January 14, 2019


January is showing up just as promised with INTENSE energies forcing us to shut it all down and rest. These past few weeks I've been getting the nudge by the Divine Mother that many of us will be going through an upgrade with the Higher Mind. This is merging our Higher Self aspects with Higher Dimensional Light Frequencies; this merge is intense as it is shutting down the linear (Human Mind). The HUman mind is one of duality, fear, sickness/disease, poverty/lack consciousness and the Ego. The message that I got from the Divine Mother is that she will be coming to many Divine Females/Aspects with new templates of creation that we must "seed" into the World.


I am seeing this in my life as I'm receiving messages, upgrades and offers to go into areas I would never before but I am understanding why I must. A lot of us are being asked to step up to the plate and BE the light in EVERY area of our lives. This light will shine the way for many others who are now beginning their journey to self-actualization within higher dimensions. We are going through MASSIVE upgrades within the body as more denseness leaves and we become Crystalline Beings. Back pain, headaches, nausea, sleepless nights, vivid dreams, astral travelling, the increase of seeing and feeling energies, spirits, grids, light particles integration through the Sun portal are just a few of the long list of the recalibrations taking place for the next few months. THIS is the jump-off point.  


December came through with some of the most intense emotional clearings I've witnessed in a long time. It was BRUTALLY raw as it broke us wide open to finally HEAL old imprints. The Healing of deep-seated believes, fears, Ego and Shadow personalities were needed in order for us to FULLY jump into this new Divine Feminine Shift that is 2019.  December pushed us to go deep within our cellular consciousness to clear emotions that have been imprinted within our DNA  for thousands of years. The Divine  Goddess is asking where have you been playing small in your life? How does it look to SHOW UP fully anchored in your Light and Multidimensional Self? We have been beaten down in many lifetimes of karmic recycling but this is the life that we transcend our pain, fears, shadows, ego and come FULLY online to show just how badass we truly are. 




2018 has been go, go, go. Constant shifts, constant recalibrations, healing, working on every level of consciousness; mental, physical, and spiritual. January is asking us to chill for a minute. To rest and sleep as we integrate all that we have been through.  As I went deeper into this I was told we need to rest because what is coming is nothing like 2018; these next few years will bring on energies like we've never witnessed before; I rolled my eyes and went back to sleep; we are TIRED!! But as tired as we are I know most of us are ready to live in ease, flow and in Higher Dimensional frequencies of New Earth. I don't know about you but I've been working too hard these last few thousand years to not enjoy this next step in Human Consciousness; shit, I worked my ass off for this; I'm Ascending dammit.  


With the merging of the Higher Mind, we step into "Zero Point Field" where we are not our "old" selves and not yet anchored into our higher self. It's a void. A stillness. A no-thing field of consciousness. This will be particularly hard if you are not used to staying STILL and going with the flow; Trusting the process of your becoming is important this month as everything that made "sense" falls away. Some are playing a game of tug-of-war with the old and the new and not quite sure where they "fit"; so old experiences, fears, worries, themes, people, "disharmony", will come back into your experiences as a mirage to SHOW you where you absolutely don't flow anymore.  You have to Jump. It's been rough for the last few weeks but what is on the other side Starseed is a totally new world! 



2019 will ask us to go into areas where our light is needed. We will connect with Divine partnerships, Soul groups to do this.  We are the Wayshowers; Light Warriors of New Earth and no matter what that system looks like "out there" our light will show the way. With anything that is on the rise with many Beings, the OLD 3rd Dimensional system tries to make it into a fad, a gimmick, a joke; everybody is love and light but YOU have done the work. Your frequency will show you the way. When we are fully anchored within our Higher Self, Higher Mind; THAT world will not impact you and we longer have the time or capacity to sit at a table that is no longer serving us. PERIOD.  We will see the total collapse of that world these next few years and it's important to not fall trap to what is happening "out there". YOU are setting the new grids of creation so keep your Vibration high and dream a new reality for those coming online; this is our number one "job", to hold our high frequency and embody the light FULLY. 





Don't forget who you are as this year will push us to be the wayshowers, teachers, healers, shamans, creatives, shapeshifters of realities, alchemist and leaders we came down here to be. YOU are the very essence of creation and now you are given a new template to rewrite your life with Higher Consciousness; this unified field has unlimited potential for what you want to be, do and have.


All those lifetimes of pain and suffering have been preparing you for THIS lifetime. You're Up Starseeds! It's GO time. 

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