December 1, 2017



So, we are here on the precipice of 2018 and we can’t help but to look at everything we have endured in 2017. It was an EPIC year for new beginnings, rebirths and death of the old; 2017 was DEEP.  2017 was a test run to see how we would handle the next few years because it is going to be a ride like we have never experienced here on Earth and Spirit wants us ready. Our shadows came out to play in 2017 and how we viewed “dark” and “light” as it pertained to our deep emotions and our thought processes; we got the experiences to go with it too. Lots of death/ending energies swept through our lives but how we grounded it and transformed it showed our growth into higher, multidimensional consciousness. We did good! 2018 is a year to BUILD and hold the vibration of your new reality. 2018 will be a test of your inner journey to collapse the matrix WITHIN so you can rebuild out "THERE". You are about to be witness to two different worlds and abilities to RECREATE like the bad-ass God Creators you really are….our Star family are saying we are ready…it's go time.


November was very intricate and played our potentiality like a fiddle; how deep could we go? How transparent could we be? November put the last 12 years to the test; we’ve been through “hell” and back so now that you are out of the fire how have you changed and how is your life a WITNESS to that change? How we use to do things drastically changed and if we tried to do it like the past it wouldn’t work or it would quickly collapse. November brought on new symptoms dealing mostly with the head and the rewiring of our brain and nervous system. We had vision problems, dizziness, nausea, nerve issues, extreme exhaustion, not motivated has our bodies went offline to do its upgrades. The list was endless with physical ailments has the next phase of Ascension entered into overdrive. The Universe guided us through November by transitioning planets into Scorpio for Deep introspection, purging, fears, sexual reconnection to the physical body and taking a deep look at who and what we came here to be. This made our emotions enter into overdrive as Scorpio asked us to stop being fake and step into our authenticity; however that looked for YOU. November didn’t come to play with your fears and insecurities; it came to show you the illusion of it.



December brings in a seductive energy of new dimensions for us to play with. December gets fun and interesting! In order to transform and step into the NEW, you must come out of your old stories. These are the stories that you use to tell yourself and others that "characterizes" you from an old system deliberately created to make you hate yourself, doubt yourself, doubt your magic, inauthenticity and that builds false illusions of a matrix we were once stuck in. Dropping old stories brings your consciousness to new possibilities of how your life can be without the doctrine of ANYBODY or ANYTHING but your personal joys and happiness. The first step is to change your beliefs. Re-evaluate EVERYTHING you have been told. The second step is to look into your trauma and the connection that it has with connecting you to a Higher Consciousness and beliefs that you hold from past incarnations that have seeped their way into THIS incarnation. Because these are two completely different energy timelines in many cases the DISCONNECT causes trauma, illness, and discomfort in your CURRENT incarnation. So it has to be looked at and finally released for new experiences to come into your life. The third step, is to step out of this reality and enter the reality of your Soul. This one is hard because you're going to have to step out of what you see out "THERE" and step into the truth of your Soul which is the realm of the unseen by anyone else but you. This goes back to step two and clearing old traumas of needing validations of any kind. Ascension is a personal journey and although we are doing this mission with Mama Gaia she needs US to get right first before we can assist her with anything. This is self-mastery in motion and a return to "her" Divine Femininity. Once you start to master these steps, you master your ability as God Creators thus mastering Creating here on Earth; it's quite fascinating and life transforming.



Spirit wants me to really irradiate something important. What is happening out “THERE” IS A COLLAPSE OF AN OLD SYSTEM. We can now SEE what is really happening and transform it; now is the time Warriors of Light to not play small but play SMART. The race you are, the culture you are born into the sex and gender you play in this lifetime has EVERYTHING to do with the transformation of Earth; you must OVERSTAND this in order to TRANSMUTE this. This work could not happen 100 years ago because the planet was still under the spell of illusions. Now, we know the old system kept us docile and weak on purpose because if we knew the REAL power we possessed they couldn’t perpetrate their agenda; that’s now over.


The New Year brings hope for the future. 2018 is the year of new beginnings and re-defining the possibilities of how New Earth looks for you. It is time to play, deliberately manifest and come back to JOY. You’ve done the work Dear Ones, we now ask for you to step into your power and welcome in the NEW! Happy BECOMING Star Beings!




Author’s Note:


Thank you so much Star Family for your support and love you have shown my work in 2017! I am so grateful to be here co-creating and watching this transformation happen; what a brilliant time and space we are currently in! Thank you for connecting with me and my words on a Soul level and here’s to many more Forecast for the future. Thank you!


Infinite Love and Peace,



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