions of Light. The Stomach is now acting as a "bridge" to these higher planes so our "Human" (3D) bodies are going through a massive collapse hence the myriad of stomach issues most are having or have had. Our Bodies Grid systems MUST change as we go higher; it cannot function on a lower frequency. It's like driving in snow; you're going to have a hard time driving through 25 inches of snow (winter weather) with regular tires but as soon as you upgrade to Winter Tires the traction changes and you can drive through anything; this is a simple example! You can still drive with the "regular" tires but it's hard and sometimes dangerous. Some are having a hard time because you are still linking your realities to "out there" instead of journeying within to create your own destinations. March will force us to THINK differently, hence CREATING differently. The planets are aligned to assist us with new beginnings; you have the energetic support right now.



Now is the time to START those projects, that Youtube channel, that new assignment, Planning, re-creating your life. We are in a MASSIVE creative portal that is assisting us with manifesting New Earth. The fog of January and the first part of February is clearing and we are getting attuned to the NEXT step of our Divine Assignments, This energy is ripe with new possibilities; catch this wave cause the next big one like this arrives in June, July as it takes us even higher!



Can you feel the New, New?! Let's GET IT!


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