September 6, 2018


So, who made it out alive from Summer 2018?! *Barely raises hands* Summer 2018 was HARDCORE and changed the game as we know it; we are in the thick of it and there’s no turning back. Congratulate yourself for doing groundbreaking work! This was the Summer of Retrogrades, Eclipses, and Leveling up on our Ascension Timeline. I mentioned back in March that we were on the verge of something huge with the death of the Ego and this was apparent these last few months as old beliefs, characteristics, experiences, traumas, fears came out for one last lesson. Some believe the breakdown is the hardest part but I strongly think the rebuilding is raw, all-consuming and can trigger some aspect that we have held on to in the name of comfort and this is exactly what we are doing; rebuilding on new foundation with new Roots and new Seeds. Summer 2018 came and pulled the rug from underneath us and showed us MANY different paths to our totality and September is asking for us to have FAITH and TRUST in the future of this MASSIVE shift in Human and Earth(Story). September is the kickoff of new more profound energies anchoring unto Earth for the next few months.  


September is the month to test out our new powers. It is about FAITH and TRUST in the process. We are raw right now after a very eye-opening and INTENSE Summer.  What have you learned about your “becoming”, who are you in times of stress and less than ideal situations? What do you still need to anchor deep within? What did it bring up? What are you continuing to heal? This “project” called Ascension is not a race but a truly transparent experience that shows you the overview of your lives; who you have been and who you want to be within a Higher Consciousness Timeline; this can be ANYTHING; this is a culmination of THOUSANDS of years of your work here on Earth. THIS is the life where you stand in your HIGHER totality and the POWERHOUSE you truly are.  Source is showing you, asking you to be the best, highest version of yourself; this is not an easy project. We’ve been doing the DEEP releasing work since March and this summer will forever go down as the  Summer of the upheaval of the old, worn out timelines that we absolutely cannot connect to anymore. Summer 2018 KICKED ASS. If you were stubborn or had deep-rooted beliefs and trauma it kicked your ass harder. This has been one of the toughest recalibrations of the physical body to date; WE ARE EXHAUSTED.



They are MANY different things happening right now on Earth and in our Universe. We are getting streams of energy coming down from not only the Galactic Core but even higher from the realm of the Archangels and the Elohim; they are coming “online” even more now as we are entering higher and higher frequencies of our becoming. This next phase is the phase of the “God Centre”. 2012 – Now has been about the clearing of deep Cellular, Ancestral, Shadow work in order for this next phase to begin. Next year our morphogenetic field, body, cells and DNA will go into new phases of recalibration. This year; the first of the trio of energies from now until 2020 is no joke with the physical and mental; but we have to do the hardcore work to release, recalibrate and activate so it doesn’t keep kicking our asses.


I’m noticing more than ever we are playing a very intricate “game” and everybody in our lives is showing us where we are striving or where we are resisting. A few weeks ago I felt old emotions resurface with my body and self-worth and as I’m saying my affirmations and rewiring my subconscious I go downstairs to the laundry room (I live in an apartment building), as I am coming back up I sense the pressure around me change and it got denser; I got off on my floor to see this lady I don’t necessarily “mesh” with but I say hello and Good Morning out of courtesy and kindness. She looks me up and down and says “One minute you’re small and the next you’re fatter, what’s going on with you, are you sick?”. At that moment every emotion I could feel came up but knowing that everything is either a teachable or learning experience I steadied my breath because I didn’t want to REACT from my old timeline and said: “ I LOVE myself, JUST as I am”. She looked at me fighting for words and I walked away. For the next few days after that, I struggled with the cording’s of her words but I understood how necessary she was. I positioned her there at the VERY moment I needed her. This is still what I have to master and she was the perfect “player” for my advancement. September will show you KEY players that YOU have positioned in your life for yourself and Spiritual advancement. Look and see who are the “players” in your life and what moves are they showing you that you need to take or not take. This is self-mastery. This is the path of the God Creator you truly are and the rest of the year is asking you to master YOU.



We were plagued with physical symptoms as our Nervous System was being attuned to higher vibrational energies for our Light Body upgrade. The exhaustion was and still affects a lot of us from all the deep cellular work we did the last two months. The Sun plays an important role in “ACTIVATING” and upgrading our DNA. You might have felt buzzing in the body, bloating or weight gain as these Light Codes expand the cells making us look and feel “bigger”. Nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, ALL Chakras are being attuned and upgraded so ALL the portals of the Chakras were being affected. We are getting more intense frequencies from a much higher level of consciousness and this affects the head (Crown Chakra) in a major way; feeling faint, hearing voices from different dimensions, buzzing (frequencies), pressure in the head, face, sinus, neck and shoulders. Racing thoughts, lower vibrational thoughts (collective and shadow).  Not motivated to do anything, melancholy, depression, a general feeling of being over it, not wanting to do anything except rest or sleep, rashes (the old being purged), itching, dense or stiff legs and feet.


Self-care is very important and taking time to “ground” everything that came up in the last few months. Give yourself praise for how far you’ve come and all the wonderful work you are doing. This has NEVER been done before and YOU are the forerunners of this MASSIVE shift in consciousness on Planet Earth. Without you Earth’s Destiny cannot be fulfilled; every single one of us plays an important role in HER becoming. Remember the powerhouse of Light and consciousness you truly are.


So much Love Starseeds 

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