May 3, 2018


"Rapture: the carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence; Theology. the experience, anticipated by some fundamentalist Christians, of meeting Christ midway in the air upon his return to earth."


We are currently witnessing the modern day rapture known as Ascension and it is sweeping the planet at an accelerated rate. April was TOUGH. April went through our timelines and demolished anything and everything that no longer resonated with our new storyline and the clearing that came with this was on another level of intense. As old grids got an attunement new grids came online to replace it. These new grids pave the way for us to rewrite our timelines into one of Higher Consciousness and one without the constrictions of OLD fears, OLD worries, OLD excuses, OLD ways of being; we were pushed to do the work. The work of April was about bridging the gap between what you THINK to what you FEEL and if these two didn’t coincide we felt it has confusion, anxiety, foggy mind and depression. Coming from a place of the old no longer works in this timeline and it will collapse everything you are trying to do from the old; it will feel like nothing is working for you or feel as if you are stuck and unable to "move" in your life; when you feel this, it is time to shift focus into the Heart mind. Our bodies are communicating to us in ways it has NEVER done before and we need to start listening in order for this “ride” to go smoothly.


April brought the PAIN and we felt it in every muscle, organ and cell of our bodies. It cleared DEEP imprints within our cellular structures, old DNA grids and our Morphogenetic field. The energies amplified and will be on another level of intensity for the rest of the year; THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! The head plays a big part in our transmutation as the skull and the tissues has to morph to upgrade our new consciousness; we can’t have new thoughts and new ways of vibrating on New Earth with limited capacities of the brain. The brain is taking in MASSIVE rewiring hence the dizziness, eyes, teeth and facial numbness/tightening, ear ringing, itching, feeling like you have an ear infection, jaw, neck pain, headaches, your equilibrium being off. Our teeth are transmitters for higher energies so at times you might feel like they are “vibrating”, “Humming”, tooth pain, sensation to hot/cold and an overall uncomfortable sensation. Inside the mouth might feel sore, tongue will feel heavy, numb and very sensitive to textures; hence why our eating patterns will also be completely transformed within the next few years. Our tongue are also transmitters that can taste and pick up vibrations of the food and water you drink. 





May is going to bring you face to face with YOURSELF. May is asking you to do the work and to stop sabotaging yourself. Start believing that you are MORE than what you give yourself credit for. It is asking for you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start to go deep into your transmutation and THINK differently. ACT differently. SEE differently. We are playing the blame game and not realizing that WE have been holding ourselves back this whole time. Yes, we have major clearing going on with the parents and imprints of old lovers and friends going on BUT we chose them to accelerate our Soul’s evolution and they are doing their job (Quite well!), are YOU? The rise in “sickness” or “diseases” will be prevalent these next few months as the body goes through MASSIVE recalibrations; I use quotations because it is the body changing at a Morphogenetic level; it looks like chaos within the body but everything is shifting as it should. We can control how this transmutation goes with our believe systems and knowing that we are the healers we have been searching for. I write these words for you to REMEMBER that YOU my loves are God in motion. Every Being from every Galaxy within these 72 Dimensions of reality is cheering us on and saluting us for our BRAVE and POWERFUL work and as times speeds up and your full DNA consciousness attunes you will realize just who you are and why you are here at this POTENT time in Evolution. As we evolve our Humanity I’m getting guided to say practice detachment. “Out There” EVERYTHING is going to shit; or so it seems. Mother/Father God ain’t no fool! EVERYTHING is exactly as it should be. Don’t focus on the chaos, focus on YOU and what you are BECOMING for the World. YOU are the MOST important aspect to New Earth.



The symptoms we are currently experiencing will get more and more extreme; find your inner peace and practice RADICAL self-care. Crystals are needed now to assist with our bodies transmutation and the transmutation of radiation and chemicals. Put them in your water (if it can go into water), your bath, sleep with them, wear them, make grids with them in your home; call on your Higher Self to guide you with this, there are no wrong way t do this. Do not sleep with your cell phones next to your head/body and if you can turn off your Wifi at night do so.  Shungite, Black Obsidian, Selenite, Hematite are few of my favorites for this. Radiation form our technologies are very real and will make us feel extremely sick, confused, angry and hostile. Eat your Power foods and herbs.




We are witnessing PROFOUND energies on planet Earth right now. We are witnessing the return of our sovereignty and it is POWERFUL. These times, this RAPTURE/ASCENSION of the times will forever be imprinted onto our Souls for eternity. This, right here is the most anticipated event of our time. The horns are being blasted from every Galactic core….we are witnessing some profound acceleration in HUman evolution. Put your armor on…this is it.


So much Love, Peace and Joy Starseeds!  



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