April 2, 2018


As April moves in we are still feeling the potent energies of March and the MAGNITUDE of activations that came with it.  March brought us a dose of truth serum that was needed to set us free and FINALLY speak into existence what has been laying dormant for so long within us.  As New Earth continues to ground new cosmic encodements within us we are feeling the shift more than ever. From now until the New Year we are going through massive changes both within and externally.


Our realities of what is “Out There” as to first be processed by what is within. A lot of Timelines/realities collapsed as it no longer serves our new believes and thought forms and that looks like chaos; this will ramp up within the next few years as everything is getting a rewrite; including us. The Throat, Solar Plexus and Root came online strongly in March for us to be honest with ourselves but also with those closest to us. The Divine Male was strong as we made peace with our father figures and the tough lessons they contracted to teach us. Our Fathers play a huge role with us returning to authenticity because they are the ones that had to initialize systems of oppression within us, and those teachings had to come from the patriarchal figure in our lives. On an energetic level we chose each other for the teachings that we needed in order to REMEMBER and to activate the potential we hold within us; so a lot of peace, forgiveness and release came with the collapse of old contracts to our fathers. The Throat brought out honesty and truth to whomever needed to hear it and there were a few people that needed to hear and SEE you finally step into your power and stop accepting things that limited you. March was HUGE for the lessons of self-worth, self-acceptance and deep introspections. 



April brings in the Mental. How have we been taught to use our minds to create or destroy? This is drastically changing as we are moved to connect to other parts of the body and FEELING these new waves as we work deeper with energy and alchemy. We have entered a time of FEELING our way through these energies as nothing will make sense to our mental mind and if we keep using the mind it will make us feel like we are going crazy. Now is the time for Higher Knowing and Higher Wisdom to make a debut in your life as you RE-member that you have written this and that YOU are everything you need….it has to ALL start with you. YOU have to make the jump, not your husband, wife, children, Mother or Father; you are the main player in your game whilst everyone around you is playing their own game. So, what’s your next move now that you are FREE? Once you realize your body is a communication device to your connection to the higher realms WHICH YOU RESIDE IN ALSO, you will realize YOU are the Universe in multidimensional  motion. This is what Ascension is, realizing you have potentials BEYOND what you have been limited to believe. So, these energies/frequencies are plugging you back online to your true MULTI Dimensional Selves.


March brought in EVERY physical symptom you can fathom and there’s a few that are important as they will continue for the next few months. The Brain is being rewired for New Earth Timelines and that affects every organ, cell and DNA within the human body. Your senses will be keener and sharper. Your motor skills may slow down or speed up as these rewiring happen. An increase with headaches and dizziness will be on the rise and a need for sleep and rest. The exhaustion was on another level has our bodies went through these shifts. Knowing what to give your energy to was important; we can’t focus on old stuff anymore. The Throat will continue to activate our “manifestation” center as we SPEAK codes into existence; this is important because you will find that you are receiving knowledge and wisdom seemingly out of “nowhere” and SPEAKING these new codes into existence  to assists with the creation of your new life and for New Earth. The Plexus is creating  new organs and re-routing energies within the stomach. The stomach plays a huge role in bringing in new templates hence the myriad of symptoms here; the excessive hunger or no appetite at all, feeling nauseous, being extremely bloated, weird pain and sensations, pregnancy symptoms and sensitivities to foods. When the energies get really intense you may find that the gallbladder, the sides of your stomach and lower stomach go through “weird” pain and sensations- this is the rewiring happening.  The legs and feet are releasing massive amounts of energies coming from your higher Chakras so sore feet, tense legs and knees, feeling like your legs are “sleeping” are on the rise (I’ve noticed massive increase with stuck energies in the legs and feet of my clients). Stomp,  ground barefoot, jump, exercise to release this energy. Open your feet Chakra which are in the middle of your feet and picture Roots going DEEP into Mother Gaia for transmutation, clearing and grounding.


Side Note: If you do not have your gallbladder or ANY organ that does not mean that the ENERGY of that organ does not exist. The beauty of our bodies is that it will re-route what is needed for us to survive so do not take to heart if you do not have certain organs; this is all being changed as we speak. 95% Of amputees say that they can still feel their missing limb; your body knows what to do at  ALL times; trust it!



In April be vigilant of information coming to you and FEEL how everything feels because there’s a mass revealing happening in April. Nothing is as it seems and people are going to be showing their true colors; they can’t hide, manipulate, or deceive anymore because with these higher frequencies fake is OUT. Come out of your mind and into your body as the energies WILL be increasing more and more and your ability to handle them comes from going IN to see what is needed. I’ve noticed this “Spiritual snobbery” and judgment on everything that is going on and if you are not doing what everyone else is doing  then you’re “bad” or “doing something wrong”….step away from that crap and know that the ONLY person you need to consult with is YOU and your body. If you need sugar, your Nervous System is taking in extensive energies. If you are drinking more and more water and its not alkaline, purified, gentrified; you are still a good person! Please take with a grain of Salt what is happening out there and step into the MYRIAD of dimensions within guiding you in EVERY moment of your transformation.


We are in the GREATEST shift of our Lives.  So much Love, Peace and Courage Starseeds!

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