June 4, 2018



We are on the precipice of PROFOUND new energies streaming onto Earth and the vibrations are on another level of intensity. 


May brought in the most transparent, transformative and nuclear energy codes I’ve seen to date and it was HUGE in upgrading and grounding new energies into the NEW Human Avatar. Every aspect of our Morphogenetic field, Organs, Blood, and DNA were being rewired to accommodate these new streams of energy that are streaming onto Earth for the next few years to assist in the recalibration of the Light Body. May was MASSIVE and PAINFUL as it dug so deep into clearing the cellular memory of the myriad of lives we have lived. What the codes of May were doing was assessing your self- confidence, self-worth, and your strength aspects to prep us for the work that is being encoded now and streaming from MANY different Galactic Centre’s. If you doubt yourself and your abilities to be the bringer of life-changing energy into life, this had to be looked at and COLLAPSED COMPLETELY. The Root that deals with your Survival and your ability to CREATE was overhauled and healed, the Sacral that deals with your worth, your Mother/Divine Feminine relationships, your Creator aspect and your ability to be a Shapeshifter of New Earth energies was healed and your Solar Plexus that deals with your CORE aspect and holds your Blueprint pattern of what you came here to do was MASSIVELY recalibrated. We once held in our Core Star our “destiny” but now our path is being morphed and transformed with the new work we came down to do; so at any given moment you can step into a new Timeline of our newly designed destiny; the code imprints of change are completely up to YOU and how you choose to design your new life. 






When I went into the stomach they are new “activators” being put into the stomach almost like the role the Pineal Gland plays in the Brain. These new codes are recreating new sensory grids for you to acclimate new and HIGHER frequencies. Most were experiencing pain in the stomach, gallbladder (there’s a new gland being programmed there, whether you have one or not), hard to process foods, stomach aches, bloating, cramps in the lower stomach and back. Leg, knee and feet issues, dizziness almost to the point of blacking out, headaches, nausea, pregnancy symptoms. Flu symptoms which are Frequency Light Upgrades. The brain is also being worked on to activate and open gateways of the FULL function of the right and left side.  When we are receiving photonic light the body swells so you might look like you gained some weight but once you recalibrate you will look smaller and feel lighter; the list was ENDLESS with the symptoms that came in May. The anger, frustrations, wanting to give up and throw in the towel was HUGE as these energies kept bringing up past crap to be cleared we were wondering when on God’s Green Earth was this going to end; it ends when you MASTER it and don’t take it in as your own anymore. This is where it is imperative to be the OBSERVER of your thoughts and emotions. You are literally watching images of the deepest pain, trauma, and emotions you’ve had to master and although it was hard; you mastered it. You do not have to take it in as yours anymore. 


June is about MASTERY, Self Actualizations and your ability to morph energy. Getting out of the linear mind and into Higher frequencies of thought and actions.  The problem I see so many having is that you think you are restricted to the “role” of Human. Yes, we once lived Human experiences to get to this point in creation where we are transcending the Human experience and returning to the Light Warriors we came down to be. Most have not FULLY anchored in their consciousness that you are nowhere near the same person that started this process years ago. 



June will introduce you to your God-Creator selves and the way you move in this world will be much different; more centred on how you feel and taking chances on the new. New work/jobs, new locations to live and travel, new eating habits, new partners. A new way of SHOWING up in the World. June will reconnect you to your Star lineage and the people that come into your life will be a DIRECT reflection of the work you came here to do. Our Star families are walking among us and they can be the “crazy” person you see on the street or in the subway wanting to give you a message; don’t judge anything because EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING has changed and nothing is as it appears to be; including yourself.


The hardest thing to do is to drop the old illusions of Self. You MUST if this ride is going to get any easier. Those that complain constantly about how hard it is are those that refuse to step out of the mental and linear way of seeing and being. Switch your focus to MAGIC and possibilities that transcends thought! We are not the same people that we once were. We are Mastery in motion and this Planet has been waiting on the Light Warriors. This planet has been waiting for you for a very long time to move into pure unconditional love, peace, and joy. This will be the biggest role you’ll ever play and these energies are asking for you to believe in your Magic. Know that you are not who you think you are....start from there. 




So much Love Starseeds! 



If my writings resonates with you Starseeds please feel free to leave a monetary love offering to support the work! Thank you! As always, It is an honour to be here with you at this time in Creation. Blessed Be, Amen, Ashe. 

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