November 8, 2018



October blasted open a portal of some of the most intense energies we are beginning to witness for the next few years to come. October came with the dismantling of DEEPLY rooted timelines based on self-worth, self-confidence, fear, love, survival,relationships breakdowns/ breakthroughs and opening us up to our core potential and anything and anyone not aligned with that had to GO. November and December will be massively transformative as there is a completion vibration sweeping the Planet right now. 


October was the finale we needed. In every aspect, corner, crack of our Human foundation and it was rough. It brought tears, sleepless nights, emotions on overdrive as we came face to face with what needed to be dismantled within our old paradigm of consciousness, thought patterns, and the way we showed up in our truth. Everything has changed and as we come to a completion in this shift we’ve been experiencing for the past 7-11 years, emotions are high as we say goodbye to everything and everyone not on the new frequencies of New Earth. We are on the precipice of profound changes on Planet Earth and within the Galaxy and we are being pulled or dragged into what we came here to do; we’ve got to TRUST what these energies are doing to us and FOR us. Our Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra were in acceleration mode to clear old Soul Ties within our relationship dynamics. Trauma within our cellular structures, past life memories and old wounds came up to be SEEN and HEALED. 


The planet of death and rebirth, Scorpio, played a major role this year in the breakdown of old played out themes in our lives and as Jupiter FINALLY leaves Scorpio on November 8th and enters into its home sign of Sagittarius more and more people will be travelling, wanting to be in a spiritual based romantic relationship (Twin Flame Unions are on high right now), start Youtube channels, start new businesses and careers based on frequencies of fun, magic and the building of New Earth. This is the time to FEEL that into your life as everything is manifesting at instantaneous speeds. 



November will continue with the increase of intense energies and moving forward into the New Year the World will morph in front of our eyes. NOTHING is the same and November will continue to work with planting the seeds of NEW into your life. November is a powerful month because it is a Galactic portal opening for what is to come on this planet. Many will feel like they are not “here”, this month. Many different realities or options for realities will be available. The 11.11.11 stargaze portal will be a powerful one because this is the JUMP into a New World. Number sequences are frequency grids that connects us to different Dimensions in time and our Spiritual Teams within the Universe. The 11.11.11 portal is pushing you into a new era of completely new energies; are you coming from a place of the old? Or, are you TRUSTING your gut that what is on the other side of scary…is freedom. If you are truly ready, this is the month to make the jump; the portal of new is open. The veil of illusions are collapsing more and more and these frequency grids of November will see the collapse of systems, organizations and old programming. Sensing people’s true intentions are high as we can see through the veil clearly now. Trust your intuition. Know these next few months will bring into this dimension all kinds of ‘different’ beings of light from ALL over the Universe. Always ask if they are from the light and of God/Goddess. These can be beings of many different colours and hues, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Tall beings, Short Beings who for the lack of better words may look “grotesque” but they are of God and are our Brothers and Sisters here to assist us. We are coming into contact with Beings from all over the Galaxy who are here to teach us new Healing techniques, Shapeshifting, Morphing, Jumping Timelines and Dimensions consciously and deliberately without harming the physical vessel and how to create within these Dimensions of Higher Frequencies. 


October brought in many interference energies. These are energies that come into your life when you are about to make a big leap in your career or personal life or if you have something transparent and spiritual to teach to others. Your computer will start to give problems (mine completely broke down), you might of realized that people were picking arguments with you, being mean and distant, weird attacks on your character. Weird diagnosis of illness/sicknesses, ex’s and partners that come into your life all of sudden. When you were about to meditate, teach, or be involved in an activity of Spirit you would hear a knock at the door take a look and no one is there, planes flying above you, erratic behaviours from your pets; you name it they will try to sway your attention and energy into one of annoyance, anger, bitter or even jealousy; clearing was and will continue to be a must for the next few months. They KNOW how powerful we are and the awakening on Earth is happening, what they are trying to do is make you second guess your power, magic and potential; don’t fall for it. 



November will be a month where we take everything October has brought to the table that we need to make peace with. This is the month to think outside the box and try NEW things. Step out of old paradigms that no longer serve you. Travel and Self Care are major as the body and mind are TIRED. There’s a deep need for rest and just being by ourselves so we flow with what is happening to us. The Ascension Symptoms are bringing in deep buzzing/vibrations into the body, some are not eating at all and some are eating down the house; do you! The stomach is our physical processing centre and it is “Digesting” a profound number of energies into the new HUman body right now. Minerals and Supplements are important even if it's in a smoothy or water. The minute we start to second-guess the process of what is going on we may feel dizzy, confused, have vertigo, this is showing you that your FEAR and DOUBT can no longer reside on this new frequency. Trust yourself. Trust Source, Trust this beautiful becoming of our Planet that YOUR energy signature, your BEING as set forth herein this time and space in Creation. How amazing are you? We are here. There’s no turning back now Starseeds; this is what you came down here to do. So much Love and Respect my fellow Starseeds. 





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