November 7, 2017



October came through and COLLAPSED so many old grids and timelines within us that it had some of us in a dazed and confused head space. October was MASSIVE in completing a 12 year cycle. Its been a rough and bumpy ride and a lot of us are coming to terms with this completion. Who are we without our pain? Who are we without the struggles? Who are we without the constant road blocks? As we step fully into our new “roles” it’s going to take time to fully grasp our Infinite power to create from our magic. October showed us this through HUGE waves of new symptoms that activated our DEEP truths and awakened old cellular memory of these truths. It was rough. On the other hand so many new opportunities and new outlooks entered into our lives.This is a time now of Joy, Happiness and stepping fully into the New! 


October came in STRONG to guide us fully into New Earth and the mirrors that October reflected back to us weren’t always easy to look at. October 11th Jupiter went into Scorpio to end a 12 year cycle of hardship and a lot of growing pains. The last 12 years were some of the hardest years for our physical and mental advancement. For those of us that just came out of the fire of transmutation this new phase will bring you a sense of completion AND a jump-start into your new way of being and “seeing” for 2018. It was painful as parts of us that have been dormant came “online”. New energy symptoms chook us to our core; literally. As new grids activated within us this made a lot of us feel out of it, nauseous, physically sick, depressed and extremely anxious; the residue of our 3rd Dimensional mind interprets these symptoms until our HIGHER mind takes control to offer us comfort and to remind us that EVERYTHING is in order.



November is going to be a head rush. It’s going to have us in a head space where we are trying to make sense of things but the true revelation is to TRUST your BECOMING! It is going to be a rush of fast paced energies and feeling like you are not “here”. In actuality you are not “here” but everywhere working on many different timelines at once and this will bring confusion or “stroke” like symptoms as this affects our Nervous System; get checked out by a doctor if you need peace of mind. These new energies are no joke. These are the new energies coming in now as the next phase of transmutation to the physical body has begun. November shows us that we are not the same people and how we CREATE and LIVE is a completely NEW energy we are currently living in; nothing is as it was. November will bring up flashbacks of old energies and thoughtforms as you step fully into the new you. Don’t be afraid or disappointed if old experiences or even people from your past are popping up; this is NEEDED to reset and GROUND your new grids and your consciousness is making sure that this is what you truly want. You know the work you have done to get HERE, don’t let ANYTHING or ANYONE  sway you; you have done the work. You deserve your new life.


November and December are going to bring up your traumas and past lives memories that are connected to your traumas. We are not living in a time where we are clearing karma and Dogma’s from our Past Lives anymore, this is a life where the WISDOM of those lives plays an important role in who you are and who you are BECOMING. Drop the old stories. You’ve held on to them for THOUSANDS of years; this is a NEW time in creation.  Our bodies are changing DRASTICALLY into our new Crystalline “upgraded” bodies. The symptoms of October will carry on into November as our bodies change from a dense, carbon “prototype” once needed to be here on a dense Earth. This is no longer as we have done the work to shift Earth into higher dimensions; now our bodies have to reflect this shift. To “operate” on this higher grid our innate powers that we came from the Stars with is now coming ONLINE. This has been happening for years but we are truly feeling it now. This is a HUGE and INTENSE time in creation and we have to go through it to prep us for the upcoming few years. It is like nothing you’ve ever experienced and we are about to have some out this world experiences.



I want to leave you with this family of light. Your “reality” is a direct reflection of your outer world. Your reality is a hologram of an old matrix of what WAS not what IS and it is important to ALWAYS come back to your HIGHER MIND when you want to reset your reality. Following your Intuition and being in Meditation DAILY will guide you through this. The experiences and people who are “vibing” in your new dimensional reality will be drawn to you like a magnet. When you are creating from your Higher Mind manifestation is INSTANT. WE ARE LIVING IN A TIME LIKE NEVER BEFORE. It is ok if you get confused, anxious or depressed as OLD grids fall away; it won’t last forever. October brought on symptoms of dizziness, nausea, massive stomach and organ pain, headaches, weakness, confusion, EXHAUSTION, painful body symptoms, blurry eyes, blurry speech, lots of Heart Chakra pain…the List goes on and on, as I said our bodies have and are undergoing MASSIVE recalibrations. Our neighboring Planets and Solar system are helping us with this intense shift; this is the BIGGEST project that our Universe has ever undergone and ALL “hands” are on deck with New Earth! This is how POWERFUL you are to be here right now; your role is HUGE!



It’s you. It has always been you. The one that came down to transform a Earth taken over by hate and greed. You, Dear One are the key. You hold the Power and the Magic to transform this reality by realizing you are capable of transgressing anything you feel has a hold on you. Thousands of years of getting you ready for THIS moment. I know it is scary. I know it is uncomfortable. I know it is disheartening at times but YOU came here for this because YOU are the best of the best in your field of magic and power. Source chose YOU to save HUmanity. YOU. WERE.MADE.FOR.THIS. Please, remember who you are. Brilliant Entity of the Stars and pure Light. You are lacking nothing. Everything resides in the Consciousness of your Soul. Blessed November fellow Starseeds! Blessed BECOMING! As always, its an honor to be co-creating with you.  

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