January 25, 2018



Happy New Beginning!


We have now entered the most POWERFUL and TRANSFORMATIVE Era in human history; we are here, we’ve made it!  Everything has been leading us to THIS time; getting us mentally, physically and spiritually ready to step into a time foreseen from the beginning of time. We were sent down here for THIS time on Earth.


2018-2020 is about stepping fully into our Divine roles as Beings of High Consciousness, Magic, and Power. 2018 has arrived and it is about to be the year that shakes everything up to its CORE. It is a master number year which means that the vibration of this year not only runs HIGH but it is an 11 year of Manifestation, Higher Consciousness and Creating and DOING your Soul purpose. It is a becoming year and stepping FULLY into what you came here to BE and DO. Class is over and now it’s time to step into the Multidimensionality of New Earth. January will be the “set up” month as everything in the old timeline crumbles; old systems based on fear, greed, patriarchy and hate are dismantling and it will seem like a “shit show” for awhile but don’t get caught up with that old Timeline, keep your thoughts and actions on a new way of being because as it collapses we are building anew. Our Divine Mother is working with teams of Light, Goddesses, Gods, Deities, The Elementals and Animals in a shakeup you are incarnated to be apart of and be a witness to. 2018 is our turn. Divine Mother and our Galactic Family have been transmuting, building, shedding and ACTIVATING our potential and inner KNOWING for the past few years and now, we’re up. January and February will be showing you a myriad of options for your new life and new experiences; you can’t go wrong, just go “new”! Go in the direction that makes you a bit nervous, its ok , nervousness is excitement on coffee!  Pay attention to the synchronicities that flow into your life; show up and be PRESENT because you are manifesting and creating INSTANTLY now.




The next three years are going to be powerful and life transforming. We have stepped into a portal that is totally “governed” by our Galactic Family and this means HIGHLY charged energy streams, revelations, collapses of old systems and energy grids LIKE NEVER BEFORE.  December forced us to rest and put most of us under a spell of sleep so our bodies could integrate this new life force; it was a powerful upgrade needed for this New beginning. If you weren’t sleeping in December you were thinking about sleep and rest; it was no joke. December was purposefully working on upgrading our Nervous System and Brain to be able to fully participate in this new energy. It was intense with many new Ascension symptoms. Ear Chakras are opening to hear and translate the new frequencies, the gums and teeth are our transmitters of the incoming energies so when we have discomfort here let the energy run through you. A lot of sickness and Illness may come up from your cellular memories to be cleared once and for all; please, do not OWN these illnesses or diseases.



The last 12 years I was in and out of the Hospital with everything from a shutdown bladder that I had to wear a catheter taped around my legs for a month because specialists and Doctors had no idea how to heal or why it was even happening. The lost of many children through miscarriages and stillbirths, pneumonia in both lungs,  gallbladder issues and Iron so low my doctor wondered how I was seriously still alive; it was rough. But in those 12 years of going through tremendous pain I had no idea it was “preparing” me for my role here. I write these reports and do energy healing because it is my PASSION. I speak from a place of knowing. I have been a healer in many lives and this is who I AM on the other side. I had to transcend my old limiting beliefs about my worth and my purpose; I was carrying a lot guilt in my cellular memory.  Through the pain and tears and wanting to give up many times; I healed myself. I learned and went into parts of my consciousness and spoke to the sickness and realized they have their own consciousness and purpose to push YOU into your mastery. I’m not saying this to scare you but I went through it to let you know that you do not have to go through it like I did; make peace with your old aspects, love whatever ails you deeply, thank that lifetime for what it taught you and release it once and for all, thank it for teaching you and BUILDING you; then release it and welcome in the NEW.  December brought on a lot of illnesses for us to clear out of our cellular memories once and for all so you can live fully PRESENT and clear in your Lightbodies. Here’s a powerful invocation I got from siSTAR Judy Satori:


“With the Power of God that I AM, I release you (pain, illness, disease) with love, Now and Forever, And so it is (3x), Amen”.



When I was getting ready to write this New Beginning report Goddess Pele came to me in meditation and wanted me to relay a message about 2018. Burn everything down. Just joking; not literally! Pele’s lava created the island of Hawaii and she is the Goddess of Passion, Purpose and Transmutation through fire. She says that 2018 will be a year where you burn away your old stories, old believes, old fears and old timelines of people, places and things that do not vibrate with your new frequency anymore. The next few years are about living your Soul Purpose from a place of HAPPINESS and JOY. Purge the old and let your PASSION rebuild your new reality. A lot of changes will be happening to us this year and the intensity will feel and look different but you have been preparing for this for a very long time and you are ready. Trust the process and trust yourself that you are guided and are ok at ALL times. LET GO and trust that what is on the other side is EVERYTHING you have ever wished and hoped for.


Happy New Beginnings!

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