May 8, 2018


Energy Update: For the past few weeks there has been an "unraveling" sweeping Earth. This unraveling is awakening ancient wisdom, DNA and cellular codes in the HUman body and it's been quite powerful to witness.


We are awakening to the truth, deception, and lies that have kept Earth in a lower 3rd Dimensional reality and we, Lightworkers have had enough. The Throat Chakra has been on FULL blast to speak these truths and be completely honest with ourselves and others. There's no more hiding with these new codes and it may seem like everyone is speaking their mind and being honest with how this World has been running for the past 26,000 years. If you are sensitive you might be seeing faces morph or know immediately if someone is speaking truth or not. If you are getting upset over someone being honest with YOU, ask yourself where in your cells are you still holding on to old karmic ties. This unraveling is forcing us to STEP into the core essence of our being as these next few months are going to take us DEEP.


Because of the deep purging and rewiring happening right now, the Timelines that has caused us the most pain, suffering and trauma are coming up now for you to finally collapse and look at how it has been putting your life on hold because on a Subconsciousness level you have been holding on to it. Poverty consciousness, self-worth aspects, self-sabotage, systematic conditioning are just a few that are affecting a lot of people. I mentioned this in my May forecast that the next few months may bring an increase of diseases and sickness as the body's template rewiring goes into overdrive; in order to build anew, the old must collapse and that brings on energy imbalances (sickness) in the body if we are not mindful or on top of it. Regular energy healing and RADICAL self-care is a must for these next few months. The liver and stomach hold our deep core anger, jealousy, and guilt, if this has been your "problem" area go deeper and speak to those dying cells, speak your heart and tell it, it can go now, you've learned how to master ways of purging and releasing and it doesn't have to protect you anymore. Your weight will start to diminish or balance as you do this healing with anger and resentment.


EVERY part of the body is going through MAJOR rewiring so take time with yourself and know that this is a process. What is keeping us in pain, depression and stuck mode is a battle of the OLD human self and our new multidimensional self; one has to go and the more you fight with what was the harder it is to incorporate these new energies into what will be Do the work it is asking of you. We are getting guided and helped by many Star beings of the light right now so look out for who comes into your life unexpectedly to give you a Divine message or a Divine miracle! You are needed here and they're going to help you step into the fullness of who you truly are; don't count anyone or anything out!


As my good friend likes to say; It's getting REAL on planet Earth right now! Indeed, it's only just begun.

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