February 1, 2018


As the Super Blue Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse sweeps Earth the energy shift is palpable. It is deep and laced with change and transformation. At 11 degrees in Leo this Super Moon is about our mental, instant manifestation and shifting our thoughts from a linear 3rd Dimensional perspective to a much higher 5th and higher Dimensional perspective. It is asking us to be present with our thoughts as new strokes of creation takes over our lives. This shift is transparent and a significant omen for the year to come. We have 5 Eclipses this year….this is only the beginning! We are going to be stretched, pulled and squeezed in ways we have never expected BUT there will be an overwhelming sense of ease, Joy and happiness we also haven’t felt in quite a long time.  


January forced us to nest and take it easy and at first I couldn’t understand the deep “push” that came over me to “lock everything down”. It felt like we were going to war and in many ways January brought out the good, the bad and the ugly. It brought us into a deep mind warfare that questioned our purpose, our motives and strength for this next MASSIVE leg of the race. If you are a sensitive you probably felt as if you were going mad with racing thoughts, negative thoughts, foggy mind, unable to concentrate, depression, feeling sorry for yourself and a general feeling of “this is not how I wanted to start my year” nostalgia. We were picking up so much from the Collective Unconsciousness. The Collective is now feeling what we’ve been feeling since before 2012. January was a month of massive influx of Psychic Attacks and extreme sensitivities.



I remember being hit with anxiety that I haven’t had in YEARS. To take the bus or a subway took everything in my arsenal that I’ve learned over the years. A few months ago I wrote that we would be returning back to basics and January was why. It pushed us to get into our meditation practices, to drop all illusions of fear and raise our vibration whenever we felt attacked or lost is the fog of all the massive symptoms that shook us to our core. Our bodies and minds will continue to be activated well into Summer has this is the year where our Galactic and Universal Multidimensional team (including the Planets and Solar System) pushes us and aid us like never before. This is the year where EVERYTHING starts to shift right in front of our eyes. As I am writing Spirit is urging me to say that you are not sick; how we view sickness and disease has to change as we go through MASSIVE configuration to the body. You will feel at times like your body is falling apart and If you are feeling unwell see where your thoughts and energy vibration are clashing and creating a discord within your mind and body; don’t get caught up on 3D titles and terminologies. More and more Multidimensional Healers are coming into the health care system put this will take a few years for us to fully see this. In the meantime YOU are the healers and alchemist you’ve been waiting for. Your thoughts have to change in order for this to become smooth, for this to get easier; you cannot live in a new reality with old thoughts…it just won’t work.



January also brought on an a influx of FLU (Frequency Light Upgrades) that knocked us out cold with flu like symptoms, hot and cold flashes, Heart Chakra upgrades, new Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root grids that are transforming the Chakras to function in a much “higher” energy system that is our Lightbodies. Our Throat Chakra is our alchemy center of creation, what we speak manifest into physical form. This center got activated and we felt it with symptoms of bronchitis, coughing, sore throat, tense neck and dry coughing.


February will be about getting back into the flow and testing our newly integrated multidimensional selves. Coming into our power is a big theme and learning to TRUST the process will become more prominent has the months leading up to Summer 2018 Eclipses teach us how to create and “move” within this new Timeline.  You’ve been through a lot; I know, February is asking us to shift and bring new movement into our lives; whether this be a home, travel, a job, an attitude or a thought-form we got to shift to flow with the intense movement of the next level of our awakening. In February we are making peace with our parents and ancestors so they can guide us from where WE ARE in our journey. We have to come to terms that some will not want to join us on the other side and cannot based on their blueprint. Some simply play the role of bringing you into this reality for you to be the person you are meant to be and that’s it. Some parents are in the last phase of teaching you valuable lessons needed on your journey that they cannot follow you on and we must make peace with that. As the energies accelerate it is getting extremely intense on the body and the mind some need us to show them who we really are; teach them to meditate, do energy work on them, have conversations of New Earth with them! I remember listening to a conversation my Dad was having with a group of Jehovah Witnesses and after they left I said do you believe in what they are saying? He said no, I just like sitting down and discussing Spiritual stuff ; I had no Idea he was into this school of thought! He now supports me through being a vessel of calm for me, he teaches me how to let the “dead” things go; he’s never played this role before.



February will bring out the emotions and you may feel like you are “re-feeling” old wounds. Don’t be discouraged or scared that you are bringing the energy back into your life; you’re not. Your shadow is not going anywhere so I would make peace or better yet get to know your dark side with no guilt, no anger and no judgment! When you learn to work with the shadows you get out of the self hate, self sabotage, and self loathing. Our dark or shadow pushes us to FEEL and be authentic; they are amazing teachers. Some shadows will not be yours as the masses is projecting big time; know what is yours and what is theirs and clear your energy field a few times a day. 


February shows us a new horizon and it FEELS different, it LOOKS different. YOU look and feel different. Take your time and be PRESENT. This is a time like no other. We are here. We are living in a time that will be in the history books and YOUR role is needed more than ever; step into it fully!



So much Love and Peace Starbeings!  

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