August 2, 2017



Who are you now that you’ve uncovered the parts of you that have been hidden for so long? Who are you now that you have made friends with your Shadow Side? Who are you now that the timelines you once grounded yourself in has now collapsed? July was THAT month. July was INTENSE. July came through and unraveled everything that once made sense transforming your sense of self and how you have walked and created in this world.


We have Mercury Retrograde, TWO Eclipse’s and the Lion’s Gate sweeping August and it is going to be an Epic time for more self-discovery, grounding this new Timeline and Ascending further into Higher Vibrations/Dimensions. I will be writing a Part 2 to this forecast later in the month to delve deeper into the energies of August.


Let’s first talk about how July came through and slapped the sleep from our eyes! July brought the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus to the forefront for transformation. this was HUGE because these are our Emotional Chakras. Everything to do with how we interpret our realities, trauma and our perception of self come from these Chakra’s.  The Root Chakra brought up abundance issues in regards to money and our future. What are we working towards? Is our hard work being seen and respected? Are we paid what we KNOW we deserve? Why are we broke tho? It was a feeling of going, going, going and not seeming to be moving or creating fast enough. Abundance issues came up a lot in July for us to remember that we can now drop the Martyr role a lot of us have ingrained in our cellular memory from past life traumas. It doesn’t have to be hard for you to have a good outcome; you don’t have to starve to deserve food to eat; you don’t have to be sick to be a worthy healer. You don't have to be broke to be deserving of riches. 




Our Sacral brought on weird sensations in the lower stomach and ovaries for women and emotional issues of being and needing love for a lot of men. Our worth and how we reject parts of ourselves based on our traumas and massively corded timelines that were rooted in self sabotage, rejection, not being good enough, resentment (towards a female energy in our lives; present and past).  A lot of my clients in July had massive amounts of Ancestral cording in their Sacral Chakra causing them to second guess their purpose here and if they are “set up” to succeed in this life. The sexual energy was through the ROOF in July; it brought a sense of deeply yearning for something deep and meaningful (take your head out of the gutter!). We yearned for deep connections and a sense of deeply belonging to…something. The Solar Plexus brought in the power tug-of-war along with MASSIVE amounts of stomach issues sending a lot of people to the Dr.’s and to the hospital; talk about “rebooting” the system. The stomach is the seat of our deep unresolved issues; so of course the ANGER came out, being on edge, being set off by the simplest of things. July was dense, exhausting, triggering, painful and NON stop with the intense range of emotions.


We are in a completely new Timeline and if you don’t feel it you are living under a rock! Life as we know it, is now gone. How you breath, think and act is becoming different as the energies demand a new you. The Heart, Throat, Third-Eye and Crown Chakra’s are our Creation Portals. So, we felt this in July. Our Heart had massive downloads of new information; if you connected with your heart you made decisions much more easily and clearly. Our Throats spoke our wants into the tangible. What spells were you speaking into existence? Our Third-Eye saw it, molded it and moved it out instantly. These were some of the Symptoms that came along with this upgrade:


  • Headaches and pressure in the middle of the head and at the side where our Pineal gland resides

  • Dizzy, wobbly, feeling “off”, Blurry eyes,

  • Psychic attacks as our “system” was being upgraded, “evil” thoughts, feeling petty and revengeful without fully knowing why

  • Throat was dry and a lot of us had colds, sore throats, coughs

  • Heart palpitations, pressure,  feeling like you were about to have a heart attack, breathing issues, middle of the back pain and pressure

  • Sore neck and upper back


  • Feeling raw and extra sensitive to the energies especially if you are an Empath

  • Lots of anger, lashing out, arguments, lack of clear communication, being defensive,

  • At times it was hard to speak or even understand others like language was muffled…this required lots of alone time

  • Getting burned out easily

  • A sense of hopelessness or the complete opposite feeling very hopeful

  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pregnancy symptoms or “Spiritual” Flu symptoms



August. Will. Be. Intense. August, with the help of the Universe is here to MOLD you into the myriad of dimensions that exist WITHIN you. You asked for it, now you’re getting the support to get you there.  August is our side-eye Aunt who’s not about the bullshit but about being REAL and HONEST in what you now DEMAND in your life. You are master creators, builders, alchemists, witches, shamans; THE TIME IS NOW TO STEP INTO YOUR POWER(S).  The veil is thin and ripe with an abundant of new energy from our Galactic Core and Source. Manifestation is now instant if you can hold the vibration long enough; so our thoughts have to be on what we WANT and not on what we FEAR. I can’t express how important this is.  These next few months will take us into such deep aspect of life as we know it that we must do the work NOW to master what we already know. The energies will be very intense but you can handle it; I promise! Work with a routine when the energies hit a high; sleep, deep breathing, stay quiet, make more time to be alone. If you are out in public, Light yourself and call on your Spiritual team to help; they are here more than ever now.


What an honor it is to be here with you at this time in Creation Starseeds…ok, let’s take on August!


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