June 5, 2017




“Self-transformation is not just about changing yourself. It means shifting yourself to a completely new dimension of experience and perception.”~Jaggi Vasudev



May was hella intense. June, July and August will also be hella intense. The End. No, but where do I start with the intensity that was May?! May was so intense that we are still feeling it in June; it wanted to torture us a little bit more before it starts to waver off! Let’s break down May because this was actually the beginning of a very deep, introspective and mind-altering energy that will stream into the summer months ahead of us; yes, I’m sorry but this energy is not going anywhere my friends.

May was about the duality we still carry on a deep cellular level within our makeup. A duality that has been set for thousands of years in order to control every aspect of our being. When you control people by setting standards to how they should think, be and act you take them out of their God-given authenticity, their uniqueness, their MAGIC. The energy of duality was STRONG in May as we became undone with what our fake “roles” have always been; we weren’t truly happy in this old paradigm and now we have gateways opening up for us to be completely honest with ourselves. It came crashing down and left many of us in despair, depression, and confusion as the body went through some of its biggest transmutation to date. The duality within us came out in May to show us that we don’t have to hide and pretend anymore; that the time of extreme honesty will create what we want and not what we think we want based on old systems that have ruled us for decades. What came out in you in May that shocked others but freed you from the mental slavery of behaving “right”? What had to be said? Who had to hear your truth so you could be unshackled? Was the truth and honesty you had to share for yourself? When we abide by the duality within ourselves we live in a box that prevents us from being truly creative, truly carefree and truly free to BE and CREATE in this moment. May was a month of “seeing” for the very first time and it knocked a lot of us on our backs with illnesses, diseases, and fatigue as old timelines and grids of duality came crashing down.


I was meditating a few nights ago and saw the past life where I held a great deal of my trauma. The emotions I felt in this past lifetime was one of dread and fear. I went deeper and realized I was holding on to so much fear because my “team” in that life had all died while being completely faithful and loyal to me and our mission to save these text. We were in charge of carrying some important documents across Egypt into safety as a group that wanted this information destroyed tracked us down one by one and killed each member of my coven. While I made it, I lived the rest of my life in pure guilt. In this current life, a lot of my “discomfort” in my body comes from deep fear, worry and not being good enough for even God to trust me with my purpose. I tell you that painful story to share how I got broken apart so deeply in May as some of the deepest physical pain and thoughts came out for me to finally deal with once and for all. This was happening to EVERYONE.

The discomfort and straight PAIN in May had some hospitalized or even wanting to go to a mental institution because of how DEEP what was coming up was for them. This was a VERY important month for healing that will continue on to September. The emotional breakdown of May will continue into June but remember this process is ALWAYS in your hands of how quickly you want to “level up”. Deal with it straight on no matter how hard it is or keep ignore it and your body will find a way for you to deal with it through sickness, mental breakdowns, and diseases. Because diseases and sicknesses are energy blocks within the body that finally needs your attention to heal and carry on. You will not recognize yourself after summer…you just won’t. This is how deep June and the following few months will be.


June is a jump off point of second chances. Now that you have seen what hasn’t worked, what are you going to do to flow with the higher consciousness that has come out of these last few months? Think back to March. How has that unfolded into June? You want to be authentic? Start by keeping it 100 with yourself then jump into going in a direction that brings you the MOST discomfort because it feels so new and refreshing. I promise you will LOVE what you find on the other side. The days of keeping our mouth shut and stuck in situations because that’s what my mama did are OVER! June is about taking a risk, about trying out your new “powers” of creating without a filter of duality.

I’m trying my best to keep this report to two pages but there’s SO MUCH GOING ON!! Ok, let’s talk Ascension symptoms. Because of the deep timeline work that we are currently doing our Stomach is doing the most (insert side eye here). Our Stomach is our Solar Plexus which governs our POWER and the role we feel we play here on Earth. It is also where our Core Star is which is the connection to our ULTIMATE power…Source. This is the center that governs our Divine will, our Blueprint, our badassness so it is no wonder that stomach cramps, lower stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, BLOATEDNESS, an “empty” feeling in the middle of the stomach although you ate, strange sensations, some got ulcers, gallstones and intestinal discomfort or “illnesses” because of the amount of stuff that was coming up through this Center of inner power. It will go away! Just do the work! The Heart has been on high since the year started and this will continue as we go from thinking with the mind to FEELING with our hearts. The head…oh Dear Lord the head. Headaches, weird sensations on either side of the face, Third-Eye Headaches, pressure around the Crown Chakra as downloads intensified. GUMS AND TEETH! Here’s the deal with the gums and these teeth of ours; they are transmitters of energies in our body, so when we get a massive amount of Light energy coming down our face, teeth and gums will feel “off” or downright painful.



Let me leave you with this last note of the battle going on right now within our galaxy. As the Light wins the dark will find ways to counteract. A lot of psychic attacks are going on. People around you are finally showing their true colors as the battle for power becomes intensified. Evil or weird thoughts might be popping in your mind randomly or being really angry or mean for no reason may come up. This is NOT your energy. I said this in the beginning of 2017; GO BACK TO BASICS! Prayer up! Meditate at least twice a day to calm your Nervous System thus your mind. Call on your Angels, Spiritual team and Ancestors because they are right there, but they need your permission to intervene. Drink clean boiled, filtered, natural or Alkaline water because they have and will continue to poison the waters to mess with our minds as the battle goes deeper.This includes our food. I know some may not be able to afford this so go back to basics and just pray over your food and water.  GROUND in nature a couple times a day this summer; stay grounded in your bodies is the best defense. I will write more during the month of June because there is still so much that is going on! June is the month of breaking down old paradigms so break it down, kick it down if you have to because Dear Ones, you come from the Stars…Let’s start acting like it! Love and Fierceness LightCasters 

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