July 1, 2017




There's a natural mystic blowing through the air;

If you listen carefully now you will hear.

            ~Bob Marley


If you barely made it through June please raise your hand!! In May I was asked by my Guides to take June off and at first I was a little annoyed because I had so many responsibilities I had to take care of.  Now on the eve of July I’m rocking back and forth in a corner (Joking!) understanding why they wanted me totally introverted and to myself because mentally, spiritually and especially PHYSICALLY it tested our strength and our willingness to step into this next phase of our Journey. June was honest and it made us get really honest with ourselves and ALL the baggage we have been carrying around. June showed us just how real it’s getting out here on planet Earth; this next act ain’t for the weak, so who did June reveal you to be? THAT’S who you came down here to be. Resilient, magical, transparent and POWERFUL. June proofed that you can handle ANYTHING but you don’t have to carry around the pain anymore, the disappointment anymore, make things hard…anymore.


The intensity of June brought on a MASSIVE wave of timeline collapses and clearing your energy portals (Chakra’s) of old trauma's and stories that cannot and WILL not exist within you anymore.  Old emotions came over us as we did the work to finally release these grids. I had a huge timeline collapse in June where I was reliving a really intense trauma that happened to me years ago. As I was brought to the hospital in excruciating pain I stopped for a second after realizing what was going on and said Holy sh**t! It was the EXACT same night that I was reliving, step by step and I knew I had to fully let this go now because the pain and grief had taught me what it needed to for me to move into the next step of my evolution. June was emotional and intense. The energies sweeping our lives now will become our normal. This is a time of getting in tuned with yourself and how you handle it. Sleep more if you have to, eat what you have to, to feel balanced; step away from "out there" and rebalance yourself accordingly if you have to.  



There’s a MASSIVE awakening happening and I’m guided to ask the “elders” that have been going through this for a few years to step up because your wisdom is needed now more than ever. People are scared. People want to give up and go home, people think they are going crazy as the world they once knew does not exist anymore. I know it is painful for you too but there’s a reason Spirit has been getting you ready. A lot of “Elders” will step out or come out this summer because this is YOUR time to show the way and teach from an ancient wisdom that comes from the Stars. It is a scary time because you cannot deny that we are living and creating new timelines. There’s an increase of your gifts coming out now, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, and clairgustance. Additional gifts are clairempathy and channeling.  being in many different timelines at once (this is why TIME makes no sense and will continue to break down as we no longer use it).  This next step is for the warriors, Yes YOU!


July brings a sense of clarity that we haven’t had in a long time. Passion that we haven’t felt in a long time. A sense of deeply belonging to ourselves. The war that you have been having for years with yourself is now over or is coming to an end and now we are free to really self–express in all capacity. July brings creativity and sensuality; we want to create our lives in ways we have never done before. This month is about YOU for once and not the energies (they’ll still be there!), not your partner, not your outer word but truly about YOU! What can you do for yourself in July that truly sets your Spirit on Fire? Gets you excited? Turns you on?  July is about observing. No one has to know your plans or what your intentions are. Tell the Universe, tell Source, tell your Spirit and let them come together to help you co-create this beauty in July. The energies will continue to be intense my friends but remember you have EVERYTHING in you to handle it, to transform it, to be one with it. Activate your Divine powers and work with it. June brought on so many physical symptoms I can’t list them all here but a few main symptoms were extreme fatigue, the stomach (Solar plexus and Sacral Chakra), The worth and power centers have been going through MASSIVE clearing and recalibration.  When we hold in a lot of light codes/energy we bloat and look huge; we have to make peace with this because the faster you accept it the faster it does what it has to and returns back to “normal”. One minute my face is round and chubby and the next it’s long and lean, when this happens I go for a walk with my dog, drink lots of water or just chill until my body tells me what to do next to give it what it needs. You cannot do anything when these waves are hitting because they literally knock you down. Yes, they are painful, yes, they feel like you are dying, yes, you are tired of it but loves I’m telling you what I’ve realized is when you let it flow it feels better. July won’t be as physically intense but the intense energies are not going away until we are ONE with them and can go on to the next step of our Ascension.



The main theme I’m sensing is drop the baggage and all that crap we’ve been holding on too for so long. It doesn’t fit in with our new system and this will cause illness and disease for you to really let it go; avoid the middleman and just drop it! Get passionate again and know that you are so needed and wanted here for who YOU are. Practice mindfulness and be in the moment because this is where you truly create; remember the past and the future does not exist. That pain that you’re holding on too for dear life; let that go boo. That resentment, that bitterness, that I’m not good enough attitude; LET IT GO. There’s a air of magic and newness sweeping new Earth and you’re the magician! Abracadabra creators.

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