February 2, 2019


What if you awoke one day and everything was erased? Your mind wiped clean of any programmings and beliefs? All rituals, way of being, “acting”, completely wiped away from your mind? Instead of living your life based on programmings, a belief system, rituals, shadow, fear and ego…you go mindless? You live from this very moment. Creating in every moment your next moment based solely on how you FELT? Doing things because it feels good to do, be, have it? There is no-one and no-thing to follow; you just were? You would live as a creator of your moments, right? You would follow your heart; your body would become your compass and the “outer world” would no longer be your guiding light or compass for you to navigate this life; you would simply be the creator of your…reality…right?



January wiped the slate CLEAN and gave us a new canvas.  A few months ago I felt this "slowing down process" and I knew something was coming. We have been accelerating at such high speeds that SOMETHING had to happen to make us FULLY anchor these new realities; January was that something! It’s like teaching a child the ABC’s; you wouldn’t just teach them A-Z at once, you would teach them "A" first and stay with “A” for a while and incorporate examples; “A is for Apple”, for example. Now, we are a bit different because just like that child we need to go through steps and embodiment of what we are learning/remembering. So as we REMEMBER that we are powerful, magical, God-Creators we also have to let go of a myriad of old teachings that do not sync with what we are about to learn/remember. January SHUT.US.SOWN. Most of the collective went through an “offline” period where you had to TRUST ourselves; disconnect, re-learn, go back to the basics. No, Angels, No, Star Families, No, Ancestors, NO-THING; just you. Of course, they are always there but just like a parent whose child is dependent on them that they do not formulate their own identity, we had to be cut off from the core to remember that we have always known. We’ve BEEN knowing. We had to have everything “taken” from us to GET it and FULLY embody what is going on here. I get it, we are all going through some MASSIVE changes but how are you embodying these changes in your everyday lives? Do you trust yourself? Do you trust this shift? What ways do you live your reality in higher consciousness, higher knowing and being? 



January was rough because without any “support” what do we have? We have OURSELVES. Our all-knowing, Higher Selves. We are pure embodiment of Source Consciousness operating on a dense planet as Multidimensional Beings of Light from every part of the Galaxy. We bring unto Earth our Light, our Teachings from our higher perspectives from the myriad of Dimensions we have existed in for thousands of years. We are BADASS Light Warriors and THIS is what January shut us down to remember. 


It’s not that the energies are getting intense; it feels like it but what is happening is that as we awaken we take in MORE light. We FEEL things more as our cellular Structure, DNA, Morphogenetic fields and Ethereal bodies of higher alchemy start to assimilate with the KNOWING of what it is USE to knowing and feeling. YOU ARE REMEMBERING WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE…LITERALLY!  Sleep is an integral part of our awakening because as we sleep we not only enter different realms where we are “working” but we are also healing, downloading, recalibrating and morphing; sleep is important and we were literally forced to SLEEP and chill the fuck out in January. 



February brings clarity. We are slowly wiping the sleep from our eyes and emerging. This will be a month of anchoring new realities and setting very important boundaries with people in our lives. The days of playing small are over and if there is anyone in our lives that are not on our frequency we must let them go. No more lowering ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually to meet anyone, they have to rise up to meet us. I’ve been a part of an Ascension group for many years and these groups are needed because as you go through this HUGE shift in consciousness and experience a myriad of different symptoms it is good to know you have a community of like-minded people that are going through what you are going through. However, I’m guided to say it is important not to get STUCK here with just naming all the changes happening but learning to embody these changes and WORK them into your new realities. It is important to start with “A” and incorporate “A” into your life. As the year progresses it will get more and more intense; there’s no going back so it is important to learn how to work with them. If you have to work in the morning and you know you will be up most of the night downloading and anchoring try going to bed a bit earlier; this is a simple example! When you feel intense energies coursing through your body, what are your techniques? How do you calm your mind? 




Some of you will notice that as you are waking up from the deep sleep of January that you have new “teammates” working alongside you in the Spiritual realm. As we awaken, more Guides that could not work with us before are now working with us and our newly increased frequencies. With the healing work that I do I now a have a group of Divine Women/Men who work with me and assist and teach me new healing modalities.


Use February to find your balance. To go deeper into your becoming, and to set new templates for your life. The symptoms are MANY and will continue for the year. Some symptoms affecting the Collecting are:



-A pressure in the head as increased energies sweep Planet Earth. This will cause headaches, jaw and teeth vibration, stiff neck, hard to swallow or eat at times, throbbing in the head (temples), vision issues, feeling off balanced, dizzy, "off". 

-Physical aches and pain as the body acclimates to more Light

-The Solar Plexus is linking our higher mind so lot’s of stomach and digestion issues. Not eating as much, or eating excessively

-All the portals known as Chakra's are going through their upgrades as well because they are no longer operating on a 3rd Dimensional Template. This will bring up disease/sickness/imbalances as it clears a MASSIVE amount of old templates from our Cells and DNA.

-Our Immune System, Endocrine Systems, Skeleton System are getting blasted with light. January (Capricorn season) had us with broken bones, sprained feet, toes, knees, back and hip pain. 

-Confusion, feeling disconnected, Zero Point reality, not sure what to do, who you are; what's next feelings

-Emotional, depression, anxiety

-A feeling of having “bad luck”, things not working out, people from the past emerging as old experiences come up to be cleared once and for all (this is a good thing)!


- As we get an influx of Light from the Galactic Core and the Sun we will need to sleep and at times do nothing but just BE. With this energy comes an increase of our Intuition, our healing capabilities come online more, we are able to transcend time and space, 


-Time and Space becomes harder to track, Jumping of Timelines and Dimensions now that you are able to be in MANY different places at once in your conscious state 





 These are just a few of the symptoms affecting most right now. If you still feel disconnected, this is ok! Take February to slowly start to integrate your new templates/grids/energies and come “online” slowly. FLOW and TRUST the process! We’ve jumped!! We are now in a 4th and Higher Dimensions of Light. This is HUGE. Keep your Heart open to the New and uncomfortable; your life will never be the same, YOU will never be the same. Welcome to 2019 and beyond! 


So much Love and Respect Star Families

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