July 10, 2017


Energy Update: Ok, this Full Moon in Capricorn energy is POWERFUL and DEEP. Today the Sun opposes the planet of the underworld Pluto. This is shining a light on our shadows, what do we need to release? What are we tired of experiencing? What keeps coming up? What old baggages are we finally DONE with?


This energy sweeping the planet in early July is about self-mastering WHO we really are, stand for and what we want to create for our future. I'm finding that the Root Chakra is playing a BIG role in these energies. Yes, we want to create and do BIG things but we have to be grounded and rooted first. We have to make sure that our basic survival is met FIRST. This is bringing up issues of being "Stuck", a feeling of going backwards, having low vibrational emotions and basic 3D shit we would rather not have to worry about. We cannot CREATE on unstable roots; so to get to the Sacral (Creativity), (Worth) we must first tend to our roots, our basic survival, our connectedness to the core of who we are (Root Chakra).


The energy feels dense or hyperstimulated from all the energy sweeping Earth right now. We either want to go, go, go or sleep, be introverted and just be in silence. It's affecting the head and the pineal gland so headaches, feeling floaty, not all "here", dizzy and fatigue may be plaguing you right now. Teeth and gums are extra sensitive to all this energy being downloaded right now. This energy is breaking away the dense part of us that has been blocking the light from entering. Like I said in the July Forecast, we cannot move up the Chakras, the ladder of our lives if we are still carrying old baggages, old beliefs, old ways of acting and being.



We want to feel connected on a deep level to what we are doing, heck to who we are doing! We want the passion, the sensuality and the feeling of deep belonging. To feel this with someone else we have to first connect with ourselves on these levels first. July is intense. It is showing us things we had hidden or ignored, it is rude and feisty. July will be a deeply Honest month and a month of keeping it real. We're tired of the same crap, the same old stories. July is about self-mastery. It's about creating the person you truly want and HAVE to be now.


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