April 4, 2017




March was a battlefield and it tested our strength and endurance on every level of our being. It was a test between the Ego and our Higher Self; what we knew and what we know, the old versus the new….who won? March came through and tested our boundaries making it almost impossible to live with the same mind-frame we are used to living with.


Venus being Retrograde in Aries brought deep-seated issues with our relationships, self worth, purpose, sex/sensuality to the light to be dismantled once and for all. The biggest issue, however, was the relationship we have with ourselves. Issues came up in March that questioned whether you were going to go with Ego or your Higher Selves and at times we really had to check ourselves before we wrecked ourselves. March was a mental game that went so deep that it collapsed hundred of years of old timelines within just ONE MONTH! This was MASSIVE! March asked us to step up and stop complaining; deal with it or let it go. It asked us to stop acting and start DOING. It was a mirror showing us what we still held on too and why we must fully let it go now.


The physical pain that came with the shift of March was the worst pain I’ve felt since my awakening. On many occasions bringing me to my knees in prayer asking Source for some respite. I’ll make a list explaining some of the most common physical regeneration that most of us went through.


The Brain: There’s a transfiguration going on right now with the brain and the system that was once the brain is being re-programmed. Left and Right is merging together so we are better able to live in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Brain fog, dizziness, feeling like your mind is going manic, thoughts are coming at a fast pace and it is harder to ground our thoughts, buzzing and high tones in the ears, feeling a sense of vertigo or a feeling of “tilting”. This also affects the Throat Chakra as we also attune to the language of our voice, turning it into light waves. Eye issues brought on blurriness at times not being able to see anything until the transmission was complete. "Zapping" sensations in the brain and Third-Eye. Face numbness and twitches...Massive work was being done to the brain last month and it was Quite intense and at times scary. The goal through all of this is to trust. Go in meditation to silence the fear. 


The Heart Chakra: Massive heart palpitations, sharp pain, a fluttering feeling, feeling like there Is a heaviness on the chest; hard to breathe. The heart is the center where we will shift from the thinking mind to feeling these new dimensions through our heart space. Our heart is now the “motherboard”. Affirmation: How do I FEEL in this energy. I TRUST my Heart. Trust is a big theme for the next few months and it starts with the Heart Chakra being balanced.


The Chakra’s: ALL the Chakra’s are being upgraded with new Crystalline templates and this is causing some of the most intense physical pain I have felt in a long time. Stiff joints, tummy aches as the Solar Plexus is being reprogrammed, severe bloating, digestive issues, cramping in the stomach, unable to eat or when we do we feel sick and nauseous. When we are going through such intense reprogramming food and drink does not help but actually, makes the system feel worst. Breathing and Energy Medicine will feed us more than food right now; get back into your deep breathing techniques and your meditation practices. The Sacral is purging old deep relationship issues that you haven’t fully worked on or haven’t fully completed, these are also deep-rooted issues that stem from past lifetimes. For the women, periods are coming with more intense symptoms, drastic changes in moods and symptoms. Cramping in the Sacral even when you are not on your period. Men are merging the divine female and masculine and a lot of anger, rage, confusion, inner peace, compassion, a need to be left alone while this new energy does its work. 


The Nervous System: TONS is going on in this area of our transformation. The Nervous System is governing our DNA upgrades and our new Crystalline grid system so this is also affecting our skeletal system as well. Numbness, body twitches, night sweats, Cold/Hot flashes, Vibrating/buzzing is extreme right now; involuntary movements in the body, Severe bloating within the whole body making you look like you’ve gain 20 pounds overnight (once the energy has done its work, the “swelling” of the body goes back to normal. I’m told by Source that weight gain and the drastic changes in our weight will go down soon but is needed as a “buffer” right now. Self-Love and loving ourselves through this uncomfortable stage makes it much easier. Accept and Love yourself no matter what. If others don’t like it then they are not the people to have around you at this time.



The range of symptoms is astronomical but it is all apart of aligning with our new Light Body. This will be our new “norm” so go back to basics with what gives you comfort and release. Ask your Guides and Angels for their help; they have always and will always be here for us. I’ve been calling on the ArchAngels lately and they have been so helpful in calming and guiding me. I went back to communicating with the Goddesses like Kali, Isis, Dana, Tara….they help with EVERYTHING and they come quickly when called upon! GET BACK TO BASICS!



April will bring in the new energy of becoming who we have crafted our new being to be. Our thoughts and our new abilities to create quickly and drastically are here for us to play with and perfect! Being very careful of our thoughts is a major theme for the next few months as well. This month will continue to be intense as we drastically start to see the collapse within and around us. Practicing Self-love will drastically change your life but you have to believe with every fiber of your being that YOU ARE A MASTER MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEING! Live your life as a shapeshifter who can shift anything in their life. Think abundance and put your plan out there even if it's in rituals. SPEAK it into existence and let IN who and what needs to come into your life to create it. It starts and ends with you Dear Ones. Lots of opportunities are coming into your life starting in April and you will be "visited" frequently within your waking state. These "visitors" will be guiding you and aiding you in the creation of your new life. They will be new people or old acquaintance that just pop into your life. Let these teachers aid you;  be open to receive.




Spirit is telling me in the next few months we will be getting guided and aided by our Galactic family and  our Guides to help us create our new world in this Dimension of time. They are walking Earth more than ever right now. As the system is collapsing they are coming in to help us create and transition.  The theme for April is trust and taking chances. Try something that completely takes you out of your comfort zone. If it feels different, then try it! 


We are here. It's just up to us to access it. How do we do that? We let go of fear. We let go of old ways of thinking and being. When we are brave enough to do this we become free. The shift is here...can you feel it?! 

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