January 20, 2019


As I am writing this update I'm picturing Source blowing a green crystalline mist upon the Earth and everyone...sleeps! These past few weeks have been just that, a time to sleep and recalibrate as we have jumped into a PROFOUND new time on Earth. These incoming Light and Galactic codes are no joke and our physical and mental are being rewired, upgraded and brought online as I've never seen before; IT IS INTENSE.



These next few months will be one of "stillness" as these rewiring take place and I'm urged to say that this is a process, not a race to the end. I've been noticing that my healing with clients have completely changed as now Spirit is instructing me to step into the next phase of my healing capabilities and I am now activating crystalline codes and doing DNA upgrades within my clients; it's beautiful to see how we are ALL being shown the NEXT step of our evolution. Around Christmas, I was told that Light Warriors will be "put down" to upgrade their consciousness for this next 3-year cycle of the return of the Divine Feminine. I wasn't sure what this meant but I've learned to TRUST this process. When January 1st came along I saw the Collective literally fall into a "spell" of sleep! I strongly believe we made the jump January 1st but most will start to feel it within these next few months strongly.


Our Bodies, especially the stomach are getting crystalline codes that look like diamond shape crystals with the liver, gallbladder and digestive system. This is causing extensive pain and an uncomfortable sensation as our Physical digestion is upgraded into one that can "digest" High-Frequency Light Codes. Our previous bodies were created for a 3rd Dimensional Planet; that as now changed as we are operating on a 4th, 5th, and for some even higher frequency of light. This means our bodies now have to be "switched", "turned on", and "activated" into a light body system that can FUNCTION on Earth without basically combusting. This process will be and can be very painful with exhaustion, stomach issues, "sickness/diseases" (clearing of the cellular, endocrine and morphogenetic field), not being able to eat or digest much as we upgrade. What Spirit has told me to guide me with this is if I am eating heavy foods to eat them early in the day and if you can stop eating anything solid by 4pm this will aid the digestion greatly; if it resonates, it resonates. Light foods, juices, are a must right now for many.



As we are still in this "Void", Trust is important as the old you no longer exist and the new you is coming online. We are connecting to many, many different timelines and we will start to see and feel things we have never imagined before. Beings that are "out of this world" are coming into our consciousness to aid us and introduce themselves as your Soul, Galactic and Star families; It is an amazing time to be here! With this upgrade many are deciding to go home to continue their mission in different parts of the Galaxy because this isn't just an Earth transformation; this is UNIVERSAL. We are just the ground crew. The work that we are doing down here is shifting the WHOLE planet. YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST DOWN HERE.



This will be a year that is very hard to see what is going on "out there". Don't get caught up in the duality of a system that is burning down. The collapse of the patriarchy and financial systems to name a few will be going through MAJOR shifts as the Divine Mother is not here to play; It ALL comes down.


Practice self-care and resting without guilt until March and take it easy as much as possible. There are PROFOUND upgrades and energy at play right now and we, the warriors are getting ready; it's HUGE what we are being prepared for. Let's go into battle Starseeds; you were chosen by God/Goddess for this. I know you know who the fuck you are...Let's get it.



So much Love and Respect Starseeds

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