December 7, 2018


Goodness gracious, who is still standing after November? As I sit to write this Forecast I am feeling a new energy coursing through my body. It’s profound, it’s deep; I AM being prepared to jump into a new dimension with my work and energy. I feel guided to write this because it feels HUGE what Humanity is about to embark on. December is the jump we’ve all been working towards, healing towards, FEELING our new selves toward; this is it. We are being moulded and re-fabricated into a "newness" that we have never been able to embody and it's pure and potent magic. 



We are going through a “sweeping” effect right now and it may feel like a lot of old experiences, feelings, memories are arising once again; your cellular body holds within it imprints of your past especially when it comes to trauma. This shift is clearing you of the past. It resembles energies of 2011-2015 although it can also be from the early 2000s as well. There is a grieving that the conscious collective is going through and I feel it deeply. It’s a letting go of a painful life, an emotional, physical and spiritual pain that you have endured for most of your life and you are being called to say goodbye. For some, this is an exciting time but for some, feel your grief of the past and take your time in December to fully release it. You are supported. You are loved beyond measure, space and time; you can let it go now. 




November has been preparing us for some of the most transparent, intense, multidimensional energies we are about to embark on for the next few years to come and it was emotionally ROUGH. The Pineal Gland is our "control" centre to connect to many different Higher Dimensional light codes from the Stars and Angelic Realms. This showed up as a diamond-shaped fibrinical stream of energy entering the Third-Eye to heal thousands of years of pain, trauma, disappointments,  and of hiding our power. Planet Earth wasn't ready to embody our innate frequencies; this came online in November and as your cells, organs and DNA was purging these old worn out energies from the body and infusing more light coded energies in the body we physically and mentally felt ill, overwhelmed, pain and stiffness in all parts of the body especially in the back where we hold and store emotional pain. Sickness or disease might have shown up in the body as this purging was taking place. We are going through a lot physically to clear out the denseness and as we embody more light, so too does our outer reality.


November asked us to re-imagine a life of happiness; a life of ease. This is something most Light Workers are not used to. We are used to the battle, we are used to working, fighting, learning through karmic recycling. We never quite got used to the denseness but we came down here to do a job and we did a pretty good job; now we are being asked to enjoy the fruits of our labour. 


We are taking in an extensive amount of light into the body as we speak. We could not have held this much light into the body before or we would have died or combusted. This has never been done. So, the physical pain, confusion, feeling like you are dying, overwhelming releasing of the old you, re-learning how to use your magic and levelling up by stepping out fully of the 3'rd Dimensional way of thinking is the next big JUMP going into a new portal that is 2019. How it "looks" out there has to be your last priority because "out there" will confuse you and pull you back into an energy that is no longer yours to use. You now have to trust yourself, your intuition and your body for this next phase of your journey. December is going deeper in moulding the body and mind. DNA upgrades are in full acceleration mode so is the Nervous System, Morphogenetic field, the re-creation of the organs and cellular structure of your NEW Light body.  


DNA Upgrades: In the past, we have used two-strand DNA to handle the denseness of a 3D planet; you couldn't come to Earth with your full embodiment because the Earth plane is/was too dense and you would not be able to thrive much less breath down here. Now, this is changing as the frequencies rise on Earth so too does our DNA into a 12 strand structure. We are becoming what we've always been; LIGHT. We are returning back to our true nature; Starseeds, Angelic Beings, Earth Fairies, Nomes, Mermaids,...embodying all the consciousness that we could not hold before which opens new dimensions and timelines of much higher realms of beings also. Dragons, 'creatures' that we've read in fairytales books; YES, it's all real! Your consciousness is now able to connect to those dimensions and this the reason so many are seeing etheric 'creatures'. I'm seeing that scientist are going to find more to our Oceans, new animals that were not visible to the Earth realm before will be noticed.



Nervous System: Look at this as a house and within this house is the electric system. But it is worn out system and it short circuits! This is your 3D body. Now, new "wiring" is being put in to upgrade your "house". Some would say the electrical is the most important part of the house because it governs many different functions in different parts of the house. Our bodies are getting a rewiring and this feels like massive waves of anxiety and panic. High-frequency energies feel like anxiety in the body; most of us experienced this in 2012. Sensitivity to food, smells, people, places and things are changing rapidly. Most, including myself, aren't eating much and this will continue into the New Year. 



Organs, Chakra's, Cells, Skeletal: As the "electrical system" (Nervous System) is being changed my Guides have been showing me how the Chakra's are changing and I see this change in my clients and myself. We won't be operating from a 7 main Chakra system in the future; it will be one big light source that moves in a figure 8 motion and about 10 feet outside of the body encompassing our TOTAL embodiment of light. The "old" Chakra system is getting rewired to hold more light hence the massive clearing that is taking place in the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. Our Root, once about Survival is now going deeper in how we Shapeshift our realities. The Sacral is connected now to the Divine Mother and the birthing we are now able to do much more easily. The Solar Plexus is how we morph and PROCESS high-frequency light within our new bodies; this brings on stomach issues, digestion issues, bloating, nausea and not wanting to eat or eating very little. Deep-seated emotions are clearing from the Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, etc. As we get blasted with new energies this is clearing trauma and past lives karmic ties within our cells.


EVERYTHING is being healed. 



With the amount of work being done to our mental, physical and spiritual we are exhausted. Most are waking up between 2am-5am because this is the time when most of us are being upgraded without distractions. We are more connected to the astral realm at these times as well. December wants us to step into our totality and take in that what is happening has NEVER been done and be IN the process without worry or fear. Everything has changed; NOTHING is the same. We are dismantling old programming of self-doubt, low self-worth and confidence, of not being GOOD ENOUGH. The mere fact that you are HERE, at this time in New Creation shows just how needed you are. How powerful you are. How absolutely fucking magical you are. 2019 wants us running our own business based on our Soul Purpose. Travelling, teaching our gifts, getting connected with our Divine Partners. So you see, you can't take the old you within this portal; it won't FIT. A lot of us do not know how true, blissful happiness feels like; we've been doing the deep inner work. 2019 wants to reconnect you with your Happy, your JOY. 



2019 Predictions: 
- The Divine Mother is sweeping this planet and is coming to a lot of women and men that are working to change the "system" of the planet. 
- Lot's of pregnancies and babies are coming next year
- Divine relationships and engagements... surprises when it comes to love
-I'm seeing lots of travel as most of us are being called to Grids all around the planet. Latin America, Hawaii, India, Asia are the ones that stick out the most. 
-A lot of parents on the Earth realm are coming online so they will be coming to you with questions about their awakening 
- Abundance in ALL forms as you shift your consciousness around the energy of money
- Many will be opening, expanding on business ideas and being successful at it
- Resolutions with people from your past (this is not to have them in your life but to resolve issues of the past) 
- Sex and Intimacy will be very different as we want to connect Spiritually to our lovers and Divine Partners

- Energies will increase and much more potent and intense. Light body activations and upgrades will continue

- Breathing will change as the density of the planet changes

- The upheaval continues within the Collective as 3D is no longer 

- Telepathic communications and Light Language Activations (Throat Chakra affected)





Happy Holiday and a very Blessed and Prosperous New Year!! December is the jumping off point! Get ready to JUMP!!! 




*** I would like to say a BIG thank you for your support of my work this year. I am so grateful and honoured to be here, co-creating a new Earth with all of you. As I write this I'm a bit emotional. My Brothers and Sisters of the Stars; we've been through it. It has been rough, I know. I want to say how utterly proud I am of your healing journey and the immense amount of purging, healing, loss, and pain you've had to endure these past few years and yet still, you hold so much love within for this planet and for Humanity. On the other side of December is...Freedom and you DESERVE Happy. I'm currently without a computer as most of you know. With the Power of God that I AM, I send out this pure intent for support to buy a new MacBook Pro.  If you would like to support the work that I solely bring from Love; so I can get a new Computer for the New Year, my Paypal is I Love You. Thank You. I'll see you on the other side***

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