July 11, 2018




 Mentally, we have entered a realm of new beginnings. How we think is being rewired in such a powerful and transparent way that it seems like who we were and who we are becoming is at war with each other. There's a DEEP separation of the old happening and our 3D mentality is battling our 5D and higher thought realm for control. This is not a bad a thing and although mentally it is taxing and tiring this is needed for the PUSH that will be happening this Summer for your "HUman self". For example; in 3rd Dimensional reality your worth was based on an imagery of how "Out there" wanted you to be, do, think and act, now your 5th Dimensional self is showing you how to MOVE from Spirit and only Spirit; this takes TRUST and a will to change. As you move with the wisdom of Spirit your 3rd Dimensional energy is battling by saying you're wrong, you're not good enough, do it the way everybody else is doing it, it's too hard. What is happening is a clearing of old grids (mentally, physically, spiritually based on the old way of doing things) and the template that is the "Unveiled" YOU. So there is a re-write, re-programming, recalibration going on and your foundation has been dug up; what's left? Your new story, your new approach to life lessons and experience, your new way of seeing, sensing and governing your mind with higher vibrational energies that DO NOT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE THE OUTSIDE WORLD and this is where your courage comes in.

Your courage to be, do and act differently.



The Ego/Shadow self is going through it because it has been surviving with a false/illusionary sense of self for so long it thinks it is protecting you by keeping you limited. The battle for control of your mind is real as Mars Retrograde comes into the mix to flip EVERYTHING upside down and challenge your becoming even more by playing a "trickster" but very vital role of showing you your fears, insecurities, doubts, a crash or a mix up in your abundance, insecurities with your love life and making things so raw that it is pushing up old anger and aggressiveness to test you to see if you're going to go back to THAT way of doing things; this is some of the DEEPEST most transparent energies I've seen and experienced; it's quite brilliant! Nothing is real Dear Ones, it's a holographic playground to test the shit out of what HAS to go in order for the foundation to FINALLY be laid. It is happening already but your resistance is either making it easier or harder. Your body may be "breaking" and the pain and discomfort on another level because it is asking you to heal yourself and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have this Power...YOU ARE THIS POWER.



On this Eclipse New Moon, drop everything and go into deep ritual. BURN it all down Starseeds. Write down everything you want to leave behind and burn it. Go through your body, your cells, and organs and speak magic into them; ask them to heal and delete ALL old programming and step into their multidimensional functioning. Speak to your skin, wrinkles, body and ask it to morph into the shape you want, the size you want to be; this is what shapeshifting is; visualizing what you want and stepping into the energy vortex of it BUT you have to believe in yourself to achieve it. You have to SEE yourself differently to achieve it.

You are the hand, the vessel of Mother and Father God; USE this POWERFUL week to BELIEVE you are walking creators. Let's go Starseeds; it's activation time. It is becoming time. It's time to LEVEL UP.




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