March 5, 2018



We are now on the verge of some seriously massive, transformative, NEW, multidimensional energies planet Earth has never seen before. It's here to activate ALL of us into a deeper knowing and aspect of ourselves. March is activating deep cellular knowing and sacred knowledge held in our newly formed DNA and cellular structures. The last few years were about clearing these old grid and timelines so this new activation could come “online” within us….this is the time. This is it.


February was about releasing the density within our cells and organs so we could acclimate easier to this frequency coming in March. January and February were emotionally BRUTAL and hardcore when it came to acknowledging our hidden traumas, anger, resentment, jealousy and envy that we held deep within our cellular structures and organs. The Solar Plexus took a beating as the Gallbladder and Liver had to release DEEP anger and resentment not only from this life but from old residual lifetimes of brutality, pain, disappointments and self loathing; this brought out the EGO and shadow personalities in us like NEVER before. February forced us to make peace and Ctrl Alt Delete all old emotional baggages that kept us “imprisoned” to old ways of being; this was the massive PUSH needed to move beyond old concepts of our survival mechanisms. It was a month of MASSIVE clearing. The Plexus now has new meridians and Chakras in the side of the stomach which is retuning how we physically AND spiritually digest our new realities; the hologram of our new realities have now gone up in frequency so now the body has to match or it will not be able to function. This brought on Digestive issues, nausea, pain in the stomach and sacral region. For women, our periods changed a bit, it either got really heavy and painful or you were menstruating less than normal. For the men it brought out sexual frustrations and aggressiveness that stemmed from childhood traumas. Deep clearing of the Male and Feminine energies within all of us.




I've been realizing so many people (including myself) complaining about the Gallbladder so I went in and asked what was going on. The Gallbladder is the organ that controls our wise judgment and our ability to break things down in our lives. We then make sense of that incoming information in order for us to ACT. If we do not have a proper handle on how to judge or make sense of things we can't properly "digest" things in our lives. What's happening is that old anger, resentment, and bitterness are being PROCESSED by the Gallbladder and it's pushing you to let it go or stay stuck. We have no choice but to let it go unless we want the organ cut out of us. I'm no doctor; I solely speak from an energetic standpoint and if you feel guided to seek alternative care please listen to your body. With the upgrade of the new HUman body our organs can't upgrade with old beliefs, fears, and EMOTIONS. We worked really hard in January and February to make peace with the EGO as it was going through a sort of “death”. Our Ego was created to tell us right from wrong, survival, and a bridge to how we needed to ACT and BE based on a 3rd Dimensional system; this system is now dying so the ego has nothing to hang onto anymore. Feelings of envy, jealousy, possessiveness and a war of negative energies swept over us. A lot of people were saying they were having “evil” thoughts, feeling attacked, not acting like themselves, fear, weird energies around them and even their pets were acting weird. Not only were you dealing with your own inner turmoil  but the turmoil of the collectives; so it was INTENSE! The symptoms were some of the most intense symptoms I’ve felt in a pretty long time I think because these symptoms dealt deeply with the mental and our shadow emotions. Sharp pain in the brain, pressure around the head and Third-Eye Chakra, the nape of the neck, ears feeling like you were under water or hearing high pitch frequencies, TONS of Throat Chakra stuff as we were being PUSHED to be honest with others and ourselves. Depression, deep sadness, loathing and anger. When the frequencies change we are going to feel it first in our heads and feet/legs, then it makes its way into our Chakras to clear, upgrade and attune. The Symptoms were PLENTY and INTENSE.





March is going to bring a DEEP purging and Spirit is calling on all of us to release the anger, resentment, and bitterness once and for all. So those that need to hear your truth will hear it, those that have taken advantage of you will hear it, parents who have abused their power and us will hear it, old lovers having the nerve to pop back into our lives will hear it...March is bringing out the BEAST and whoever is in the way of that beast called your stored trauma and pain will be PROCESSED. We are READY for the New, we have done the hard work to stand FULLY in our truth, to stand FULLY in our awakened bodies and consciousness….WE. HAVE. DONE. THE. WORK. Now is the time to play with creation and our God Creator abilities; however your New Earth looks to YOU! March is going to feel like you’re a baby learning to walk for the first time, these new energies are going to feel weird but remember that you know how to walk in these new “shoes”! You are ancient beings from ALL over the Galaxy; access the portals of your being and play with your new powers; create a higher frequency world. How does it feel to think it and seconds later it is yours? How does it feel to put your hand on ANY part of your body and heal in seconds? To have unlimited abundance? To communicate with like-minded brothers and sisters from all over this Universe and share our knowledge to create a better world together?


It’s ALL happening RIGHT NOW…We’re here. We're doing it! It's an honor to be here with you on New Earth...we made it!

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