May 22, 2017


There's an INTENSE energy sweeping Earth right now and the Full Moon in Scorpio jump started it. A lot of people are awakening right now and the panic/anxiety is palpable. There's an enormous shift happening to our physical vessel as our bodies change form; the body you once knew doesn't exist anymore. You are becoming the embodiment of SOURCE energy. You might be having intense buzzing running through the body, at times you may also feel like you're swaying or "jumping" out of your body as the energy transforms your being. The Head is getting hit with dizziness, blurred vision, Third-Eye is open to the max and you may be seeing spirit much more clearly now. Seeing energy around people, seeing things before they happen, intense dreams with messages are happening right now.



We've been having intense Solar Storms for the past few days and this brings intense heat, sweating, thirsty, sleepy or can't sleep. Sex drive is low as the body is being recalibrated and once it calms down you may be extremely sexual; this is the energy "humming" in your body. Energy is running through ALL the Chakra's and this brings symptoms and experiences to your life if a certain Chakra needs healing. Your Sacral Chakra, for example, might feel tense, sharp pain, a vibration running through your lower stomach if you are clearing it on a deep level.



This next symptom is important for you to understand Starseeds... A lot of people are getting "sick" or having "diseases" coming up. This is a hologram of what you still need to heal. Some are using this time to head home and do work on the other side and some are going through this to FINALLY put to bed experiences that have held you hostage for most of your life. YOU ARE NEEDED NOW and playing in old anger, old resentments, old hate, OLD STORIES will manifest as sickness in your body until you realize that you HAVE to let go of the stories that have NOTHING to do with you anymore.



We are going through a major Shift loves and this is the callout to GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! You are being torn apart to step into a new energy stream; at anytime you can jump timelines and live a new reality, Yes, you are that powerful. You are that multidimensional, yes, YOU are the new messiahs, prophets, healers, time-shifters, walking beings of light on Earth. Goddess is handing you your new purpose...take the job!

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