August 21, 2017



Ok, What can I say except I TOLD YOU SO!! No, I’m kidding but seriously, are you rocking back and forth in a corner yet?! IT IS INTENSE! We have the Total Solar Eclipse today, 5 planets Retrograde, Ascension energies and a dismantling of an old Dimension. August is the culmination of all the energies from the last 8 months; In ONE month. It is a jammed packed month that is here to transform you on all levels of your being. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Mercury are all Retrograde right now and this means HUGE changes in our lives. I want to break down EXACTLY what this month is trying to do in your life.


Saturn is the planet of karma, restrictions, limitations, insecurities, structure, male energy, selfishness, being stingy, hermit life, wisdom and a tendency to focus on where you are “failing” in life instead of seeing the bravery and courage that got you here. Saturn is teaching us to look further into what makes us tick, what is FALLING apart in your life? What is teaching you some brutally honest lessons right now? What is your Shadow showing you? What area have you held yourself back and why? Under Saturn we can be very hard on ourselves.


Mars (Until 2019 but important aspect) is the god of war; hence, what is happening in our physical world right now. Energy, action, turbulence, desire, anger, survival, sexual desires, ambition, completion, surgeries, you might be feeling a little burnt out with this Planet being Retrograde. Mars is ALL about bringing your shit to light. It is about shedding a light on what’s fake and pretentious and showing the rawness of who you really are. I have been doing massive healing this month on my limiting beliefs, on the lies I’ve been feeding myself out of fear.  Some DEEP sexual energy is sweeping August and if you’re not having sex you’re thinking about sex…BIG TIME! That inner fire, wants to erupt and FEEL every sensation; feel PLEASURE.


Pluto is the sign of subconscious forces (Shadow). Renewal and rebirth, endings and new beginnings, Spiritual growth and transformation. You’re not having it…ANY of it when this planet is Retrograde. You want to be by yourself. Being fake or ‘acting” is too hard right now because of ALL the inner transformations happening within you. You don’t have time for all of that other stuff because you are trying to take care of you…for once.  You want a minute to think, to be silent, to…just be.


Uranus is the planet of our deeply buried fears and anxiety. The "rebel", Inspires wars and revolution, forces us to confront our fear, relentlessness, neurotic behaviour. It's about being tolerate and expansive. Uranus wants us to learn new things, try new things. Change our diets if you are being called to do that (hence the increase of veganism this month). It’s testing our relationship with money and how we sustain ourselves; through fear and lack or through hope and grounded creativity? Doors are opening up for you this month but you have to step out of YOUR OWN WAY!


Neptune is guiding us in our Spirituality! It is the planet of dreams, reality checks, heightened psychic awareness, illusions, having no limits, a time to work on DEEP inner conflicts, a phase of being proactive. Neptune being Retrograde shows us what we have been in denial about and brings about a deep awareness of where we need to shift our focus to achieve what we want. Neptune is the intuitive planet and being Retrograde during August's big shift means we are jumping dimensions and becoming more aware of the energy around us; heads up, this planet is also the planet of confusion so be grounded, meditate and connect with nature to clear your mind and body.  


Mercury, oh our good friend Mercury *insert side-eye*. Mercury is our messenger, rules our communication and our day to day living. Mercury is anxious and curious, the trickster and the translator. Mercury is actually a wonderful teacher. Mercury slows us down, brings us deeper into what dominate emotions  it wants us to dissect. Mercury makes us PRESENT. What is happening NOW, not tomorrow, not in the future but what Is happening in THIS moment.




Then the Total Solar Eclipse. This is a time to “re-create” who you want to be; who you are destined to be. Now, if you look at the 5 Planets you will understand just how the Universe is breaking EVERYTHING apart for you to bring in your new life, your new vision, your Higher Self aspect. Magic is the dominate energy because nothing can be explained with words right now; this is a time of FEELING, INTUITION AND PURE HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS MAGIC!  When I heard the message for this Eclipse season I heard “Cease and Desist”. You can’t do what you have been doing because it will not work. Your new self requires new thoughts, new ways of acting and being, It needs you to stop using personality traits that came from a lower consciousness , that came from fear, that came from not knowing any better. The Universe is giving you the tools; you are in charge of re-creating YOUR Timeline.


How to use this energy: This is a time of deep reflection, meditation and being present with our thoughts. Giving thanks for what was and welcoming in what’s to come. Our Ascension journey is in full throttle now and our physical bodies are feeling this immense shift. Sleep is needed now to recalibrate and upgrade but insomnia is also kicking some of our asses! If you are working, take it easy and be mindful. The next few months until the New Year is bringing in some of the most potent and powerful energies we have ever felt. Trust, believe that something magnificent is happening to humanity despite what you see with your physical eyes. Use your divine tools to assist you such as Crystals, Herbs, Rituals and Mother Gaia. We are living the in the most EPIC time in human evolution and as always, it is an honor to be here with you; co-creating our New World.


Blessings, One Love…Ashe Star Family  

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