July 5, 2018

June was rough. Mentally, physically and spiritually it was a month of such deep and profound transformation and recalibration that it tore us apart so we could rebuild on a new higher energetic ground. It totalled the foundation. June brought past, present and future into the game to show us how far we’ve come, asked us if we were ready to jump into a new paradigm and showed us that our future was being created by how PRESENT we were in the re-creation of a New World. It was INTENSE. With the collapsing of the “thinking”, linear mind came powerful recalibration of our  Spirit bodies and DNA reprogramming.


We FELT the heat as every cellular re-constructing/re-coding/upgrade went into our past lives, past relationships, past friendships, past jobs, past feelings, worries, fears to ask “ Is this staying or going?”, “Are you holding on to this old shit or is it going now?”. NOTHING of the past can go into New Earth; ESPECIALLY if it carries fear and the played out Ego. Ego was created in an old 3rd Dimensional body of duality and survival; we are collapsing that old system and therefore the Ego is in the fight of its life, hence the load of fear and shadows that came out STRONG in June and will progress to an all time high in July. Our Intimate relationships got an overhaul or came crashing down because if your love partnership were based on an old paradigm of how you use to function it was probably being dismantled or torn apart so it could be rebuilt on higher awareness of self love and self worth. Relationships of conveniences are out the door. Twin Flames is not my area of expertise but this Mars Retrograde is playing a vital role in reuniting twin flames (I’ll go more into this next week with my article on Mars Retrograde and the Eclipses).


June asked us, pleaded with us to recognize our Soul aspects and the role it is playing in this new creation. July is asking us to LEVEL UP or be dragged. Mars is the action Planet and it deals with sexuality, aggressiveness, confidence and creative expression; what does this mean energetically? The Fears that have held you hostage in ALL areas of your life must be seen, sat with and released or you will have a hard time accessing a new paradigm in your becoming. You will feel confused, emotional and drained as these energies mirror exactly what you do not want to see or go through anymore. July and August is a colossal of deeply integrative, powerful and transformative energies . The frequencies have levelled up and they are very high. What happens in these next two months STAYS with us for the rest of year; tread consciously.



July will ask us to come face to face with our fears, joys and introspection of our future and how we want that to look. It wants us to come out of our comfort zone and be vulnerable; this is where the art of flowing and letting your feelings guide you where you need to be comes in. Take chances on yourself and know that anything you do for Joy, peace and love will lead you where you need to be. Merging of many different Dimensions, synchronicities and a feeling of “”I’ve been here, done this or “I know what to do” will be prevalent. Nervousness and anxiety is your bodies old programming of dissecting an increase of energy in the body. When I am in communion with higher beings of light I get a feeling of being “anxious”, in time this will change as we get use to always being in a higher state of consciousness and holding that light. July is pushing us to step more and more out of our “Human ‘self” and operating/merging our Higher Selves.  Our bodies are changing at rapid speed and this will be accommodated by a slew of symptoms. When we are experiencing High energy downloads our bodies take it in by clearing, upgrading, transmutating and restructuring; wherever you feel the most pain is a sign of where you hold old thought forms, ancestral  believes based on health and poverty consciousness especially, worry, fear and old 3D programming. Be mindful of what this energy brings up so you can abolish it once and for all.


Symptoms of July:


  • Increase of higher light frequencies which will affect the head, eyes, teeth, jaw, neck and shoulders. You might feel as if your teeth are vibrating, hurting, or sensitive

  • Dizziness, light-headedness, vertigo, this is the increase of energy streaming down to Earth

  • We are now “merging”, upgrading the Chakras meaning the function of each Chakra is transforming to accommodate our Light Bodies. A lot of recalibration in all the Chakras especially the lower three because they are our “Survival” and “Operational” Chakras. How we view ourselves and our World, how we take in and ground new incoming energy codes

  • A sense of being spacey, feeling “Off” especially because we are doing TONS of work in a lot of Dimensions right now and in our dream state

  • A sense of loosing yourself…”who am I truly”, "I’m truly not who I think I am”…looking in the mirror and not recognizing self; but seeing god-self

  • Purging/detox symptoms…Diarrhea, sweating (especially when we sleep), drinking tons of water, wanting light foods or not wanting to eat at all,

  • Confusion, foggy headed, hard time concentrating, hard time staying focus especially when receiving high dimensional codes/energies…find time to rest, get quiet, get into nature, meditate, and ground

  • Anger, aggressiveness, getting into fights and arguments, calling people out (Mars Retrograde)

  • Wanting a DEEP sexual, intimate, spiritual, profound relationship that compliments who you are NOW

  • Going with the flow….not wanting to push anything or try too hard to achieve anything

  • The Throat is the alchemy centre and this is where we speak new thoughts into creation; coughing, asthma symptoms (merging of the Throat to the Heart Chakra) being brutally honest, and speaking our truth no matter how weird or off we sound to others

  • Diet changes

  • Lot's of old fears coming up both personally and from the collective 

  • Anxiety, panic, "something is up feelings"



We are in the most profound energies to date that started in June and this will merge and be integrated for the next few months and well into 2019. These are times to get really clear about what you need and want your New Earth to look like; your new reality. Spirit is asking us to ditch the fear and worries and flow with the incoming increase of energies as this Is the only way to be PRESENT with it. When we are present we move with inner/higher knowing instead of old habitual ways of operating. There will be times when nothing makes sense, there will be times when  you look out and TRULY understand the becoming of Earth through the metamorphosis of Self. We are here. At any given moment you can choose how you want to live this journey, how easy or hard you want it to be. You just got to let go and TRUST the process no matter how “hard” or “painful” it may be. I mean after all, you ARE the hand of God.  


So much Love Starseeds   



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