January 24, 2018


January came through BRUTALLY honest. It was a time to process and lay the seed for what we need to accomplish in 2018. January made you aware of your deepest wishes that you planted with the powerful Eclipse Energy in August of 2017. If you worked with your shadow in the Summer of 2017, January was "easy" but if you still hold on to old grids of how you use to maneuver yourself in this reality, January was a wake-up call of mass proportions.


January 31st, 2018: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


There will be a SuperMoon Eclipse in "Get it done" or better yet "Get your mind right" Leo and it is going to be HUGE. January brought on massive "let it go" energies that sparked us to get out of the mental and into the feeling realm. It was brutally real and raw and the Eclipse Supermoon is going to DRIVE those old feelings, experiences, traumas, stuck feeling right out of you. Capricorn started the New Year with questions and Aquarius is here to answer the call. These next few weeks don't let your emotions get the best of you. Don't forget why you are here and the bigger picture at ALL times. When you are tempted to go back to the old ways of doing things remember that you've been there and the memories coming up is releasing those old grids out of your body. This is an 11 Master year of Instant Manifestation and Abundance but this means your fears and worries will also be manifested if you are not GROUNDED and PRESENT in your thinking. It should be the year of ALL of our dreams; if you are not feeling this then see where you are holding on to thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you.


The Eclipse is going to purge us rapidly and DEEPLY both physically and mentally.It's going to be EMOTIONAL. Some were feeling the manic over-thinking, excessive thoughts and energies in January and some will feel it in February as these Light codes coming down assist with the crazy. The wounded healer in ALL of us is showing us where we need to still heal and where we need to forgive.I said in my Forecast that March will bring us some reprieve; but not much. This year is PACKED and I've said it before that in my opinion, 2018 is easy compared to what awaits us in 2019 and 2020. So this is the year to get our shit and focus right and tight.

We were hit with the FLU (Frequency Light Upgrades) as Lisa Brown likes to put it in January. These light codes are clearing out our Throat Chakra which is our alchemy center, this is where we create and this has to be transmutated in order to create from the NEW. Lots of coughing, bronchitis, sore throat, coughing up phlegm, hard to speak at times were all symptoms of January's recalibration of the Throat Chakra.


It also hit the Heart HARD to clear out old fears and stuck or unresolved emotions; Heart palpitations, pneumonia, chest sensations, heart feeling heavy (These symptoms may feel like a heart's not, but use your power of discernment and check it out by a Doctor to clear your mind of worries). The Brain and Nervous System were on level 100! Foggy thoughts, issues with concentration, feeling manic in your thoughts, excessive thinking, forgetfulness, can't speak at times until the upgrades are complete, pressure in the head and neck, Third-eye pressure ( These symptoms resemble a Stroke, you are not having a stroke but please use your discernment and get checked out if you feel worried or anxious about what is happening).



There's a lot going on and I'll go deeper in my February Vibrations Forecast! I'm BARELY touching the surface of what is really going on and the more I type the more comes up LOL! Be grounded, rest when possible and TRUST yourself through these massive changes entering your life. Remember you deserve this new life!


So much Love and Peace Starseeds!

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