September 2, 2017




In the infinity of life where I am, All is perfect, whole and complete, I no longer choose to believe in old limitations and lack, I now choose to begin to see myself. As the Universe sees me — perfect, whole, and complete.


-Louise Hay



We are in a time of massive changes and we are feeling a bit overwhelmed right now as our whole world is being rewired. August was hard-hitting, fast, dense, honest, and full of shadows and experiences that showed us where we needed the most work. August was over the top intense with finally collapsing timelines that can no longer exist in this new HIGH frequency vibration. If you felt “off”, overwhelmed, stressed, relationship, work and personal turmoil was showing you where you cannot reside any longer. Where are you hanging on for dear life and it is just not working? THAT’S what collapsing right now.


August was a time of really deep lessons, integration and Timeline collapses. With the Solar Eclipse and the planets aligning to RESET and integrate new timeline grids within us; creating new experiences, new lifestyles and a more magical way of living our everyday lives. August brought the heat and kept REPEATING the same experiences over and over again with different shades of grey but nevertheless the same energy into your life to FINALLY get you to “see” what can longer work for you. With these intense personal lesson we were going through deep integration on the inside with heat/cold flashes has our cellular memory discharged and re-attuned new information. The head got hit massively with energy causing dizziness, not being able to hold conversations, eye, throat and jaw/teeth issues. Colours seem sharper and clearer, a lot of people have been seeing shadows, beings of light, ghost and entities from all dimensions especially after the powerful eclipse.


August PUSHED us to step out of our comfort zone and September will bring “newness” to the center for what you now want to create. It will feel a bit…A BIT calmer in September has the energy of August flies off with half our sanity; kidding…or Am I?! We WORKED in August, really went deeply into our Shadow and saw what we were afraid to see; we HAD to look at it deeply and compassionately, we had no choice unless we wanted to remain in that stuck, nasty, dense energy. What did the Eclipse teach you? What came to the forefront of your life? What fell away? What gifts emerged? THIS is the energy you will be perfecting and really analyzing in September. August was an emotional shit-show. September will be the balancing and MOLDING of that shit-show *side-eye*.





Question your actions in September and really ask yourself why you do what what you do. How does it make you feel? What abundance does it bring into your life? What can you do better? Who AND what are you comparing yourself to? Why? The Solar Plexus is the seat of our core feelings and how we interact with the world with those core emotions. We give and take with this center and August really brought massive healing, recalibrations and downloads to the Plexus.  Our symptoms were off the charts with headaches, dizziness, sore joints, sleeping whenever we could, anxiety/panic attacks, heart palpitations, deep buzzing throughout the body, ascension flu, dry coughing, nausea, stomach pain, adrenal fatigue…the list is endless as we attuned more and more into our new Lightbodies.  Do what makes you feel at peace. Drink plenty of water and find solace in nature and with Mama Gaia elements; water, air, fire and earth.


September is about dropping the illusions. We are in a time of pure magic now and our lives must reflect the changes going on in our Universe. What you see is not what you get in this “reality”, what you FEEL and deliberately intend with your innate Creator abilities is what you get. People and experiences that do not vibrate with your new Timeline will continue to constantly CLASH with you; so release them with love and carry on loves. September is asking you to stop being stubborn, to have a little more faith when it all seems too hard and KNOW you hold the power and the magic within you to create WORLDS! You bring your own unique light to this planet and no one will ever be YOU. No one can create like YOU and this is why you are here beloveds; to put your own spark of divine magic into this world; when life gets overwhelming and hard remember who you are…and what you are capable of doing.

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