August 3, 2018


What a time to be alive through these massive accelerations happening on Planet Earth right now! July came through HARD with the life changes, relationship recalibrations and symptoms on steroid. Everything that had to go, be revised and dropped was under a microscope in July as we go deeper and more thorough with the rise of consciousness. If you had any doubts that we were in a life changing shift July brought TWO eclipse’s and SIX Retrogrades to jolt you awake and to completely eradicate the old and ground new timelines within the HUman body, mind and spirit; no one came out of July the same.


Since January 2018 we have been working closely with fears, shadows and the deterioration of a self that was systematically created from an old worn out grid of consciousness and now we are being asked to rewrite EVERYTHING. This was not easy as we took an honest look at what has not been working for us and the transparency of the work we have to do in order to live our TRUE purpose. You are not the same person that started this journey years ago and the  believes, people, relationships, life, job, that is not of our TRUEST version of  our Multidimensional Light self HAS to collapse.  An old grid CANNOT function on new foundation and everything that was built from your small perspective of self was being remolded and this meant that people had to go, believes had to be changed or you were creating the same old dysfunctions that got you in this mess in the first place. July asked us to DROP THE ILLUSION and CHOOSE. It didn’t come to play and at times it seemed like the mean aunty that when you look back realized she was just trying to make you step into your power and totality of the Starbeings you came down here to be.



August will be hard if you do not let it all go. The energies are getting deeper and more and more intense and if you’re still holding on to what no longer serves you it will leave your life in a very hard and traumatic way. August is showing you what is possible on the OTHER side of your fears. Manifestation is quicker and easier when we are living our TRUTH and Soul Purpose; nothing is hard on New Earth but we have to stop spitting the same worn out rhetoric. They are people holding on for dear life to dead things. They are people still holding on to an old Earth, old matrix and are being stubborn to let it all go although it is killing them emotionally, physically and spiritually (In an energetic way).  August will show you what is possible. THOUSANDS of portals of Higher Dimensional Light pours down unto Earth with POTENT new energy codes for you to play with! THIS is the time to get creative! To get tapped in and turned on as Abraham Hicks would say!


Remember what I said about these next three years? They will be the most powerful when it comes to recalibration of the HUman body. July brought symptoms that will continue well into the rest of the year. Heat flashes as our old cellular structures gets dismantled, FLU symptoms (Frequency Light Upgrades),  the Chakra system is merging to become a Light body within the body…get it?! This means that the functions of each of the Chakras and the Organs and Cellular Memory attached to them are ALL being reconfigured to sustain a massive amount of Light and New Consciousness. Our bodies are being torn apart and put back together. Some were experiencing “sickness” or “diseases” (clearing of stuck energies) with their organs; pay attention to what is clearing, if it’s the liver do the work to go deeper to the ROOT cause to see where you are holding on to bubbling anger and resentment, this usually stems from our parents, past lives and our first intimate relationships. The Nervous System is going through tons of recalibration making us feel frazzled, on edge and lethargic and the food we eat greatly aids or makes it feel more intense. Water with a pinch of Himalayan salt is wonderful for the Nervous System.  When I am doing a Healing with a client I always say to them don’t fight the sleep; they ALL fall asleep and a client was asking why. When our bodies are processing and healing with a HIGH voltage of light frequencies our bodies are so wise that it will shut you down in order to process the healing affectively. So it shuts down your conscious mind that overthinks and gets in the way. Sleep plays a vital role in Ascension and in the beginning of my journey and currently I honour my body when it needs a few days of uninterrupted deep sleep.



As we head into August remember that NOTHING is the same. Everything that we once knew to be our lives is over and this acceleration will continue well into 2020; this is only the beginning. If you are having a hard time ask yourself “What am I resisting?”, “What am I afraid of loosing?”, “Who am I without all the masks of protection that I’ve built up over the years?”. August is going to get deeper with your intent and what you focus on you will get at lightning speed. We are getting blasted with such HIGH frequencies from many, many Dimensions of Higher Light and we aren’t the only ones going through this shift; our Star Families and the Heavens are also collapsing old timelines and grids. A Lyran who is 12th Dimensional could not live on Pleiades that is 5th Dimensional before 2012; that is now changed. So the work we are doing here is AFFECTING the WHOLE Universe. THIS is the role you are playing. THIS is how important you are. THIS is why you are needed here. It is time to Level Up and Step Up to your calling.




Blessed August Starseeds

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