August 21, 2018


Hi Starseeds!


I’ve been in Hermit mode as this recent cycle took me out; literally! This summer has been some of the most intense and profound energies I've seen in a while. It is accelerating and transcending our Ascension Timeline at an increased potency that is tearing us apart and putting us back together on every level. As summer comes to an end in the North I was guided to rest, sleep and do the bare minimum as HIGH-frequency downloads upgraded my cellular, DNA and brain for this last cycle going into the New Year. We are approaching some seriously INTENSE energies starting in September and it may not have felt like it but we’ve actually been in a "rest" period for August.


As Fall approaches we are going to see changes not only in the structures that have been running the World but in our Morphogenetic Fields, Mind, and Body. The brain and its old structure were very limiting and you may have been noticing how your mind has been racing in August as your HIGHER mind comes online. You may be witnessing the POWER of your mind and how it is now changing.  Thoughts of your childhood, of the past with old friends, lovers, and daydreams that seem to come out of “nowhere”. These thoughts play a very important role in guiding and showing you the “stream” of your “pattern”. What does this mean?


We all have a pattern that has followed us our whole lives and these patterns play a vital role with WHO you came down here to be; your ULTIMATE role. If you follow the patterns and see how you handled certain experiences you get to see your emotional patterning and HOW you overcame or transcended them. Your parents play very important roles in excavating these patterns so your true Soul self could emerge; which is happening now. How were they? Abusive, manipulative, easy going, hard, soft, stifling? The roles that both your parents played molded you into who YOU have become and the role you are here to teach or play within this timeline of Ascension. Are you here to teach about Love, self-worth/confidence, morphing, transmutation, activator, how to be fluid, understanding, healing? Most people born to really abusive parents both emotionally and physically are here to teach how to transcend or morph on an energetic level of our ascension and how to use energy and transform it. I bring this up because this cycle coming up is asking you to see what those old patterns taught you and SHOWED you who you truly are beyond those old timelines and merging and GROUNDING your NEW patterns (learned over the past few years) because this coming season is the drop-off point; who you were cannot follow who you are becoming and a lot of people are still stuck on old patterns and ways of being.


Summer has brought to light so many of our old patterns when it comes to relationships and how we move in the world. A lot of people are awakening to these new codes and seeing that old patterns that use to work are not working anymore and this is breaking apart marriages, friendships, families and habits that cannot and will not work in these new frequencies; we will really see this shift this Fall and into the New Year.   


We are morphing on accelerated levels and this as been an EXHAUSTING month so far. You might be feeling weak, tired, unable to move or think. Fuzzy brain, not able to think straight or formulate a thought, dizzy, clumsy, walking into walls (merging timelines), not wanting to move or do much to exert too much energy,  headaches, stiff neck, wanting to eat a lot of sugar or salt, unable to ground, ANGRY, short tempered. What I’ve been noticing is an increase of brain and Endoskeleton morphing and recalibrating which can shut the body down and make us feel like we are lagging, fatigued, “sick” or just feel lethargic. We are stepping into a new vibe starting September that will start us on an accelerated path in our Ascension journey but what is being asked right now is to really make peace with what you have to leave behind. Really step into your becoming and TRUST the process as everything is changing and we are SEEING this more and more. We are in a new time and we can’t bring the old us along. Trust and Faith are MAJOR for this next cycle.


So much Love Starseeds

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