March 1, 2017


Freedom. We are on the precipice of unbridled Freedom and everything is falling apart so it can be rebuilt anew


Freedom. Just over the mountain of fear.


Consciousness expanding to new heights as we bridge the past and the future together with creative power we have never been able to fully utilize until now.




You are ready and able to move dimensions like never before with your mind, with your intentions.


We are ready. You are ready..


You have been preparing yourself for this for lifetimes, now is not the time to go into fear. Trust that this pain is needed and will transform you into a totally new being.


What is Freedom to you?


To see the world we want we must first create it within.


This is Freedom.




February was a shit show of intense energies. Physical recalibrations knocked some of us out cold. It was a physically painful month as old grid and timelines got shattered within us. Old Karmic ties were being cleared out and we felt this with the endings of our relationships; personal and professional. We started this process last summer July-August 2016 and now we are approaching the end of “letting go” of dysfunctional relationships that now make no sense in our new world. People from our past came back into our lives to finally cut the cords we had with them for thousands of lifetimes; this was painful as we “saw” them for who and what they truly are…lessons in a story we are no longer reading.


Our DNA and Nervous System were recalibrating on such a level of intensity that it brought a lot of us to the hospital or the doctors to make sure we weren’t dying. Although in a metaphysical sense this is exactly what we are doing…dying; while still in our physical bodies. Our brain is going through MASSIVE shifts and all the Solar flares, Planetary Alignments, Eclipse’s helped with this shift. Headaches, dizziness, vision problems, at times totally losing focus in our eyes. Horus came to me in meditation and said the physical eyes were being synced with our Third-Eye so our vision of how we saw the energy around us would be changed and shifted. (Horus is the son of goddess Isis, he is a powerful Falcon-headed Sun (god) representing strength and victory. While in battle his eye was injured and he became the image of victory and justice. He appears as a Falcon head with a larger eye representing the third eye of clairvoyance; the all-seeing eye of Horus helps us to see the truth in all situations.) You will be able to see energy grids now, Auras and different dimensions much more easily now. When this is happening a lot of us cannot be awake without feeling extreme vertigo, dizziness and a feeling like we are tilting or falling over; our depth of perception goes off grid for awhile as this happens.



ALL the Chakra’s are being upgraded and shifted. Instead of  the 7 main energy center’s we are use to; Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye and Crown; we are now getting NEW Chakra’s that will work more efficiently with our new light bodies. They are merging with the Higher Chakra’s so our Crystalline bodies will “live” or function in a much higher state of consciousness. The 7 main Chakra’s were originally created to ground us and keep us connected to Earth’s grid system. This grid system is no more and so below as above; US,  Her decedents have to change.


This is what is causing the major physical symptoms. So let me break it down by each Chakra.


Root Chakra: Grounding issues,  dizziness, circulation issues, feelings of not wanting to be “here”, because there’s no more “here”


Sacral Chakra: A lot of women are having period issues. Cramps, buzzing in the lower stomach and Issues with our worth and what we want to create now. Lot’s of pregnancies or babies being born right now. Sex is really intense or we don’t want anyone to touch us. For the men they are experiencing a re-connection to the “mother” which is causing anger, frustration, confusion, feeling manic and crazy, a need to really show their “manhood”, this will continue for the rest of the year with men as the Divine Feminine gets ‘rebirthed” in them; ultimately rebirthing all of us.


Solar Plexus Chakra: This was HUGE in February and it brought on everything from extreme bloating, digestive issues, diarrhea, vomiting, breathing issues, organ expanding or “cramping”. Stepping into our power and how we use our energy to create and make a life we want to live instead of living by default. What we have given our power to or what is coming up for review. Anxiety, panic, feeling uncomfortable in our bodies.


Heart Chakra: Heart pain, feeling like we are having heart attacks, palpitations, “jumping”, as the Earth’s energy increases and changes to a higher pulsation, our heart rates will increase also. Blood pressure increases, feelings of heaviness, buzzing and vibrating were huge. ALL karmic clearing are healing through the heart, so this was a MASSIVE Centre of shifting for us in February. Our Immune system is governed by the Higher heart (thymus) so issues dealing with the Immune System was prominent with auto immune issues.


Throat Chakra: The peace center. Lot’s of coughing, itchy, scratchy throats,  thyroid issues,. Not being able to speak or wanting to be quiet and introspective was huge with this Chakra. The pitch of our voice is changing and this will make us heal and activate others with our voices because a lot of us Lightworkers will now become teachers and facilitators of this epic change with what is happening on Earth right now.


Third-Eye Chakra: Lots of issues with the physical eyes, blurriness,  temporary lost of vision, eye issues, jumping, red, irritated eyes, pressure behind the eyes, Third-Eye headaches. Our physical and intuitive eye are being synced and this is causing a lot of chaos with the vision. Our Intuition has gotten extremely sharp and clear. Seeing different Timelines and Dimensions much more easily is massive this month. Manifesting is now happening instantly. We have to be very careful with our thoughts and intentions because it is coming into reality within minutes now.


Crown Chakra: Pressure in the head, headaches, feeling disoriented, dizzy, vertigo, confusion, memory loss. Massive insights, knowing of new information, “problems” being solved instantaneously, interactions with our Star families are happening in our sleep state much more and an overall connection to Universal Consciousness.





This was just a few of the symptoms happening this month and will continue into March. March brings us much deeper and no, it is not going to get easier but we will learn how to integrate our new bodies and mind with the increase of energies. March completely pushes us over the edge with what we thought was possible; it is going to be EPIC! March and the upcoming months will take us into a totally new way of living and being. We will have to leave some people and circumstances behind us for now but it’s not goodbye it is get your ass together so you can join me over here type of goodbye….see what I did there?!




March brings us our Freedom. If we are willing to drop the poor me syndrome and get into this epic time in Universal consciousness and being. When you let go, you will feel it, when you trust, you will feel it, when you believe, you will feel it. Freedom. How does that look for you? Ok, lets create it.

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