ENERGY UPDATE: 12:12-12:21

December 17, 2018


Energy Update: Blessed 12.12 Starseeds! What a powerful shift we have all been going through since the beginning of December. We are being morphed and upgraded on EVERY level of our being. The energy sweeping Earth is coming down faster and more intense as we are awakening more and more to our Divine potential. Everything has to go that as held us back from our totality. Our Divine assignments are being re-programmed within us and this is changing our reality/realities very quickly.



The Purge: There is a purging happening on the planet right now and most are seeing this as disease/sickness in the Human body. What is happening is a DEEP cellular clearing of old thought forms and believes that you now have to drop in order to build on a new 5D/higher grid system. This is a "Deprogramming" happening. These old contracts, programming, and attachments have to be cleared. Our bodies in its infinite wisdom bring this to a level of consciousness in the body where it can be SEEN and finally healed now that it has gotten your FULL attention.


Picture it like a pipe or drain that hasn't been cleaned for years; now, as you put cleaner in these pipes the gunk, dirt, and buildup is coming undone. Sometimes this can cause rips in the pipe and in some cases the pipe totally collapses, unable to take the pressure of the cleaning. Our bodies are much stronger than the pipe of course but with this immense clearing of our cellular memory comes the collapse of a life that you cannot live anymore; your body is not recognizing that OLD programming. This is showing up as diseases, sickness, cancer, soreness, pain and stuck energy as it cleans house. When it comes into the physical there is a need for "3D" treatment but also a deep clearing and healing of the energetic imprints that caused it in the first place.


I've been doing this work with my knees. I've always had stiff and sensitive knees and I got guided to go deeper into the why. I always thought it was because I have a hard time as a Star Being being here on a dense planet and while that holds true I knew there was something more. I did a regression on myself and went into my knees and saw that I had Ancestral and parental cordings deep in my morphogenetic field. As an only child I've been holding on to my parent's pain; a lot of healers and empaths do this. Instead of letting our parents, lovers and friends do the work we hold it inside OUR bodies to be healed and transmuted. I undid the cording by stating that I no longer am responsible for my parent's pain. I am not my ancestors and I no longer have to hold on to their pain and the pain of ALL my past Lives. I showed a video of that healing.


There is a reason why we are going through a DEEP exhaustion phase this month as our bodies are being attuned, upgraded, to new Light Codes of Creation. This will be non-stop right into next year and beyond. The emotions coming up have been kicking ass. They are DEEP and INTENSE. Some are still having flashbacks as these "programs" are deleted out of your consciousness. Worth is coming up big time right now and a lot us have lived lifetimes were we put our Worth and Power on hold for the greater good of mankind; it wasn't about us, what we did was for humanity. Now, it's about us. A lot of us are really starting to see our worth, our confidence is increasing and we want the best for ourselves deserve it. I've been guided to say use December to build upon what you TRULY want and desire.



12.12 and 12.21 Portals: This month will continue to open very powerful Stargates. These dates are the buildup of energies we have been experiencing all year. The Star systems do not go by dates; we are the only planet that goes by dates and times. On certain dates, there is a certain frequency attached to them to accelerate Earth's progression and as Earth gets this PUSH, so do we. These portals are an opening to set new intentions and hold master creation frequencies. December is the time to do your envisioning, dream boards, journal, HEAL. It is also pushing us to rest and sleep; we do A LOT of upgrading in our sleep state and I know for myself I'm being called to sleep. I know my vessel is upgrading and grounding new energetic templates to prepare me for the incoming energies of 2019 and beyond. As we sleep we also get encoded with new "mission" statements. This will have you waking up feeling "ill", nauseous, dizzy, feeling out of it, feeling like we are putting on weight, extreme buddha belly, an increase or decrease in appetite.


The Thymus gland, DNA Upgrades, Throat Chakra and new energy meridians above the head are getting worked on right now. An increase with our intuition, sore throat and telepathic communication is on HIGH. We are going into a future where we will be communicating mostly through telepathy; it's already begun.

I'll write more as we head into the New Year! So much going on Light Warriors. We are doing the "work" as we come "online" more and more. This shift is MASSIVE. Rest and Sleep. Deep breathing. Envision what you want for the Planet but especially for YOURSELF. 2019 is about YOU...finally.


So much Love and Respect Starseeds


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