May 10, 2017


The Full Moon in Scorpio is going to be a HUGE emotional release for all of us this week. It is going to be raw and truthful. It is going to call on Goddess Kali. It is going to cuss some people out, make peace with some people, let some people go. Look out for the head games; see without seeing. Feel EVERYTHING. The rising of your intuition, your senses are on high. You dance in different realms; it's the loner in you. Make love to the possibilities. Drop everything that is not working for your best interest and start over. Scorpio's Full Moon is all about purging and releasing.


You’re going to have flashbacks of how you’ve been treated and it is going to regurgitate some serious anger. Scorpio Full Moon demands you to call people out on their lack of compassion and how they have been using and abusing you; it’s a time to call out and make peace with your deepest pain. Your deepest betrayal. Your deepest fears.  Scorpio is Death and Rebirth on an etheric level and it calls on INTENSE emotions to burn down what is no longer needed.


Sexually, this is a great time to do sex rituals and spells with yourself. The Root and Sacral Chakra is governed by Scorpio and is all about our deep connectedness to Mama Gaia (Earth) and ourselves. The Sacral is about our worthiness to receive and give passion in every area of our lives. Giving up body issues and finally making peace with our bodies. Cutting cords to past traumas connected to lovers. Your Root Chakra is asking you to be PRESENT while your Sacral is asking for you to FEEL…again.




Bath Ritual for reconnecting the Root and Sacral Chakra:


  • Fill your bath with warm water and add ONE cup of Epsom Salt and ONE cup of baking soda

  • Get your favorite Essential oil that makes you feel divine … sexy

  • Add Rose petals, if you can get fresh flowers that would be best but if not use what you can/have

  • Add an Obsidian, Orange calcite and Citrine Crystals to the bath. (use crystals for the root and sacral chakra that you have)… Before you put the Crystals in the bath set intentions into the crystals…for example: Citrine, please clear all abuse, trauma, and self hate that I have taken into my body and called my truth, I AM ready to now release this energy out of my Sacral Chakra with the POWER OF GOD/GODDESS THAT I AM…

  • Same with the Obsidian…Obsidian please ground me to Earth so I can manifest my dreams clearly and easily, with the power of GOD/GODDESS I AM I now clear all lack mentality, all thought forms of not being good enough or deserving enough. I DESERVE an amazing ABUNDANT life. And so it is (3x)

  • Once you’ve infused your Crystals put them in the bath for about 10-15 minutes to infuse the water

  • While in the water start to touch yourself softly and intentionally; you want to arouse your body… (This does not have to be sexual, you want to awaken parts of your body that has been through a lot of trauma)

  • Start with your head and work yourself down to your feet…what do you feel when certain parts of your body are aroused? Anger? Anxiety? Happy? Nothing? Make mental notes because this will be your Journal work for the next few days.

  • For example: when you touch your stomach does your body restrict and gets tense? Your Solar Plexus is asking who has taken your choices away or power away from you? Your Sacral, Who has taken your basic fundamental need to love yourself? What lies have they told you about the way you love, about your deservedness to FEEL good? 


Journal this ritual and you will be amazed at all the information your body has stored. This might take a day or a few weeks. Be easy with your process. The Scorpio Full Moon wants you to get it all out and come face to face with what you have been keeping “secret” for so long. Ride the intensity, Make love to the possibilities, drop all illusions, face your shadow side and give birth to the new you. 


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