April 16, 2018


The past few days have sent me into a vortex of calling back my aspects. This is an ancient technique done while in meditation going back to your younger selves and doing major trauma releasing work with that aspect of you that fled, hid or got extremely traumatized through different parts of your life. What happens with trauma is that certain parts of you "flea" to not feel that pain (We do this unconsciously). Once you are pass that pain or that experience it is important to go back to that aspect and do healing work (I do this service if you are interested). Through my journey I got this message:


Change your Narrative.


We are in a time like no other and this work that we are doing is MASSIVE on ALL scales; so massive that we are the brave AND willing ones to come to Earth to get it done. Our work here is no joke. As we are heading deeper and deeper into a World of transcendent Magic our Narratives MUST change and this is hard. The story that you have told yourself to SURVIVE here on Earth has to change Dear Ones because YOU are no longer living in a World of the mind consciousness anymore you are living in a world of Higher Heart consciousness and awareness. We must return back to FEELING which is hard because you have lived in a Dimension that has taught you that feeling is not what will get you to where you need to be. Feelings should be held within and handled like a "boss"; feeling was for the weak. Now that we are leaving the literal mind because that is the ONLY way to move through these energies. Your Narrative has to change with WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE. Because you DO NOT EXIST anymore.


Your Higher Self is here and is taking charge of this next level of your Evolution. Your Higher Self that is all knowing. All Seeing. Intuned with all its Power and Divinity. The Shapeshifter, the Alchemist...the Multidimensional Starseed. You are being called on now to transform everything you once knew and that is scary. You have to drop it Dear Ones; you HAVE to change your narrative to one that has NEVER lived this life before. Be open to the new, be open to the magic that will enter your life in these next few years.

You are Dying. The OLD you is dying and you have to find peace in letting Her/Him go. She/He did the work to get you gotta let go now


And change your Narrative.


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