October 2, 2017



We have now entered the biggest shift in our awakening and October will be the start of a myriad of new energies streaming to New Earth. We are currently experiencing one of the most POWERFUL transformative shifts that catapults us into 5th Dimension and beyond; we are here and it is about to get so real here on planet Earth. Summer was about testing us to see how willing we were to actually receive what we truly wanted in our new reality, it was about letting go of dead things that wasn’t working anymore for you or your life. September was about purging and reprogramming; it urged you to try new things, people and experiences to test your skills for the upcoming MASSIVE recalibration from October into the New Year where we will enter into a totally new paradigm, life is getting interesting and fun!


September brought out the key “players” and the roles they would now be playing in your life. If they tested you and brought out your shadow side how did you react with your new higher consciousness? These key players entered your life in September to make you remember who you truly are and what you are here to truly do; keep them close because they play major roles in your future. They push you to be your best whether they are aware of it or not. I’ve realized that a lot of our Spirit tribe have reconnected with us from the Stars and they illuminate our capabilities and our DEEP sense of TRUE self; helping to FULLY merge our Higher Self aspects. This was a HUGE paradigm shift I was witnessed to in September.  September PUSHED our raw hidden emotions to be dissected; You’re not jealous you see aspects of yourself in that person. You are not angry you are purging old residual grieve, you are not lost you are becoming a new Human being made to hold light and magic like NEVER before; you see how a shift in how you see things changes the flow of it? This will be AMPLIFIED in October.



Yes, it was brutally painful in September because our bodies are now being transformed more than ever. We have entered into a new Vibration and will continue to do this for the next few months so our bodies are now catching up in its reprogramming. Last month the first three Chakra’s were doing A LOT of work and  sleep was underrated because we just couldn’t get enough. The Root was changing the course of what reality we were able to ground into; now you are able to ground into much higher dimensions; you’ve been doing this all summer and will continue into the New Year. Mother Gaia was also recalibrating her Root, hence the weather we’ve been having. This causes dizziness, confusion, feeling ungrounded and a sense of not feeling “here”.  Our Sacral re-routed our creativity, passions and our sense of self. We are not the same person so now the Sacral has to now shift the way it functions; this brought on weird menstrual cycles for the females, experiencing a wide range of emotions,  panic attacks and anxiety. You might have been a little friskier than usual also; blame your Sacral!  The Plexus was going through HUGE recalibration to ground our new sense of purpose and power. This brought on stomach pain, weird sensations in the abdominal area, organs hurting and feeling like they were expanding, tense and painful back aches, nausea, extreme bloating, not wanting to eat because we didn’t want to disturb our tummies, it was very sensitive. The amount of energy streaming in gave us headaches, migraines, bouts of extreme dizziness, walking into things was big! Weird pain in certain area of the head, confusion, feeling disoriented and the list goes on. We have always had busy dream times but now we are becoming aware of what truly goes on when we sleep. Once we are asleep we get to the DEEP work that cannot be done (yet) in this physical reality. We re-group with our Spiritual team, get the scoop on what is happening and how we are playing out our roles; what needs to change, what do we need to keep doing. Your friends and family are also at these “meetings” when you sleep because we are ALL collectively co-creating. If you need to heal and recalibrate you go into healing chambers where your organs and body go through metamorphoses of healing; our Star family the Arcturians assist with this healing since they are the Master Healers; you can call on them whenever you are experiencing pain and unease. We go to the Akashic records with our Guides and download massive loads of information needed for the next step of your journey. You speak with your Ancestors of the light for support and encouragement. And, you have private meetings with Mother and Father God for support or just a loving hug! You are doing ten times more work in your dreamtime than in your waking life; this is the reason for the “weird” dreams, burning up or feeling really cold when we sleep, feeling like we are being attacked at times or waking up EXHAUSTED.



October will be about transparency and being deliberate in how we co-create with the Collective consciousness. We are all playing an important role in creating New Earth and we each bring to the big picture our own piece of uniqueness and magic. October will shed light on how you maneuver your magic in the world and let you see just how important you are; not only in grounding your wisdom and talents into this timeline but how you collectively weave your magic with others. It is a time of reflective observation and being accountable for your greatness; you are not a mistake but an intricate piece to the puzzle of co-creating dimensions and experiences of higher vibrational living never seen on Earth before. You, Dear Ones are the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last…the Beginning and the End. I can’t begin to express how powerful you are and how you play such a pivotal role in ALL of this. When the pain gets tough as it will in the next few months, as you tear down the old aspects of what you once were, as all your past lives begin to make sense and show you the EPIC role that has led you into the HERE and NOW; then you will truly see that you are the embodiment of God in motion. This is self mastery. This is the beginning of your new story; take the pen of life and WRITE Starseeds!

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