October 5, 2018





“You cannot at this time in your life afford to talk to anyone that is not on the frequency. You gotta leave them alone” 







September was the “set up” month. It was setting you up, preparing you, going back through the notes of Summer to make sure you had all your study points in check. We’ve been studying since the New Year; our shadows, ego, relationships, behavioural patterns, karmic relationships, abundance, sexuality dark, light, good, bad, duality; under a totally new lens of consciousness. Our newly “remembered” roles and all the healing we have/had to do to step fully into it. 2018 didn’t come to play but you will realize in 2019-2025 how VITAL this year was in unveiling the deepest parts of you. A lot of us were in a bit of shock and recalibration mode in September. There was so many lesson and changes that Summer brought that we needed September to FEEL everything that took place. October brings the acceleration of new timelines, dimensions, frequencies and splitting of New and Old Earth. October is MAJOR. 


The MIND is front and centre for October. We have used our linear mind for thousands of years because we were unable to access higher dimensions of the mind due to the frequency of Earth; this as now changed. The dizziness, confusion, feeling out of it is due to us accessing our HIGHER minds, our all-knowing minds. Telepathy and intuition go into overdrive this month as we access higher dimensions/portals of creation. We have officially made the “jump” and you probably felt this at the beginning of October has the energies started to speed up. Manifestation is now instant once you are on the frequency of what you wish to manifest. The exhaustion, physical aches and pains are our bodies getting used to the paramount of light our bodies are now able to withstand. October is the PUSH for you to get it and be IN it. It is about using your Higher Mind to navigate this new terrain of the mind and being around people, places, and experiences of the old you just won’t work anymore, hence the collapse of so many relationships both romantic and platonic. 



Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: Venus is Retrograde in the sign of death and transformation for 40 days and 40 nights. This. Is. HUGE. There’s a lot of buzz in the Spiritual and Astrological community over this but I’m going to speak on it from an energetic point of view. Remember in May when Pluto went Retrograde and our shadows, power dynamics, the death of ego, and transformation of who you once were were prevalent for the last 6 months? You did the hard work, just look back at the last 6 months and ALL the changes that have taken place. Now Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is showing you that WHO you were then in your friendships, partnerships and a romantic union is not who you are NOW; what needs to be looked at more deeply? What needs to go,? What as to change? Who you were and who you are becoming and who you are NOW cannot function together so something has to give. Someone has to go. A job you hate as to be looked at, your partnerships are either growing with you or holding you back. These are the important questions of Venus Retrograde in Scorpio. How is your relationship with money and power? What are the dynamics of the old you that must go in order for you to heal, get unstuck, get clear, get honest with how you have been living/functioning? 



The Splitting: We have been going through a “splitting” of the old for many years but the acceleration of it really started in 2012. I’ve noticed that the beginning of October brought on a visible “Splitting” of who is still stuck in the old and who is on a higher frequency. For those that do not know what the splitting is it is a divide of those that are stuck in lower dimensions of consciousness, duality, power struggles, dark vibrations, jealousy, the superficial, old Earth and those that are on a higher frequency of light; healing, love, peace, New Earth, new higher thought forms, magic, alchemy and a new mind frame not stuck on what was but what is possible and what Earth is now merging into. With this splitting we can no longer tolerate being around others that do not resonate on the same frequency; this is not Ego, this is life and death. You will notice this splitting with family, partners, friendships, jobs, even the way you eat and your daily rituals. Everyone has their evolution timeline created by them and God/Goddess do not be sad to see someone in your life leave or step back but wish them a blessed journey and wish to see them on the other side. I have seen the shift in my father who is now more introspective, spiritual and willing to listen when I speak of New Earth and he was NEVER like this; EVERYONE is awakening in their own way on their own timeline but we can no longer hold their hands, we have to trust the process of our lives.  



We have been experiencing so much and so many things are changing on Earth right now; it can be overwhelming at times but this is it. We are living in a time like NEVER before and the changes happening to the physical body and mind is paramount. Now is the time to have strong boundaries with what you will and won’t tolerate in your life. Trust comes up very strongly in this phase of creation because a lot of things will not make sense and will be changing so rapidly that it overwhelms us. Trust the process of who you are becoming and know that you are FULLY guided, protected and loved. 





See you on the other side Starseeds. 

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